A Plague On Both Your Houses

I’ll be using this post to comment on my disjointed, disgruntled and chaotic thinking about the 2016 presidential election.


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  1. While things may be a bit rocky back in Cleveland, things are great back in Rock Island County. We are going to get Tony McCombie elected to the 71st before you know it. This in addition to having Justin Anderson as the School Board president will be a SLAM DUNK!

  2. If Trump only accomplished border control and a conservative SCOTUS, he would be worth a few hundred in campaign donations to defeat Hillary. The fears are WAY overblown as I see it, mostly promulgated by Soros and the Hillary owned MSM, along with GOPe and Conservative Inc.

    I turned to Trump after Walker, with a brief hope for Cruz. But I found Cruz to be a real snake early on, despite his ability to make a better case on SOME conservative issues. I always saw Trump stronger on trade and borders, and certainly more able to beat Hillary. Trump won with evangelicals even, so I think that shows Cruz couldn’t even sell his (phony) man called by God imagery. Cruz (with Heidi) was raised in the Bush/Goldman camp, and the Bush syndicate flocked to him once Jeb! was toast.

    It shouldn’t be discounted, that Trump consistently was drawing huge crowds across the country, and got more primary votes than any other Republican candidate including Reagan, despite fighting big money and 16 other candidates. Trump is the America First change agent, while Hillary is the Globalist mafia pay to play criminal.

    Just thought this thread needed a little spicing up. 🙂

  3. You’re certainly right about jazzing this thread up; I kept waiting for inspiration to strike so I could make some kind of coherent comment—but no. So at your urging, I’ll just plunge ahead mindlessly without any sort of organization of thought.

    As of today I don’t plan on voting for either DT or HRC. HRC would be Obama’s third term, which she proudly touts and DT is so mercurial and unfocused there’s no telling what he would actually do if elected. Even if elected and nominating conservative judges it’s unclear the GOP will hold the Senate. If not, all bets are off and he’s flip-flopped so much about The Wall, that’s not a sure thing either.

    Either way DT is a long way from the Constitution-based, small government I would prefer. Both DT and HRC are authoritarians and big government statists who will continue to use Obama’s Pen & Phone style of governance. In my view, no matter who wins we are so screwed.

    However, I do agree with you about DT being a disruptive force and the “change” candidate. Since I don’t have a dog in this fight, I plan to sit back and watch what happens with his unconventional campaign—should be highly entertaining to say the least.

  4. I guess saying he would uphold the law (borders, BLM shutting down highways, no illegals executive action like Obama) that seems authoritarian, but deal making within the law seems more like his history. Except Trump will not have the Democrat bureaucratic syndicate on his side, nor even the House or Senate establishment. He seems less interventionist, whereas Hillary has Saudi money and Muslim Brotherhood ties.

    While ISIS gets headlines, it is the Muslim Brotherhood (Hamas) that is spreading its influence from Norway to DC bureaucracies to Turkey. Her allegedly “boring establishment” VP pick praised Hamas.

    As far as big spending, zero interest for seven years and Quantitative Easing (TARP and others) amounted to $4 Trillion into the economy to prop up stocks, which should have crashed long ago without such “historic” debauchment of our currency and credit. Can Trump really go BIG?

    I think he has to run on not touching entitlements like social security … remember the Ryan commercial of pushing granny off the cliff? Shutting down the border with half wall and fence seems like a given to me … how many will be given “touch back amnesty” is still up in the air, but I didn’t see much flip flopping on at least controlling who comes in. I’m just not seeing all the fear and loathing, except that it is merited from elites that will get their free rides curtailed, and maybe some that will finally be prosecuted.

    He’ll win Texas without you, but hopefully he will do more than you expect. The “Uniparty” would love to impeach him at first chance, so he won’t run amok like Obama/Holder/Sharpton. He has a lot of good men backing him … Sessions, some finance guys, Giuliani, some evangelicals … still, “trust but verify” will still be necessary.

    I have hope.

  5. Wish I shared your “hope” but we got burned in ’08 with Hopenchange and not gonna be bamboozled again by Build The Wall.

  6. “WE” got burned by a lying leftist commie/globalist. TRump is pushing what Buchanan pushed in 1992 … America First, which is what most countries practice. Europe is falling apart because their globalists took control via the EU, with Brexit foreshadowing our return to a sovereign America.

    Trump had testified to Congress 25 years ago, with the committee fawning over his insight (both parties). He was against the easy money going to stocks and foreign investment (instead of American investment like building or factories) way back then, a couple years before Greenspan warned of irrational exuberance in the stock markets, which in time turned into a series of bubbles, and the global “contagion”. Trump was for “protecting” American jobs as NAFTA was promised to be so great for US, but never was.

    I’m not sure why “build the wall” seems so controversial. DC put in funding for it long ago but the globalist in both parties wanted the open borders, cheap labor and Democrat voters. They are building walls and fences all over Europe now, and even Kenya is getting Israel to help them build a 400 mile wall to keep Somali terrorists out. Trump the Builder knows how to contract a project and not have it turn into a Big Dig type nightmare like so many other government boondoggles. I doubt Congress will dare to block it.

    The people here overwhelmingly want the border secured, it is only the globalists and the anti-America Marxist left in DC that have stopped it. People are not bamboozled, build the wall is just a popular chant standing for the demand that we stop inviting the world to join our welfare rolls, while hating us and/or shooting us (in much higher percentages than “natives”).

    The bamboozlers have long been the cultural Marxist left, with help from the MSM propaganda … which we now have evidence is not just help, but coordination as they push Democrat talking points right into the local network news readers. Obama never ran so much as a lemonade stand, had his books ghost written (by Ayers most likely) and had actual communists and was always just an anti-America radical ninny.

    And the Clintons are crooks that abuse women and destroy adversaries. It just amazes me that people think America First Trump that opposes open borders and $800B/year trade deficits is just like Hillary that has Muslim Brotherhood connections which helped put the Middle East and North Africa in turmoil (Arab Spring was gonna be so great). Have you seen Clinton Cash yet?

  7. I don’t disagree with what you’re saying I just doubt Trump’s ability and/or desire to follow through and get all this stuff done that he’s said he’d do. You’ll notice he’s always short on details just like President Hopenchange.

    If Trump’s elected and he actually does what he says, I’ll be pleasantly surprised; it also wouldn’t be the first time I was wrong about a politician and made a wrong prediction.

  8. I just think Obama was always a shallow lying commie diversity hire, and that was known. Trump has really produced and built and had to work with large groups, unions, government etc. to get things done AND still make a profit. His web site has a lot of details from some smart guys. I used to say “I wish he’d read/study his own web site more”. But of course President hopenchange got elected not giving details, and sometimes details muddy up the message, and tamp down enthusiasm.

