Headline Of The Day

The Democratic Party Has Become So Useless It’s Making Young Liberals Look Longingly At Rand Paul


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

4 thoughts on “Headline Of The Day”

  1. The longer I watch politics the more inclined I am to scream a pox on both of their houses. I am also becoming more and more a believer that the party system should be abolished and each political race be every man, woman and child candidates for themselves.

  2. Hey S, how did you get in? I took QCE private a few days ago, and I discovered WordPress changed its policy where you have to “invite” people to your blog rather than the old way where they email and ask to be included.

    Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t exclude you, but I’m curious how you did access QCE?

  3. I just signed in as myself. Probably a leftover from when you went private a few years back. I was on your approved list. I also noticed WP is doing some advertising through highlighted words on your responses to the post. If I hover over email – I get a promo from coupons dot com.

  4. I forgot all about my previous privatization and now I can’t even remember why I did it. 😀

    This go round it’s because of lack of enthusiasm for blogging. Compared to my Illinois posts, I’m embarrassed that my TX posts are poorly thought out (if thought at all!) and researched.

    WordPress allows 10 “invites” but I don’t intend to open QCE up to more than just you. I guess I will continue to post sporadically but will use the blog more as a private diary where I can save stuff I want to keep for future reference.

    Or not. Don’t know yet, I just know I’m done with regular postings—except maybe if Eric Reyes decides to run for office. 😀

    The highlighted word advertising doesn’t work for me—I suppose it’s just for visitors although it could be my internet provider. This month we moved from the city to the country and now we are forced into Brand X Internet Service.

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