If you get to blame

our gun control policy for putting the weapon into Omar Mateen’s hands, then I get to blame our immigration policy for putting Muslim terrorists inside our borders. See how that works?

Source: If you get to blame


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

5 thoughts on “If you get to blame”

  1. ha … clever, but I think that’s a bad deal. Arguing on their terms does not work. I won’t give them their lie in return for hoping they accept a basic truth, based on their twisted logic. We don’t want to “trade” them “gun control” in exchange for the hope maybe one day they’ll control the borders. They won’t.

    They don’t get to blame guns, since “they” had 10 reasons not to give this guy a gun but he got one anyway, and even a higher level security clearance. Using PC law one, “Offend No Muslim”, it seems this guy got a pass, like the Ft Hood jihadist did as well, and the San Bernadino deadly duo with the neighbor that was afraid to speak up and be called Islamophobic (which can have legal consequences) . “They” on the left are either complicit in the attacks, or are so incompetent they can’t be depended on to take guns from anyone except their political adversaries (the majority).

    This was yet another gun free zone, but besides designated drivers driving, maybe that person should also be the designated gun carrier. More guns, less crime. But Hillary would take guns only from radicals, which she would define down to conservatives, our retired military, Republicans, tea partiers, etc. Gun Free Zones are worthless since only good guys are disarmed, and even with an armed guard, the bad guy just has to shoot him. The cop on this job exchanged gunfire (allegedly), but didn’t follow the guy inside. That seems a little odd. Of course Europe has mostly disarmed their citizens and it has only made them more vulnerable, as the Muslims have no problem getting guns. Paris (I think) is still under their style of Martial Law, probing some of the no go zones.

    good to see you back here … I’m a little afraid of posting on Twitter since it could make me a target of Queen Hillary and her goons. ha.

    The Trump Train seems to be the best ride out of the leftist hell, but the establishment will not go down easy. Ryan and Gingrich both basically called Trump racist for calling out the La Raza judge. The race card only works one way … submit or be called racist. Another mandate from the PC Religion.

  2. I’m not really “back” since all I did was press a reblog button on the guy’s post and it automatically reposted here—that’s how lazy I’ve become being in TX, I don’t even write my own post now, I outsource them. 😀

    As for the body of your comment, the knee-jerk gun-grabbing hysteria is boring, unworkable and entirely predictable. Except for Trump, what politicians and pundits are promoting in order to “fix” all this is just mindless yapping and the country knows it–at least most of the country does.

    Not likely an independent candidate will run now–deadline has already passed in TX and is coming up in several big states, so it looks like HRC vs. DT. As of now I don’t expect to vote for anyone for prez but will vote GOP down-ballot to help keep TX red and from becoming an IL-style dumpster fire.

  3. Well ah…..welcome back QCE. Glad to have you back Comrade.

    Things are going great in Rock Island County. We’ve not really won anything of substance since you left, but we are still going to City Limits for Eggs and Bacon on Wednesdays. Oh and we’ve got a great candidate in Tony McCombie for the 71st district. She’s pretty liberal socially, but it doesn’t matter. With her looks she’s going to send Smiddy packing almost as quickly as he sent Morthland packing!

  4. Thanks for the welcome, but as I told Cool, I’m not really “back” just decided to reblog this instead of retweet it. I still spend most of my internet time on Twitter where there are many people smarter and wittier than I am–a low bar, I know. 😀

    Hope you are right about McCombie; I voted for Morthland over Ahern with the false hope GOP could take over the House that year even though Ahern was my preferred candidate.

  5. Come back! We had such great times in 2013/2014. Some of our favorite characters are gone, having moved on, but they’ve been replaced by New! Improved! nitwits.

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