“An Instrument Of Tyranny”

Calvin Coolidge quoted in a National Review article about the Child Tax Credit:

“…a government that lays taxes on the people not required by urgent public necessity and sound public policy is not a protector of liberty but an instrument of tyranny.”


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

2 thoughts on ““An Instrument Of Tyranny””

  1. Coolidge might be the last president to make federal government less invasive.

    The middle class has lost a lot of wealth over the last six years to the current tyrants, as Obama shoveled money to his cronies. Median incomes and net worth are both down like 10-15%. All gains are in the top 1%-10%, and any job growth went to immigrants.

    The middle just got taxed 50% to 100% on their health care premiums, to fund the Obamacare fraud. Only the Republicans insistence on following through with sequestration’s across the board cuts has allowed Obama to crow about reducing budget deficits. The military took the biggest cuts, not counting those beheaded across Iraq when Obama beat a rapid retreat. And Obama still refuses military supplies to Ukraine, pretending Russia is not involved, even as Russian tanks roll and their missile shot down a passenger jet. But Obama did whisper to Putin that he’d be more flexible after (he was done lying to the US citizens for) the election.

    In 2008 Obama skewered Bush as unpatriotic and irresponsible for the (Democrat congress) $450B deficit, and Obama promised to cut that in half. Instead he tripled it, and only sequestration has brought it back to $450B, with help from a propped up economy and its record tax revenue, built on $4000 Billion QE funny money.

    Worst may be Lois Lerner’s long term reign of terror on honest citizens that threaten the leftist machine, and she retires early on six figures. Or maybe Holder’s war on companies like Boeing or Gibson Guitar, that go to right to work states or support the wrong candidate. Or there’s Obama’s use of Sharpton to stir up race riots and badger local police … Tyranny is not too strong a word for the current regime.

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