    I don’t have blind faith, and he will face major globalist big money adversity, as many golden goose egg thieves get their hands slapped (if they aren’t prosecuted and Trump really works to make government work more efficiently). It is not that it couldn’t have been done long ago, it’s just hard to push those fatted heifers away from the trough that has the ground corn with supplements in it. The conspiracy theory is the global consortium will assassinate him before they let him step on their free trillions in money/control, and sink their globalist visions of that “New World Order” (i.e. global crime syndicates) they’ve been pushing for decades.

    Nation State versus corrupt globalists, and the people versus the corruptocrats … is the battle we are looking to fight (see Europe), with Trump and some solid advisers at least saying the right things. Trump is being lambasted (again by the left of course) for saying only he can do it. But that is as opposed to Hillary. He said there are many good men (some of them on his team) that could run the government and bring us back, but they don’t know how to get elected like he does. I think that is right … he has had massive crowds at his rallies, Hillary had few as even Bernie did much better than her. Time will tell … but I just don’t see how people like you would not choose Trump over a more corrupt version of Obama. Texas isn’t an issue, but in swing states he needs the GOPe and the ConservativeInc types to stop Hillary. Very few of those are actually going to get in on the Hillary gravy train (just a few billionaires will profit, like the Koch brothers who now are for her globalism), so Trump is the only chance.

  9. I suppose the reason “people like me” decide on NOTA is that I was bamboozled by Obama in ’08 and am snake bit. I voted for him in the primary but along the way I realized he was a fraud (I think it was the Rev. Wright debacle if I remember correctly) and did not vote for him in the general–voted for McCain/Palin instead even though I loathed McCain and thought Palin had promise–how wrong I was about her!

    Even though I did not vote for him I still expected him to be a better prez than he turned out to be. Right out of the gate he pushed Obamacare along straight party line and crowed “I won”, so the Era of Good Feeling didn’t last long. This is one reason I’m wary of DT–he has even less political background than Obama and is another “blank slate” for people to project on. I do understand DT’s appeal, especially to the white working class that has taken a major hit for decades now. QCs was once the Farm Capital Of The World and a major manufacturing center, but all that changed in the 80s and our political class was slow to devise a plan for the union workers used to a good salary and perks but low skilled who were now out of jobs with dim prospects.

    So I am still working all this out and in Twitter there is new info streaming in by the second. You are right about my vote not swaying Trump’s win in TX just as your Trump vote in IL will not keep HRC from claiming all of IL’s Electoral votes.

    As with Obama in ’08, my opinions may change before the election, but for now I’m still NOTA–None Of The Above.

    But still, with all that aside, I mostly agree with the majority of your comment.

  10. thx QC … from my impression of your blogging up here I would never have imagined you would have ever been “bamboozled” by Obama. Color me surprised. That’s why your bamboozled comment made no sense to me, and hence my “diatribe”. 🙂

    Trump is in no way close to Obama … concern that he could have corrupt ties via union bosses, yeah possibly. But a commie American hating low IQ racist liar like Obama, no way. He is legit and smart, talks on street level to regular folks and could probably run a bulldozer, but can also talk the smart stuff as I’ve heard him instantly correct his buddy O’Reilly on international trade finance detail. He is no dummy …

    yeah, Hillary probably gets Illinois too, but that may not be a given as I’m seeing a possible Trump landslide as Hillary has everything except globalist money and commie MSM going against her. But my vote still doesn’t matter cuz if Trump wins IL he will have already won more than enough.

    I can’t say anything bad about Palin, awesome woman, good looks, high approval in Alaska, took on powerful people … was not even close to being ready for prime time on a national level though, and was turned into a perfect icon of “dumb Christian fundamentalist” by McCain and the media. But she went into that fight head on, even as she took it on the chin from nasty clunt Couric and others, with help from selective editing. Palin is fully marginalized but was fearless. She is much smarter and competent than Obama, but was targeted instead of coddled.

    (that video shows Couric dirty dancing for 40 seconds, but the autoplay next video shows Coulter off the cuff taking down Couric with her prepared defense trying to defend her dishonest comments … I love Coulter too. 🙂 )

  11. Yep, the whole sorry, sad saga is in my archives. At one point I considered deleting the embarrassing posts but ultimately decided it was better to save them as an online diary about how I moved from Point A to Point B. My commenters at the time were very supportive although they thought I was batpoop crazy. One conservative commenter offered that I shouldn’t be embarrassed because even his wife was bamboozled by Barry as if it was a chick thing or something. Maybe it was.

    Anyway that is why, in part, I decided to reactive the blog since it’s hard to work out these things in short bursts of 140 characters. This is an extremely unusual POTUS election, to say the least, and I thought I would try to recreate what I did in ’07-’08 and have a permanent record of my evolution–or non-evolution, as the case may be.

  12. yeah I like the blog better, I get too wordy at times, but besides getting the full thought out, it helps me focus my ideas, with helpful feedback.
    I had hopes for Walker but based only on his stand against unions. Now he seems kinda lame, and like an establishment guy, so I have evolved as well. Some other WI commenters seemed to agree he just wasn’t that deep, and told him they’d help him for governor again, but didn’t seem him as prez material. He stood for border control then backed down in a couple days, allegedly because his billionaire backer pulled on his “choke chain”, as I put it.

    Trump also isn’t yet an inspiring preacher of our constitution and its application, but he has been “America First” since the 80’s. He has the momentum, while Hillary is a turd, and she can’t evolve, no matter how many times she rebrands herself as new and fresh. 🙂

  13. Pundits, pollsters and prognosticators have all been so off the mark it is impossible to know where to get legit information about the election or who to trust. Although Trump was mocked for this, after living in IL for 35 years I know election fraud is real—hacking makes it even more likely. Paper ballots, people–back to the future

  14. The dead people from Hillary’s enemy list also are starting to seem very real. There were four Clinton enemies dead in the last month.

    Breitbart died young, but even his friends seemed to think it was not a surprise, for some reason. Then another friend of his I guess, was very quietly active, Skip Gerdes, of Quincy died not long after that. Just a couple months ago Mike Flynn that ran to be our IL Rep, another Breitbart writer, from Quincy, suddenly died young.

    When Hillary is dealing with millions in bribes that relate to billions in return, or trillions in weapon tech transfers to China and Russia, it really should not be a surprise if there is a body count of good people. Just the fact the criminal is still running pretty much testifies to that idea. Her health seems bad … she may not make it to November … did you see Drudge just now … 🙂


  15. Today DT said something stupid about 2A–it was obviously a joke but it was a joke no presidential candidate should make.

    Aside from lack of discipline, DT seems to have no filter between his brain and his mouth. He seems more interested in running for class clown than POTUS. During the primaries all this silliness was very entertaining, but now in the general his every word is weighted and the MSM have reverted to their default attack dog setting.

