The Road Not Taken


“[Bobby] Schilling isn’t ruling out another run for political office, but he said he is not interested in running for U.S. Senate. Schilling had considered running for [Mike] Jacobs’ seat until his son advised him that would be taking ‘a step backwards’.”

So Illinois senate is beneath the One Term Wonder, but he isn’t interested in running for U.S. Senate, but he still might run for political office, so what is left that is worthy of the Mighty Schilling?

Schilling for POTUS 2016!!!!!


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

10 thoughts on “The Road Not Taken”

  1. Just like Schilling once people see that Neil Anderson can’t get anything done and he has extreme views he will be a Polotition that he railed against.

    Neil Anderson will have term limits enacted upon him.

    Only solution would be Scilling taking in Anderson in the primary.

  2. That will never happen. Didn’t you read my post? Schilling’s boy said running for state senate would be a step backwards.

    So since Schilling is played out as US Rep. and he doesn’t want to run for US Senate and his boy says anything less wouldn’t be appropriate for a great man like Bobby Schilling, all he is left with is either governor after Rauner’s two terms or POTUS in ’16.

    But still, it continues to amaze me that out of all the Dems in the IL legislature that ran for re-election, the only one to get nuked out was Mike “Fists O’ Fury” Jacobs.


  3. I heard people are clamoring for a Reyes run in 2016.

    I’m one that hopes he runs. I’d hate to be stuck with Justin “never accomplished anything” Andersen.

  4. I have my doubts about “clamoring”, but maybe next time some GOP candidates will emerge from Rockford or Peoria.

    Due to gerrymandering, I doubt Bustos will be getting the heave-ho anytime soon. The Schillites were convinced the different demographics of the midterms would give Schilling a slam-dunk win and that just didn’t happen.

    Of course, Schilling made the same mistake the national Dems did in senate/gubernatorial races; they relied too much on demographics.

  5. Schilling down by 10 points in the polls, could have come out strong against illegal immigration and amnesty. Or strong on something … global warming? public unions bankrupting us?

    But when Bobby lets his boy overrule him, he doesn’t seem very strong on anything. Isn’t it a “step backwards” to get beaten by ten points in a Republican wave year? Isn’t state office a step forward from sitting at home?

    But this article says Schilling has many other projects going on, including bringing in foreigners to become citizens, and restoring the historic Texaco building in Houston. Did Bobby pick up some of that lobbyist type money while he was slumming it in DC for two years? Where did these “governmental affairs” projects come from?

  6. Lucky you—you missed out on all the EB-5 hysteria that I wrote about here.

    Schilling was working with a group that managed these EB-5 visas. Hilarity ensued when the Dems began shrieking about how he was “selling visas to foreigners” when it turned out that this was a federal program in effect for 25 years with broad bipartisan support. The kicker was that both Bustos and the Dick Durbin actually sponsored/voted to make the EB-5 permanent.


    But beyond that, I agree that Schilling relied too much on demographics and negative ads and hurt himself by not coming out for something positive—anything that might have resonated with voters.

  7. Schilling did express himself – as the invisible man. Personally think he had dreams-of-grandeur. His ultimate goal is to be the next Andrea Zinga. He has to get a job for CNN before he can even hope to reach those lofty goals.

  8. The truth of the matter is that Pizza Boy becoming Visa Boy cost him that warm and fuzzy feeling.

    Now with the Schilling craze gone Bob will more than likely lose the Visa job and have to become Pizza Boy once again.

  9. Yeah, I didn’t recall the visa thing, but now I do. Thanks for the link. The news apparently didn’t register high on my shock and awe meter. šŸ™‚

    There are times we need outside workers, but I think mostly that is an excuse for getting their workers cheaper, which in turn suppresses the students that would go into the hard sciences. Of course secondary ed seems more concerned about keeping unions happy than raising new scientists.

    But certainly if we are going to bring in new workers or citizens, they should be the ones that are competent and in need. But the Texaco thing in Houston also seems odd. All of a sudden Pizza Boy Bobby becomes man of international intrigue. That strikes me as part of the contagion of the strange world of DC politics, where everything is decided in the Gucci Gulch hallways.

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