Lingering OKBOMB Questions

Very interesting article–who knew there were still lingering questions about who was really behind the OKC bombing?

The XX Committee

One of the more curious aspects of our postmodern information age is how stories that are actually known — meaning they have already been reported and can easily be found online — nevertheless fail to develop traction in the public consciousness, until sometimes they do, without apparent warning.

A classic case is the recent blow-up of Bill Cosby’s public reputation. Although allegations of rape against the actor-comedian, by more than a dozen women, have been reported for over a decade, including a 2006 out-of-court settlement, it was only recently — specifically last month, when comedian Hannibal Burress stated matter-of-factly of “America’s Dad”: “Yeah, but you’re a rapist” — that the story finally got legs. Suddenly, it has become a sensation, not helped by Cosby’s ham-handed efforts at online reputation management and his bizarre on-air silence about the allegations. It’s difficult to see how Cosby’s reputation can recover from this…

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Illinois is a flaming dumpster fire with $111B unfunded pension liabilities, $7.7B in unpaid bills to service providers, 14 years of unconstitutional unbalanced budgets, people and jobs fleeing the state like rats from a sinking ship, so what does the congressperson of the 17th CD demand Gov. Bruce Rauner spend taxpayer money on?

19th century transportation technology a/k/a the QC passenger rail project.

To hell with the downtrodden, sick and needy, it’s Back To The Future for Rep. Cheri Bustos!