    HRC continues to screw up and appears to have some health problems to say nothing of emerging information of corruption with her foundation when she was SoS, but instead of focusing on all this bad stuff like a serious candidate, which MSM will not do, he’s playing The Joker.


  16. yeah, he “has fun” with his audience, and not being PC is a probably proper response to the left’s demands that he be PC. But it is Hillary and Obama that openly laugh off (a little too hysterically at times) pointed questions about ransoms or leaked emails.

    I’m not sure if Trump was trying to be edgy or funny, or if he was just slightly “sloppy”. He said second amendment people might be able to stop her. At most it was a little ambiguous.

    They have up now, links to Hillary and Biden both being more direct about using violence, or violence happening to Obama, when he ran. Trump didn’t say some 2A guy might change that, he spoke of the whole group, saying THEY might keep her from appointing radical judges. I think that puts it clearly in the context of what the NRA group always does … VOTE.

    It’s like their repeated charge that Trump kicked out that crying baby. It was purely a lie. The baby had become the focus so he joked around, and she was already walking out when he continued the dialogue with something like “get that baby outa here”. She came back a little later, and was on FOX laughing about how nice Trump was about it, and the cops she stood with were very nice to her as well. But again, more actual news was out about Hillary crime evidence, and they had to find anything to bury the “More Evidence of Yet More Hillary Crimes” story. Every day more heinous crimes should be headlines, but only Drudge and maybe FOX cover them at all.

    Somewhere in Europe David Duke said something about Trump, and later said no, he had never endorsed him. But even after Trump disavowed a few times, the media continued to harp on it forever. Yet Hillary refused a question yesterday about the Dad of the Orlando terrorist sitting right behind her and praising her. And the dad himself has Taliban ties, and obviously is proud of his son bringing Allah’s judgement on gays. Hillary won’t even say “Islamic Extremism”, and claims she wants to bring in tens of thousands more Syrian Islamists, while obviously she can’t even vet terrorist supporting Dad on her own stage.

    I started listening to Rush some, and he’s saying he has never seen anything close to this, even though he is fully aware of how the media always attacks the Republican candidate. It is her turn, and they know how terrible she is.

    So many media heads have direct family ties to Obama/Hillary staffers, that I think they know full well any real investigations could cascade into a much needed purge of treasonous corruption in the DC cartel. There is more on the line than their commie ideology, and so we are at “war”, and the enemy has infiltrated.

  17. All that’s true, but everyone knew once DT was the nom MSM would flip to attack dog mode. They trashed the ultra-decent Romney, and they’re having a blast trashing DT—and he makes it so easy for them by giving them ammo with his off-hand jokey remarks and free association stream of conscience musings.

    Just because some of us know Dems, including HRC and BHO have done the same thing and gotten a pass doesn’t mean MSM will give DT or any GOPer a pass or that low information voters will know about this stuff.

    All this was known–but DT continues in Fun Primary Entertainment mode. I’ve never been his fan, but if he doesn’t get some political sense pronto, it’s gonna be a McGovern style blowout which will take the GOP years if not decades to recover. We already have The BiPartisan Fusion Party thing going in DC, DT’s buffoonery will only make it more so.

    As I’ve mentioned previously, I don’t care for either DT or HRC but at the very least I would like it to be a close election. For that to happen he’s GOT TO STOP the idiocy.

  18. Sure, but are the attacks on Trump really any more valid than Romney torturing his dog? Some attacks on Romney were actually more valid, like his hedge fund activity. Romney was a Wall Street guy, not the same threat as Trump and his outsider America First long needed theme. If it is a McGovern style blowout it will be because of the neverTrumpers Republicans, that actually want Hillary. I probably will not be because Trump has a style that attracts 10,000+ to events while Hillary draws hundreds. Trump has to reach the 100M that didn’t vote because they know DC is one big cartel, while he loses a few percent to never Trump animosity. He wins police and some blue collar, even perhaps some blacks tired of the routine.

    Bloomberg now has Clinton down to a 4 point lead, down from 12 last month. I don’t think the MSM can keep up the “Two Weeks of Full Blast Hate” and have it work to the end. America First versus corrupt globalist traitors … I just don’t think Trump quirks are really the main issue in this battle.

    Putting too much blame on Trump being too loose in his language, I think misses the reason why the DC Cartel is working harder to destroy him than they did with Romney or others. And the constant assault from Republicans has little to do with Trump’s “idiocy”. They are just protecting their cartel and chamber of commerce owners.

    Hillary is now proven corrupt, dishonest, physically weak, mentally unstable … Rush says the more she appears in public the more her numbers go down. So she won’t do press conferences since she seems mentally weak when not reading a script. So the media has to cover by going ballistic as never before, in attacking Trump.

    And there are 90 days or so left, and Trump has yet to start spending much. He is rolling out more details and has time to “become presidential” with teleprompter messaging on those issues. The early assault by the MSM indicates to many that they are desperate to cover up the criminal revelations on Hillary, and feel they have to destroy Trump now. Then in two months he can “pull a Hillary” and say “that’s old news”. ha

    Brexit and the Republican primaries SHOULD indicate that people are desperate for change, and that only happens with Trump. Bernie’s people mostly hate Hillary, and the DNC fraud. Debates could change a lot as well. the RNC always managed to get leftist attack dog moderators, it seems. But they supposedly have an agreement. A Trump landslide is still feasible if Hillary ever is exposed.

  19. Of course the DNC-MSM attacks on DT aren’t valid but so what? Their aim is to sway low information voters by making the first strike stick hoping they ignore later clarification.

    I’ll say it again–the entertainment portion of the election is over–everybody in the country (and maybe world) knows who DT is. His job now is to demonstrate he can do the job.

    If he can’t—he’s fired!

  20. well, the timing is indeed important. So for the MSM to be exposed as ballistic in corrupt Hillary defense already, while Trump is only beginning to roll out his more detailed plans … maybe he is actually the one planning to surge at the right time?

    After Trump’s detailed economic speech, Hillary complained that he had six guys named Steve. Trump has America First on his side … Hillary has been selling us out for cash. Plenty of time for that to sink in. People don’t really know Trump the builder yet, or the Americanist … they know his TV persona a little, and seem to like that. Most are not paying much attention yet, so headlines have more sway. Time will tell …

  21. Quote Of The Day from Donald Trump at a PA rally yesterday: “I brought something special for you. We’re gonna go quickly because I want to get the hell out of here. I want to go home.”

    The “something special” was a bunch of charts. Today DT is campaigning in that well-known swing state of Connecticut. He is tired and bored and he is done with this run for prez side show–it’s way more work than he wants to do to win.

