Hi-Yo Dinosaur, Ride, Daddy, Ride

Even as I find Twitter endlessly fascinating, I am bamboozled by it. I only have a few “followers” which is OK with me since I am still trying to figure it out, but I don’t understand how I acquired followers like OneHourTees.

One of these mystery followers is @RICODHC which is the Rock Island County Democratic Hispanic Caucus.

But at least they provided some blogging material on November 10:

“So does anybody have some early bird governor picks for 2018? What about state senator? We need to get Bruce Rauner & Neil Anderson out next cycle.”

There wasn’t much discussion on this except LISA FOR GOV 2018!!!!, but the comments were still telling:

“…13% voter turnout under 30 shows that #millennials are not connecting to the leaders placed before them.”


“As for state senator, it may be time to let a woman or minority take a swing to help get out the vote…We need to get people excited about their candidate.”

And the third (fourth?) generation Jacobs in The Jacobs Family Senate Seat just ain’t that exciting—to anyone.

Here’s my theory on why Jacobs was the only Democrat to lose; the Democrat establishment was too cowardly to directly primary him, so they arranged for the GOPer to win so that the boards will be cleared of Legacy Jacobs so that younger, more diverse, non-old white legacy guys will have a chance to win.

This is not as bizarre as it sounds. After Lane Evans leveraged Phil Hare into his House seat, many Democrats were angry and upset about how this was done but were too cowardly to directly challenge the Democrat establishment. Many were hoping for a Zinga win in order to clear the boards so a “real” Democrat candidate could emerge and win. Of course it took three election cycles for Hare to be dispatched, but ultimately the Dems got a candidate who better reflected the politics of the district, but only after Bobby Schilling was elected.

I’m thinking many of the younger Democrats—and others, are tired of the Dinosaur Democrats and want a chance to win an election without The Establishment blocking progress.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

2 thoughts on “Hi-Yo Dinosaur, Ride, Daddy, Ride”

  1. If true—power to him! Enough with the RICO Democrat Dinosaurs—time to launch RICO into the 21st century.

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