Considerable Skills Called, Nobody Answered

This year Mike Jacobs is set to grab $34,579 in annual pension for getting set up as state senator by his daddy and three of his daddy’s cronies. But Mike is not bothered by the fact that his pension is financed on the backs of much poorer Illinoisians, oh no:

“Public life is very difficult. A lot of people don’t realize how much you put into it…I’ve got 10 years in I’ve earned every damned cent of it. I’ve been attacked and ridiculed. It’s been very difficult on my family. It’s not an easy life.”

Since his daddy was also a state senator, it’s a little disingenuous for him to act like he didn’t know what he was getting into, but whatever, he’s a typical politician, so our expectations for honesty are low.

Asked about his future post-election plans, Jacobs said he didn’t want to be a lobbyist like his daddy or move out of state for a job, instead, “I think I’m going to use my considerable skills in the private sector.”

That was in November. Now, according to QCOnline, Jacobs has registered as a lobbyist with one client—MidAmerican Energy. I know you won’t be surprised to learn Jacobs was the chair of the Senate Energy Committee at the time of his ouster.

Revolving doors—the Illinois Way!

It seems “the private sector” wasn’t buying what Jacobs was selling and so he had to again rely on his daddy for a job.

The son who never grew up.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

8 thoughts on “Considerable Skills Called, Nobody Answered”

  1. Forgot to give Eric Timmons kudos and credit for not repeating the lie that Denny Jacobs stepped down as senator for “health reasons”. Instead, Timmons correctly states that “he stood down in 2005 to become a lobbyist.”

  2. Quincy hired some lobbyist (iirc) that was supposed to get beaucoup bucks for the hydro power project, which no private investor found interesting. But they elected Schilling and those shovel ready millions found their way to the Democrat districts apparently, or to places still unknown. So Quincy owes $5-6 million on gawd knows what, some sort of feasibility studies that they couldn’t pawn off. They should have just donated a million to Obama, instead of videoing “I don’t really care about the constitution on this” Hare. ha

    So Jacobs is going to make his millions peddling influence to the rich, having found his real skill is more “considerable corruption”, rather the enemy of the private sector? Quincy still wants the funding for the hydro project … does Jacobs have a price list? Most corporations find the rate of return is about 100:1, but they’re gonna need something in writing this time.

    Last day of winter cold spell here … back to normal temps tomorrow, finally.

  3. How the mighty have fallen, eh? I remember seeing a bunch of Schock’s globetrotting instagram photos and wondering how the heck he had the time for all that foreign travel and how he could afford it.

    I saw him speak at the Quincy 9/12 event in ’09 and he was impressive. In a million years I would have never thought he’d flame out so spectacularly just 6 years later. Note to self: No more swooning over politicians. lol

    As for Flynn, I have heard of him; he is a Breitbart protege and if I remember correctly, also a friend of Tookies—maybe they went to school together in Quincy. Not sure how conservative the 18th has become since redistricting, but I do know the Dems made the 17th more leftwing when they cut Adams Co./Quincy out of the district.

    So far LaHood Jr. is the only one who has announced but Jil Tracey would be a good candidate also. Don’t know much about LaHood Jr., but if he is a liberal as his dad, he might have a tough time in the 18th.

    Still plenty of time before the election this summer, but it would be a hoot for an outspoken activist and conservative like Flynn to make it to congress. I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t be a Boehner rubber stamp. lol

  4. Flynn hasn’t lived here in 20 years, an issue, but OK with me if he is real tea party. He apparently has worked for some PAC … and truth is they run things now it seems, along with all other forms of big money, from any country even, according to Hillary’s plan.

    I’d already been advocating to primary Schock for his RINO tendancies, so my prayers were answered early I guess. I thought he probably had some deal to drop the investigations when he resigned, but they are still after him. Maybe he can room with effin golden Blago. He should have come out as gay, and flipped to Democrat … for prosecution insurance.

  5. Your last sentence reminds me of something I had read about all this, that the constant drip of damaging info had to be coming from some insider—possibly a former staffer, or as you suggest someone inside the GOP agitating for a more conservative congressperson.

    But then it was noted that the most dancing in the end zone over Schock’s problems/resignation/fed investigation was coming from the Gay Mafia who feel duty-bound to out any closeted gay who does not march/vote lockstep with their ideology and legislative agenda. This is nothing more than flat-out fascism in my view, but the GLBT people feel it is their right to violate the privacy of anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

    So at least according to CW, you nailed it that “he should have come out as gay”.

    And speaking of Roomies For Blago, I see it has been discovered that Quinn gave $10M to some company to buy property that wasn’t even for sale. Ooops! Oh well—Illinois has its reputation as Most Governors Sent To Prison to uphold. lol

  6. If Schock had come out as a gay Republican it would have helped R’s (assuming the gay stories are true), and he still would have been reelected. But he can’t get away with what Rangel or Obama do. Remember Obama as senator got money for the place Michelle worked, and she then got a raise from her diversity hire $100K to $300K. It would be nice to know who these “deciders” are that run our government.

    Our governors go to prison, but I figure the real Chicago bosses go untouched. So now even Rahm may lose, since maybe he saw how union are turning Chicago into Detroit. He supposedly is up ten points, but SEIU is backing Jesus Garcia. Chicago is already a sanctuary city, Garcia will have Obama busing in another 50,000 a month from Mexico and Guatemala. The guy sounds like he worked for “labor” or government his whole life. He probably put his Che shirt away for the election at least. heh

    Smart move going to Texas … but maybe Rauner will do something good.

  7. Agree Schock still would have won even if he “outed” himself—and I have no idea (or interest) in his sexual orientation, but the mission of these GLBT activists is to destroy everyone they believe is gay who doesn’t march lockstep.

    Before I moved to TX I was praying for a “reform” government in IL since reform was sweeping the country. Didn’t happen then, but I do hope Rauner can get some stuff done although he will be fighting powerful forces in IL:

    1. Dems
    2. Establishment Party types of both parties i.e. Judy Baar Topinka, Brady, Dillard, Rutherford, etc. deeply invested in the status quo
    3. Dem special interests: unions, trial lawyers, etc.
    4. Union press corps since much of big city media is unionized and—solidarity, baby!

    All my immediate family have fled IL but I still hope Illinois can dig out of the fiscal hole its politicians have dug and move beyond the punchline of a bad joke.

    I know you’re a farmer and can’t exactly move your land to a more favorable location, but I’m really rooting for Rauner to overcome all obstacles and git ‘er done.

    But then I swooned over Obama, Schilling and Schock too. lol

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