  22. yeah well … Hillary puts in a 5 hour day, but has all media and half the GOPe helping her.

    Huckabee went on the trail with Trump, interviewed him on the Hannity spot, last night I think. He was speaking about Trumps’s incredible stamina, 20 hour days. Every insider I have read says the man is a dynamo.

    But he speaks off the cuff so after a road trip and long days, he is probably tired and wants to go home. So that sound bite fits the narrative that he just doesn’t want to work hard, and is quitting.

    I think believing the narrative is always wrong. Trump and his kids have always been hard workers. Hillary is lazy, weak and as Huma said, “often confused”. Hillary had said Trump was the chief recruiter for ISIS, it didn’t raise an eyebrow. But Trump says Hillary is a founder of ISIS (much closer to reality, obvious hyperbole) and it gets hours of coverage.

    It is just an excuse to ignore the emails that Hillary said were about yoga, and they found were about giving her donors special access, special jobs. The MSM has worked hard to cover up all her criminal activity, if people are dumb enough to overlook that, and the emails that show Soros was calling the shots on where to deploy forces … then maybe we really are doomed.

    Huckster also had on three church leaders, basically saying every Christian has to get registered and vote. Hillary has openly stated Christians must change their beliefs.

    But sure, after 20 hour days, Trump said he was tired. Obviously that means he is quitting. But drunk lying criminal Hillary … she down with the struggle, and 25 years of a radical supreme court is no big deal.

    I’m old enough and isolated enough that it really won’t matter to me, probably. But Hillary must be defeated if America is to retain the liberties we are still clinging to, and retain the thing for which our elders fought. America First and border control is so obvious … but the last two generations were taught America was never great. Hillary is the last step in turning the country over to plutocrats and globalists.

    Some people have so much hate for Trump, despite knowing how bad Hillary would be. I just don’t get the joy they take in taking his relatively small “offenses” as justification that “gosh, we just have to give it to Hillary”. Most of what Trump is accused of fits Hillary very well. Her body guards say she treats them like dirt, she makes a few short speeches and no press conferences, she treated Bill’s victims horribly, she is proven dangerous for national defense … and she is crooked as hell. But sure … Trump said he was tired. I’ll bet he puts in twice as many hours as Hillary in the next 86 days, but Hillary is propped up, sometimes literally.

  23. I probably should not have said he doesn’t want to “work” hard but should have said his age is slowing him down and it’s REALLY slowing HRC down to the point people are wondering about her health.

    But when I read DT didn’t think he needed GOTV because people would just come out and vote for him in droves, this made me think he’s not up to date on how elections are won and possibly has no interest in learning. The fact that he is down quite a few points (is it 8?) and wasting his time, energy and resources in CT proves to me he’s just not serious and just wants to do what he wants to do–take it or leave it.

    AS for MSM being in the tank for HRC, so what–we all knew it and they will never change so gotta figure a way to work around them, which DT has not done–whining about media bias will only take him so far when we all know the fix is in.

    No doubt about it—President Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton will be an unmitigated disaster but blaming those who don’t back him won’t help DT win—it’s all on him to turn his campaign around. The Same Lame Blame Game that Obama/Clinton employ ain’t gonna git ‘er done.

  24. Trump is working much harder than most have in the past, as I see it. Blaming the GOPe may not “gitter done”, but neither will blaming Trump for his innocuous statements. The GOPe certainly has a lot of fault since htey signed that pledge and now say they’ll vote Hillary. Maybe blaming them doesn’t help, or maybe it points out to the 100M that didn’t vote last time that they finally have a candidate that doesn’t belong to the DC Cartel.

    Blaming the institutionalized vote fraud (several polling places in PA reportedly had 100%+ turnout, 100% Obama) doesn’t “gitter done” either, but it is a good point to be made. In the primaries I think Trump may have hoped he didn’t need GOTV. Last I heard when asked on that (a week or more ago) he said they were working on that. I got an email asking me to help … it came from the Trump people. But certainly the establishment types may not help much, and I’d have to go to Missouri or Iowa I guess.

    I don’t know about the CT thing, unless he is seeing money people, or doing a fundraiser, as he has been doing for the RNC. I think his schedule will mostly show him in battleground states.

    I’m just not willing to surrender to crooked commie Hillary, and think it is nothing but a mental waste of time to complain “what about your gaffes” at Trump. (you probably remember them yelling that at Romney).

    The Brexit polls showed remain with an 8 point lead till the last few days, and they lost by 4. People here won’t all admit on the phone that they will vote for Trump, even pollsters think that is true. And most barely know about the depth of the emails, showing criminal deals which she promised were yoga notes.

    But indeed Trump needs to do more than motivate his base, though his base enthusiasm is another factor in his favor. Bernie voters seem more motivated to vote against cheating Hillary than to bother to vote for her, and even RosieO’D’ said we’d be lucky to get Trump.

    Trump or anti-Hillary PACs need s solid month of well planned ads, plus the GOTV people drawn from those huge crowds, and an army of lawyers to stop the cheating, etc. It seems to me the left is firing all their guns now to prop up Hillary very early, but the email stuff will not end. So I have hope the commoners will still rise up.

    But again, the fact Hillary is even in the race shows how corrupt we have become. Big money globalists will gladly sell out our freedoms and bury the pesky middle class for good, if they can. I can’t see any point in attacking Trump for not being a smooth operator politician, when America has been crying for a business guy that will speak his mind … more or less. Plenty are giving him advice … it is very early.

  25. An amazing statement by Donald Trump: “Honestly, I’m not running against crooked Hillary Clinton, I’m running against the crooked media.”

    Mrs. Clinton must be so relieved DT won’t be attacking her, her emails, pay-for-play, Benghazi, etc. DT obviously has bigger fish to fry over the next 2.5 months.

  26. As many have said, Hillary is a terrible candidate. Trump has spoken of “Punching Through” the media narrative. The Hillary people envision is only a media construct, and Trump indeed is only fighting to shatter those holding that lie together. The real Hillary loses in a landslide, if truth penetrates The Shield. She couldn’t even beat frail old socialist Bernie without media and the criminals in the DNC.

    It seems obvious to me Trump’s biggest challenge is getting the message out, while Hillary gets billions in free propaganda from the media. Additionally she is aided with the onslaught of neverTrumpers that say they will vote Trump (maybe) but they can only say that after claiming he is stupid, intemperate, not conservative, dangerous … which somehow comforts their damaged ego, but is hardly “staying on message” as they claim Trump must do, to save the world.

    It is all those alleged conservatives that give credence to the media lies. They lost because Trump got more votes than any Republican primary candidate in history, and they just can’t help still bashing him at every chance, which means they hate us voters too. Boehner and McConnell made their hate for the tea party clear, but now it has spread. These “oh so conservative” are the ones that are “off message” if they want to stop Hillary. They show more hate for Trump, than they ever did for Hillary or Obama when they were giving nukes to Iran and sending a million jihadists into Europe.

