The Forgotten Man

Don Surber on why Ferguson should not be rebuilt:

“Backed by looters and violent people, liberals are telling the American middle class they do not want you. They want an America where you are either a billionaire knocking down tax subsidies, or jobless and on federal assistance.”


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

One thought on “The Forgotten Man”

  1. White flight from large cities is nothing new, though it is really not just white. The more successful of other races are also leaving.

    Free markets mean a place like Ferguson might get business owners that would not succeed other places. They can make decent money off swisher cigars used for marijuana, lottery tickets, liquor, and food stamps. And they won’t face much competition. But the down side is obvious.

    Yet no city which achieved the scale of a half million residents has lost a larger percentage of its population in peacetime than St. Louis. To some extent, this is a very old problem for a city that was once the largest in the Midwest but was passed in 1880 by Chicago.

    In 1950 the city population peak at 857,000 people and ranked 8th among the nation’s municipalities. By 2009, the latest estimates, the population was 357,000 (ranked 48th in the nation), a decline of nearly 60 percent from the peak.

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