The Taxpayer’s Conundrum

Rock Island County Board member Virgil Mayberry on Rock Island’s plan to close the library branch in his district due to lack of funds:

“All the people that have talked to me don’t want to see the branch closed, but they’re also not willing to pay an extra $20 or $25 on their property tax to keep it open.”


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

7 thoughts on “The Taxpayer’s Conundrum”

  1. QCE .. I’m sure you have more to say … don’t be shy. 🙂

    Cruz, Walker, Perry?

    I’m for Walker/Fiorina at the moment. Cruz would be great, but maybe too marginalized. Perry just doesn’t have it together enough for me. He stabs at Trump, but gave in state tuition to illegals, and called me heartless for not being open border. I actually helped run fellowships even for illegals in TX, back in the day. heh

    Texas too hot, Canada too cold … stuck in IL for now, home of CPUSA and the Chicago machine that regurgitated the Jarrett/Obama same sex commie union.

    “WE” really need your judicious and insightful input. Put it out there, and it will make a difference … and hope Texas is treating you well. We had record June rain, and also for July already I’d guess. And locally more trees down last week than two storms in 2011 … sheesh. End times? ha … no, resist we much. 🙂

  2. Nope, not shy just doing most of my bloviation on twitter these days; it helps my attention span/time problem by forcing me to keep it short and sweet–or at least short. I’m worn out on blogging but since there are only three others authorized to access this blog we could have a private message board kinda thing.

    Too early for me to decide POTUS candidates, but I will tell you I changed my mind about instate tuition for illegals, which I always opposed until I moved to TX. Several years ago there was an editorial in the leftwing Houston Chronicle setting out the case for it, and it convinced me! Basically their argument was since taxpayers are forced to educate illegals for free anyway, why not allow them to pay the same tuition as legals? This made sense to me. The open border is a whole ‘nother thing and it’s not just cheap labor flowing into this country, it’s drug cartels, human slave trade, terrorists, etc. Even worse, the UN is flooding the country with Syrians and other Muslims who have not been cleared by the FBI. President Hopenchange is certainly fundamentally transforming America.

    I don’t really mind the heat here since the humidity is usually fairly low unless something blows in from the gulf. I enjoy having elected officials who represent my views rather than those of Karl Marx; not missing the Dick Durbin or closet Dem Mark Kirk at all–and don’t get me started on how I was bamboozled by Schilling! Glad to hear you are protecting the rebel stronghold of Adams County against the Dem onslaught. With so many fleeing the state, it is a brave Alamo-style thing you are doing. 😉

    As I said at the top, my blogging days are over but we can chat here or on twitter.

  3. Oh good, didn’t realize you were tweeting.

    I met Mike Flynn in Washington Park. Very few were there, but there was a huge rain storm right before the event, street flooding and everything. But the fix was in anyway, with big money and big backing for the LaHood “boy”. With the way we are gerrymandered, IL18 should be able to send a real conservative to DC, but LaHood will probably be a rubber stamp for Boehner, who already threw the $1000/plate dinner for him. Rauner made a deal with Jil Tracy to support her for a state senate spot, seemingly in exchange for her staying out of the Rep’ election.

    I’m thinking in state tuition is a subsidized thing, so that’s why I’m against it. But it is not the college educated that will be the bigger problem, though some universities might radicalize them even more. Also it’s just one more magnet for people to come illegally.

    The cartels crossing the border is a huge deal, especially with high level deals possibly already going on. Fast and Furious is still floating out there, and Loretta Lynch oversaw a basic wrist slap to HSBC for laundering billions of drug money, with some trillion that was mishandled. I was encouraged but skeptical when they caught El Chapo Guzman, and now he escaped, though he was apparently still running his huge cartel from prison. Combining that with the cartel coordinated import of tens of thousands of Central American “children” (no IDs, but some were like 30) … that Obama covertly bussed around the country, indicates this stuff goes right to the top.

    Adams County votes more conservative, but I’m surprised how many loyal Democrats surround me, though I think Obama changed some minds. I follow you on Twitter now. I follow Instapundit for now, but they flood the place with 300 tweets a day, so I miss other things sometimes.

  4. Experts are now suggesting a 16.8 % increase in Rock Island Co. property taxes. Nor would it require to be placed on a voting ballot. If it goes that way we will be forced to raise rent on all our renters to cover costs. The temptation to sell out and move to Whiteside Co. gets stronger every year.

  5. Wowzer! 16.8%? Property taxes tend to be on the high side in TX to offset the lack of income tax, although a booming economy helps keep the sales tax revenue high. But 16.8% in a depressed area like RiCo–yikes! Blood from a turnip and all that…The bill has finally come due for 50 years of Democrat controlled government in RICo.

  6. So will you flee RICo like a rat from a sinking ship or take your medicine and a massive tax increase as penance for living in a Dem controlled county for 50 years? My advice: get out while you can!

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