    Trump is correct, his biggest obstacle is not Hillary, it is her Praetorian Guard consisting of most media (including half of FOX), a bunch of Soros type billionaire donor class criminals (foreign and domestic), Black Lives Matter and their henchmen inside government, all the major social media sites censoring conservatives, and all multi-national conglomerates that love their slave labor in enemy territory. Trump has simply identified the enemy, to make clear it is not him versus Hillary, the media is not a neutral party. The system is rigged. That is smart, and correct.

    It is Hillary’s turn, but she can barely keep her lies straight, or stay standing up for more than an hour. But I turn on morning news and the local bobble head reports the “news” that seems written directly from DNC talking points. They ALWAYS frame Trump as dangerous, but Hillary as glorious. They are the enemy … while Hillary has to dodge press conferences because she is so bad. The Hillary that people are voting for is a Media Construct, while the MSM totally hides the corrupt lying Hillary.

    I really don’t think Trump’s figurative language is a problem … but some are determined to pick it apart. Observers suggest the problem of Hillary being a criminal that sold out to our enemies, that will destroy truest bluest American lives using the power of the federal government, with an insane Hillary cackle for every murder …. the “end of America” is so huge, she is so frigging evil … that the mind takes to an easier target, just take the blue pill, agree with media, and pretend everything will be fine.

    Maybe the correct diagnosis is, Trump Hate is just an Orwellian surrender to Big Brother, the Quaalude to resolve cognitive dissonance. The other diagnosis is those Republicans actually think lying Hillary globalism and radical leftist Supreme Court for 25 years is better than Trump’s conservative court and border control. (or they are simply lying, and want above all to keep their high paid pretentious role in DC/NY)

    The choice is Trump and America First, or Hillary and corrupt globalism, with death by open borders. The DC Cartel want us as submissives, and are more dangerous and devious than the jihadists. I just can’t get worked up over Trump smartly branding the massive lie campaign of the media, and identifying them as the enemy, not neutral purveyors of news.

    I feel better now … thanks for the space to rant … lol

  27. Well alrighteee! All that’s true of course but it seems to me that Trump just makes it easy for MSM to ignore HRC’s past and current debacles. All she has to do is keep her head down, DT says something wacky and the press goes batsh*t crazy on it for days.

    Trump likes to be at the top of the news all day every day which worked out well for him during the primary when got $2B free media and a docile press but we all knew it wouldn’t last. But for whatever reason he’s still acting like it’s the primary and expects the press to act like it is too.

    I don’t look for him to change and I also don’t look for him to win any hearts & minds with this shtick which means he’ll keep his hardcore fans but not expand enough to win. HRC’s been in the public eye for 30 years and everyone knows who and what she is yet she’s still the Dem nominee.

    Hillary has a record—and a bad one, but all people have to judge Trump on is what he says. He’s done well in business but I don’t think he’s made the case that this is a plus when he gets distracted and runs after every rabbit that disses him. He’s so easily distracted the DNC-MSM will troll him until the election and he will never focus on anything other than attacking people who are mean to him.

    Not presidential, to say the least.

    My twitter timeline is filled with people who are convinced DT is a tool of the Kremlin—I find this extremely unlikely considered how he is running his non-campaign.

  28. Trump says the same main points constantly … but if he spends two minutes on anything else, that is repeated forever. America First, in trade and borders … end the corruption. We fund most of NATO and Trump wins on that, and Soros calls Hillary and gets what he wants in foreign policy.
    Not sure who your Twitter feed is, but Hillary has direct ties to giving Russia our uranium for bribes, and one of her best buds has direct ties with their biggest bank. Trump’s manager worked for the party in Ukraine that was more pro-Russia, but we subversively overturned that president and “inserted” our guy via what Buchanan calls a coup. The commies we should fear are already in the US and marched through our institutions. Obama/Jarrett were raised by a couple actual Soviet commies … that is how they got put together in Chicago.

    Manafort is questionable to me, but Hillary’s Saudi and Muslim Brotherhood ties are worse. (if there are darker secrets about Trump/Russia, Obama would publish them). Democrats are basically communists, and organized crime, and Clintons have tied all that corruption together for decades. Trump has them and GOPe globalists all gunning for him. Hopefully he spends some money on ads, since depending on sound bites or media won’t help much. Hillary does 20 minutes on a teleprompter speech, Trump does hours a day with 10 times bigger crowds. His base is fired up, Hillary needs black lives matter riots to fire up her base.

    I trust Rasmussen more, as they do “likely voters” .. they have Clinton +1. That is rather remarkable given Trump has spent almost nothing, and his own party attacks him. But indeed, some focus and spending from here on will make a difference, and the debates.

  29. My DT twitter feed is about 50/50 with DT true believers and DT is spawn of satan. One of the primary sources is https://twitter.com/20committee who has substantial foreign policy chops, but there are others. He also says HRC is a Kremlin tool but DT is worse, or something.

    I guess for now I’ll just wait and see what DT does after Labor Day although by then it may be too late, but so what—I’ve been wrong before.

    But he would be helping himself a lot if he would cut out the cutesy-poo provocative stuff and just focus on HRC and what a disaster she is and will be as POTUS.

  30. I don’t know your Schindler guy … he says Putin owns both of them. And he claims Trump’s complaint about media being protected from lawsuits is “anti-1A”. But Trump is right I think. NYTimes have consistently pushed fabrications or falsehoods … and there is a pattern of being purely propagandists for the commie left. The “free press” does not = Pravda is OK. I think “we” are all the press … mistakes are made, but a long time pattern of lies and deception should be actionable. (just as no “smoking gun” can still be guilty with enough secondary evidence, or maybe they have a smoking gun, like the “journo-list” or that Attkisson video above) … anyway … obviously the lying leftist “press” now wants to insert Hillary with all lies all the time, and claim freedom of the press immunity. It’s BS as I see it.

    On the Russia stuff … I didn’t see how he tied Trump to Russia, except Manafort. But he really hates the Saudis, and Hillary is deep in bed with them. I like Bolton, and he seems to support Trump mostly. Trump even said he would be good as SoS. Bolton is more neoCon, but he is deeply informed. Of course most of us don’t know a lot that some of these guys know … so it is hard to say what secret agreements are made with various regimes. Turkey seems to be turning into Caliphate Central … and they are trying to get into the EU. Trump seems much more clear eyed on that.

    Hillary appeared tied to the Turkey lame coup attempt maybe, but that came way too late and had little chance of success. Seems very complex … Putin wisely keeps Soros out of Russia, and deals harshly with Muslims jihadist types. He seems to treat Christians better than Obama/Hillary. He is still a KGB guy that maybe murdered his way into power, but is probably a better semi-ally than China or the Muslim world. … or maybe that is wishful thinking.

