WAR!…HUH…Good God Y’all

Saw “300” on Saturday and it was the most unusual movie I’ve seen. It was a strange mix  of live action and digital. The color was a burnished gold tone. There were familiar features—-venal, weaselly politicians, bellicose women, buff guys with washboard abs wearing red capes and leather briefs.

There was extreme violence—and lots of it, but it was depicted as ballet, or maybe performance art. Maybe cartoonish.

But the violence and the actors were not the focus of “300”—-the story was the focus.  The story being how 300 Spartan warriors held off a massive Persian army until betrayed, and how freedom isn’t free.

Over the past several years, I’ve seen various “war” movies; Troy, Cold Mountain, Flags of Our Fathers, Letters from Iwo Jima. Most of these have had an underlying theme of the cost of war and the futility of war. What made “300” so different is that it was out-of-the-box that some things are worth fighting for—-you don’t get this message very often from Hollywood.  


I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

According to Scott Reeder, our specially selected Senator Mike Jacobs says that voting for Blago’s business tax hike would be “political suicide”, would devastate the state’s economy, especially a bi-state economy like the QCs. But wait!

Jacobs says he will vote for Blago’s tax if Blago will cough up the full $75 mil for WIU’s new Moline campus.

Are our representatives the best money can buy—or what?

Ya get what ya pay for!

Second Hand News

Some interesting things I’ve seen in the Moline Dispatch since I’ve been trying to figure out this internets tubes thing:

1.  The Quarter in East Moline is back from the grave and ready to party thanks to a $10 mil cash infusion. Instead of fantasizing that people would flock to this desolate area to build expensive homes, a developer is going to build condo units in the $180,000 range, which is more reasonable. Drive out to the The Quarters sometime—-you have to drive through a swamp to get there and “there” is surrounded by warehouses/industrial detritus, plus there is no river view. Maybe a race car track would be the highest and best use of this property, but good luck to East Moline anyway with those condos.

2.  The Passion of the Democrat Taxmen continues.  Pat Verschoore is promoting a new, improved tax for schools that would allow counties to add up to 1% to local sales taxes to be earmarked for school construction and renovations. Isn’t this what Preacher Rod’s GRT is supposed to do? Wasn’t that what riverboat gambling was supposed to do? How many times are they gonna pull this stuff? Yeah, let’s do it for the children, sure, whatever.

3.  An Augie professor and his wife were arrested on drug charges after they called the police regarding a break in and cops found—-well, incriminating evidence.  I’m no doper myself, but I know plenty of people who are, or have been, so my suggestion is that since Preacher Rod sez the State O’ Illinois is  in dire need of cash,  he should promote a bill that legalizes and taxes marijuana.  He’d never have to worry about financing his socialist agenda again. This is a golden opportunity for the needy yet aggressive governor—how long will the Democrats have absolute control of all three branches of government? Strike while the iron is hot, Rod. Just sayin’….

4. Which is why the civil unions bill is moving along at a fine clip. I’m ok with civil unions as long as   the legislature doesn’t make this an affirmative action/reparations thing where gays have all the rights of staights but none of the responsibilities. No doubt the American Bar Association is lobbying the heck out of this bill—–more “marriages” mean more business! 

5.  A brief AP report notes that Tom Vilsack has endorsed Hillary Clinton for POTUS. The AP moves into fantasy/commentary when it says that “the endorsement will go a long way to establishing Clinton’s bona fides with average Iowans.” Where do they get this stuff? Didn’t Vilsack poll FOURTH in Iowa  before he finally dropped out of the race? Bona fides, indeed!

6.  Finally, I’m not sure who writes the headlines at the Dispatch for AP (and other) stories, but kudos to the person who wrote the headline for Saturday’s AP story about the pork-filled “war-spending bill” that George Bush promised to reject: House Passes Veto Bait. Ya gotta have a sense of humor in these times, I’m tellin’ ya!