I Just Can’t Quit You

Bobby Schilling thinking about running for Aaron Schock’s seat in the 18th CD http://bit.ly/1G7uy8L


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

5 thoughts on “I Just Can’t Quit You”

  1. your link didn’t work, if that was a link. Maybe you meant this?


    “But GOP sources also said Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner is working behind the scenes for LaHood and has offered to gather significant financial support for Tracy if she challenges Democratic state Sen. John Sullivan in 2016 instead of running for Congress.”

    Too bad Republicans are mostly RINO in IL. We have a pretty strong R district, but need a conservative that lives here already. We stretch way over to gerrymander out pieces of Peoria, Bloomington, and Springfield. I’m hoping for Tracy I guess, unless someone else emerges. Don’t know much about her except her husband runs a big trucking business in Quincy. Don’t understand the power politics here at all, except we finally got an R mayor, after the dam project debacle. At least a rep from Quincy could bring us free stuff when she votes with Boehner. ha


  2. yeah, that’s it–I was attempting to link to Roll Call but my html chops, such as they were, have evidently atrophied—not surprising.

    All this insider process stuff makes me crazy! Does Bruce Rauner really have the power to determine who the 18th CD congressperson will be?

    Dunno. IL is a leftwing wacko state, but the Dems made the 18th CD even more rightwing than before, so there might be hope you get a congressperson that, for the first time in your adult life, you’ll be proud of.

    I hope it’s true.

  3. I Just Can’t Quit You II; Illinois Review, in an article about Kirk losing support from GOP had this quote at the end:
    “Sources close to Schilling would not deny he is considering a run” for US Senate–which he said he wasn’t interested in earlier.

    Whatever, but I can’t imagine Schilling having much statewide support based on Kirk’s PP vote and I REALLY can’t see him beating Kirk in a primary, but I’ve been gone for a while, so what do I know?

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