    But I’d take Trump/Bolton over Hillary/Podesta/Soros/Blumenthal any day. We know Clintons are bought, not to mention all the blackmail files bad actors must have on her, in emails or recorded “transactions” where the foundation bribe details were worked out. The files she has are on good Americans that had affairs, that might get in the way of her treachery.

  31. I don’t believe everything I see on the internet but I do like to get the full spectrum of views on any topic (including DT) when I can. Some of these people are too bizarre so they get muted/blocked but for the most part I enjoy the back-and-forth of Trump Is God vs. Trump Is Beelzebub. 😀

  32. I have no idea if this latest shakeup of the Trump campaign will be good, bad or indifferent, but DT is correct in rejecting a makeover for him to be more presidential, more issues orientated or whatever. As he said, he is what he is and refuses to be made into a phony by consultants and others.

    So if he loses and loses big as some are claiming at least he will have lost on his own terms—and the same goes for if he wins big.

    Adding Bannon to his campaign team is getting a lot of criticism on Twitter, but in this case I think DT is absolutely right.

  33. The “more presidential” meme was a leftist attack from the start as I see it. Trump has built around the world and dealt with unions, corrupt government, conniving contractors …. he has been 100 times the executive Hillary has ever been. She takes bribes and gets drunk a lot … they couldn’t name any accomplishments. She has been an abusive corrupt liar, going back to when she absconded with Nixon paperwork with a goal to extort … then after getting fired for that, and failing her law exam, she married into cocaine Clinton family, hid those Rose law firm papers, covered up all abused Bill victims … at what point has she been the least bit “presidential”? Why is that not the meme … that Hillary needs to act presidential, and maybe name some actual executive accomplishments?

    For every Hillary weakness, there is a manufactured attack on Trump. Like Hillary’s war on Bill’s victims, so Trump must hate women. Or Hillary big money from Russia, and the reset button and Podesta, increased Russia influece … so they come up with Trump as the friend of Putin. They said Trump has bad temperament while his workers like him, but those around her think she is a nasty drunk. But in Orwellian fashion, Hillary is deemed “presidential”, Trump is not. good grief

    The Trump haters picked it up as additional ammo for why they are oh so right, and they offer their “sage” advice. Do those people really believe Hillary and all her lies and corruption are “acting presidential”? She attacked the gold star mom and a gold star dad that said she lied about that video … same lie she told everyone else. But that is presidential? Calling Bill’s rape victims “Bill’s Bimbos” is presidential?

    Trump’s Milwaukee speech was read and praised by many, though it was still direct in calling Hillary a bigot for using people of color just for their vote, talking down to them (her fake black talk thing, for instance).

    So I think a combo of the two … stay focused on Hillary and read the speeches that do a better job of driving specific points than when Trump rambles along. But don’t hold back on calling her crooked … or accusing her of crimes and subversive connections (which is actually pretty presidential, to not be cowed into covering up like the GOPe does)

    I think he needs to go toward calling Hillary “subversive”, since she is really treasonous (Chinagate, setting up Russia for their own silicon valley, money for arms, much more). The open border invasion of Europe, backed by Merkel, is orchestrated partly by Soros as revealed in the hacked emails. That ties Hillary directly to the same subversive tactic here with open borders and globalism. There is so much at risk, it is just irritating that so many fall for the “Trump is not presidential” load of baloney. It is America First or surrender to global corruption.

    Black Lives Matter is funded by Soros, even though Obama/Holder/Sharpton got the ball rolling with manufactured chaos with Trayvon lies and “hands up don’t shoot” lies in Ferguson. It ties with efforts to put feds in control of of local PDs … they “oversee” like 25 of them now, now adding Baltimore to their list of “victories”.

    I saw this video from Dec 2015 of Rush saying he has misjudged daSouza, since daSouza had only after his arrest, figured out that this was not just a philosophical debate, but that the left really wants to conquer us by any (subversive) means necessary. This is my feeling … about people that act like Trump is about as bad as Hillary. No no NO …. Trump is maybe the last chance to stop the globalist crime syndicate.

    this is Rush being amazed that many Republicans don’t understand what we are up against … they think it is just an intellectual debate, as opposed to an effort to overturn our country, as founded.

  34. On the global scale, I’m trying to understand how we turned commie warlord Mandela into a hero of (anti-white) “freedom”. He went back to S Africa and sang with his commie friend about killing the Boers (white farmers). While in prison here, his wife was keeping up the warlord tradition of torturing and killing enemies … killing far more blacks than Apartheid ever did. VP Candidate Kaine just told some white folk, we need to become a minority, to understand their pain, or something. It’s all pretty incredible, and indeed most don’t believe their own lying eyes, preferring to live an Orwellian dream from Obama’s father (as interpreted by Bill Ayers via seance).

    The global cabal money behind Hillary clarifies the mind, on why The Establishment must destroy Trump by all subversive means available, including calling on their boyz in the GOPe.

    Despite the fact that the South African government has been caught selling military equipment to the brutal Marxist despot ruling Zimbabwe, Secretary of State Hil­lary Clinton hoped to increase the amount of American taxpayer dollars buying arms for the ANC regime. The U.S. government has been training its military officers, too.

    “America will stand up for democracy and universal human rights even when it might be easier to look the other way,” Clinton said during an official visit to South Africa in August, seemingly oblivious to the twisted irony. Between dancing and lavishing praises on the ANC, the Secretary of State also found time to pledge billions more U.S. tax dollars to prop up the regime.

    But the U.S. government is not alone in the West when it comes to celebrating South Africa’s ruling cabal amid genocide. In September, the European Union held a “summit” with the South African regime to celebrate the increasingly close bonds between the two entities — and to continue pushing for “global governance” while showering European taxpayers’ money on the ANC.


    “Into the Cannibal’s Pot” is another Kindle book I haven’t finished, by an Afrikaner forced to escape. Genocide does not bother the globalists … America First really disrupts their plans.

  35. I agree with your 1-2 punch; keep attacking Hillary and giving issues-oriented speeches without the ad libs that always cause him problems.

    My twitter timeline has become so overwhelmingly anti-Trump and the negative comments about Bannon are so over the top it makes me suspicious. There are lots of leaks which also makes me distrust what is being said about this campaign shake up. It’s all too one-sided and I’ve made a point to include as many POVs as possible in my twitter follows.

    As I said previously, we’ll see how this shakes out but I hope it provides enough firepower to at least give HRC a run for her money and make for a close election.

  36. they have their narrative … and now with new people on board with Trump, they go all out to destroy them. Nothing new there. “They” didn’t like Trump talking directly to blacks about the crime problems that Democrats never resolve, despite constant campaign promises.

    I know nothing of Bannon, but she sounded very smart and stayed on point with a short interview on FOX. A FOX guy traveling with Trump frames it like, “now Trump can say he has a woman working for him”, instead of just saying her name and credentials. Everything is like that with many of these guys … never what Trump says or does, but how he is trying to trick us with what he does, and “here’s what he really means”. For Hillary it is the opposite.

    Rush went on today about how TARP went to all the union jobs and government Democrat things, and great projects like Solyndra … there were a bunch of those that got $100k or more that went bankrupt, while the big donors got to cash out their stock options. So Hillary today was screeching about “rebuild our roads, sewers, etc.” she didn’t say “shovel ready” … ha.

    Coulter has been good. “How the Media Work”

  37. As Charles Barkley famously said: “we been voting Democrat for 50 years and we’re STILL poor” DT had the cojones to finally tell the truth about black people voting lockstep for Dems when he said “what do you have to lose” by voting for the alternative. Here’s a rundown: http://www.trib.al/Xb8CWFY

    Naturally everyone went batsh*t crazy on this “racist” statement. Yes, I know the truth is racist, but still it is refreshing for someone to be honest about what and who creates black poverty instead of blaming slavery, institutional racism, structural racism (whatever that is), white privilege, GOP, Jim Crow, The White Devil–whatever.

    I doubt DT will get many black votes for his bold out-of-the-box statements but at least he is willing to take a stab at the serious conversation about race that Eric Holder so fervently desired.

  38. yup, though I think Trump could break through and get 25% with good ads. He has a lot of history in NYC with blacks, has hired many Hispanics too … only after running against Democrats was he painted as racist. Many minorities praised him, and already he has met with black ministers, just yesterday I think, with “Hispanic” leaders. But the hate machine of the left is at full tilt.

    Grievance Industry Sharpton as WH point man on race says all we need to know. Holder/Lynch declaring police departments racist, and prosecuting innocent cops, makes it even worse. And Hillary is out declaring Breitbart to be anti-Semitic, racist, xenophobic … wants to beat “those people” so badly they never dare show their face in public … or something. sheesh

    … But Hillary’s speech declared there is “systemic racism” toward the minorities. Pathetic … but all she has is the race card, and big money to smear Trump AND his voters. Trump already pointed out the black communities want MORE police, not fewer. It is just the “snitches get stiitches” gangs that want fewer police.

    Personally attacking Trump supporters is the despicable part that started long ago … even on Megyn Kelly, who started her own lipstick feminist war. She said with a sneer “what kind of people would vote for this (racist, misogynist) man?” Well gee Megyn … a lot of people that are tired of the DC Cabal, using PC Police.

    But the left goes even further, inciting attacks on Trump supporters, though most of that is paid for by Soros type groups. The commies have always liked violence, even genocide. (as the S Africa link above describes) They have to keep people intimidated at least, in their “cult of hate” is even better (for them).

  39. Well 25% would certainly be amazing and I’m wondering if The Bradley Effect is at work here where people are reluctant to say they’ll vote for Trump because of hate/backlash/retribution/violence, etc.

  40. yeah … I don’t see why they would like Hillary, and they know Trump as a different guy than other Republicans. I think they like his success more, and have enjoyed his celebrity status in times past. He certainly has a better chance of penetrating than others have.

    Bradley effect probably … the left has stirred up more hate and actual attacks than I ever remember, to the point of supporting black lives matter (and radical Islam) even in the face of criminal activity … and killing cops (and gays in Orlando).

    Hard to say if the actual polling is also off. Some say they oversample Dems … should be about 29/29 and 42 for independents … Party ID has changed according to Gallup, faster than voter registration. One of the polls the RCP uses in their average is YouGov/Economist, which this Mitchell guys says polled at D +16 when they come up with Clinton +6. I didn’t find their internals, but he claims they did not correct for that. (2:00 -3:45) and he says all the polls give D’s +6 or so, and that Gallup puts more effort into party ID than individual issues. (and independents are still more for Trump)

    Trump is the outsider in an outsider year … he builds real stuff. I think there are many blacks afraid to speak up, more than whites. The “snitches get stitches” thing is real, but most that live in those communities don’t like gangs running the neighborhood. Trayvon, Brown, Freddie were all drug criminals … turned martyrs. pathetic Dems went that route.

  41. Can’t say we weren’t warned; when DT said everything is negotiable, he wasn’t lying—now he’s “softening” on his signature issue of illegal immigration lining up with Jeb! and Obama’s position.

  42. yeah I wish he hadn’t said “softening”, but he is close to where I was in the beginning. And he did say they would not get citizenship, no “amnesty”.

    He was never going to actually drag millions from their homes, as most saw it. I think the first step is ID them ALL, then slowly ratchet down on e-verify including on nannies and lawn care. He says “enforce our laws” and that will push many of them out of the country. Real enforcement of current law will clear things up fast. There are a lot of crooks inside the system that have facilitated the problems. So I don’t think this is such a big deal as Hillary and her minionns want to make it.

    Hillary’s “they are all KKK” speech seems rather desperate. The Haiti part of the Clinton Cash video makes clear the Clintons stole relief money and gold from the black in Haiti, and left the poorest in dire straits. Yet she has the nerve to lecture us on ethics and how she will care for ALL the people. I think their internal polling shows Trump is surging, even with minorities. Only 24/7 lies from the MSM can save her.

    Negotiating down to “no citizenship, pay taxes, go back later” is hardly surrender. The “Hispanic” business leaders probably feel like they won something from him. They got something he was probably willing to give from the start. Art of the Deal?

  43. I was counting on you commenting about this since I consider you the touchstone of Trump supporters and depend on you for insight into TrumpLand. Obviously there’s lots of diversity of information and opinion on Twitter/internet but I know you–at least in the bloggy sense so give your input more weight. I suspected the “softening” wouldn’t make much difference to his base and you reinforced my opinion.

    I haven’t fully examined HRC’s speech but although the DNC-MSM will make a big deal out of it, most of us just shrug and roll our eyes when some Dem or their media allies call GOPers racists, or bigots or Hitler or sexist or “extreme” or Zzzzzzz

  44. Rush said the other day he didn’t think the Trump faithful would be too upset, and sited some interview evidence. Trump will do a bigger speech soon on more exact policy, and then he will have to stick to that to the end. What he really does, is still up in the air. But it is clear the minority Americans are hit harder than any when they have millions more illegals working on the cheap. And minority voters live in the middle of the accompanying crime and other problems.

    Coulter makes a good point about not treating all “blacks or browns” as belonging to one big block that must be catered to with more. She brings up Compton changing from a black community to 99% Hispanic. It happened with drive by shootings and Mexicans “proudly” forcing out the blacks. Keeping them all voting Democrat in the face of such violence thrust upon them, leaves an open door for Trump to reach out to minorities. So Hillary is going with KKK shouts to keep them on the plantation, but I see many blacks and Hispanics wanting old America, not millions more Mexicans.

    Trump’s softening is mostly the MSM shaping the message as a total flip flop. I have consistently asked (on blogs) just what Trump means by a big beautiful door in his wall. Most saw it as “touch back amnesty”, which is actually even softer than saying he won’t deport them immediately, but no amnesty (citizenship). But he never said how easy he would make it, to come back. His speech needs to make the “no amnesty” clear, and be strong on fairness to Americans … solidly close the border and put America First. Speeches have been pretty good lately … so I think they will pull it off. I can’t believe Grifter Hillary is even in the running … and lecturing us on ethics no less.

    ann coulter

  45. btw Jill Stein has a black VP candidate I heard … and Johnson wants open borders and legal dope. that could cut into Crooked’s base more than Trump’s.

  46. Whoa, if true! Hillary has no events scheduled until September 26 debate; surrogates to pick up the slack.
    UPDATE 8/31/16: This turns out NOT to be true; today she gave a speech at American Legion convention in Ohio and is scheduled to appear at the annual Democrat Nuremberg Rally at Illiniwik on Labor Day

  47. every time she appears … her numbers go down. But the media blitzkrieg on Trump is running out of steam … or at least it seems to be having less effect, since they keep repeating the same garbage, in the face of actual evidence.

    I think they see momentum for Trump, and/or maybe Crooked’s health really is that bad. She just had four days off last weekend, then some fundraisers in small groups, dressed in the oven mitten.


  48. I’ve only seen this on rightwing blogs–that Granny is spending a month at Shady Oaks Rest Home, so I’m not sure it’s true, but as you say (and just like Obama) the more she yammers the lower her approval ratings go.

    As for oven mitts, I agree. For someone with so much $ her fashion sense is atrocious. Speculation is she’s hiding medical equipment under all that which makes sense to me. I’m near HRCs age and if I was a bazillionaire like she is, I’d be dressing a whole lot classier–like Carly Fiorina.

  49. Hard to know if Pussygate is a game changer or not. DT has said all manner of obnoxious stuff with no consequences, but this seem different.

    My twitter feed is evenly divided between those who want him thrown off the ticket, consequences be damned and those who vehemently defend him, mostly using the “But Clinton” argument.

    True, what the Clintons have done is much worse but so what? Most of this sex stuff was known back in the 90s and Clinton got a skate so I doubt it will have much effect now. As for the other illegal stuff, Dems are never asked to defend HRC’s criminality because they circle the wagons when one of their tribe is under fire–just like MSM. GOPers, on the other hand, tend to denounce bad behavior in their tribe.

    What surprises me is how the GOP oppo research failed to turn up this stuff before Cleveland and there is no doubt this is only the opening salvo the Clinton campaign and their media allies have planned so fasten your seat belts, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride and if you don’t hate our political class now, by Election Day you will.

  50. yeah, the Wikileaks exposure of Podesta emails is ten times worse, in a sane world.

    Trump apologized for the 11 year old WORDS. From here on when they want to get him to grovel, he should sincerely say “I apologize for that nasty talk from eleven years ago, and I became a new man since, especially in the last year on the trail to stop the takeover of our country. But since this attack is designed to distract, know that my words were nothing close to the damage Bill and Hillary did as Hillary bullied Bill’s sex assault victims” … then he can go right to the Podesta revelations that Hillary’s whole campaign is a lie, as Bernie suspected when he demanded those speech notes.

    They will keep bringing up his old words, he should keep hitting back twice as hard. Bill raped women, Hillary bullied them into silence. They are never asked to apologize. Bush loves the rapist.

    Have you read the Wikileak stuff? She basically reveals the platform she is running on is mostly lies, because the little people don’t like to hear things like “a common market with open trade and open borders across the whole hemisphere”. She states the Muslims that went to Germany can’t even be trained for work … they’ll just be on welfare for life.

    Who knows what else they have on Trump … Trump was close, I think they had to release this “October surprise” early because the Podesta files would have finished her. Wikileaks said this morning that is just 1% of the Podesta/Hillary emails. Those are things that pertain to her global plans, and reveal her campaign is all a lie. She is owned by the bankers, or foreign entities.

    I kinda think most people are too tough to be scared off by bad language they already suspected. Unless they have Trump raping someone on video, the revelations of what Hillary said to banks should end the lying treasonous bitch. And there may be other revelations come out against her as well, now that the gloves are off.

    yeah I already hated the “Uniparty” … Hillary cheated her way into beating old socialist Bernie, since she had most delegates prearranged, and another wikileak forced Wasserman-Schultz to resign (but signed right up on team Hillary). Drunkard Ted Kennedy drowned a woman, Bill raped and Hillary disposed of the bodies (and don’t forget Chinagate, now she took $150M and helped Russia with uranium and more).

    In a sane world, she’d be convicted by now. Hard to believe they can win just by a media blackout and full time Trump hate. This was all coordinated with the RNC Trump haters jumping right on board, in ways they never went against Obama or rapist BillC. Incredible to see … almost like a coup to turn against the people’s primary choice, since pussy is so much worse than the Clinton Foundation or Benghazi …

    Hillary had a chance for a deal with Gaddafi, but she/they opted for regime change. That put ISIS in control, torture/rape/kill, and an onslaught of Muslim terror spreading across Europe. That seems to be the Soros plan, to break up the west. It’s like a real life SPECTRE (Bond), or CHAOS (Man from Uncle). sheesh

    But Cronkite got his Global Governance Award in 1999, and Hillary phoned in as FLOTUS to praise his vision. “New World Order” used to be a conspiracy theory … heh. It is us or them … SCOTUS goes commie if Hillary wins. seems like our last hope is Trump.

    there is a pic of TRump with his hand on Jeb’s arm, caption is “Trump grabbing a pussy” ha

  51. “A republic, if you can keep it”, Ben Franklin supposedly said, when someone asked what they had wrought. We gave it CPR and found a pulse last night.

    The cultural Marxism combined with importing some 70 million new voters from the third world, almost lost the republic. wikileaks revealed Hillary’s not so secret globalist plans, and she would have started with TPP and moved on to UN oversight of our guns, then other laws. The feds are “overseeing” some 30 police departments now, and they wanted centralized control of health care AND police, and even access for pedophiles into school bathrooms.

    Much of that Trump can eliminate on day one, by just canceling executive orders. If he uses the bully pulpit the way Obama did, he can probably push through a lot of real change that actually puts people first, instead of the special interests and global cabal. I have hope. 🙂

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