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None of your damned business.

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  1. No one cares about Denny Jacobs lobbiest.

    They are talking to Senator Denny Jacobs as Senator who worked with Lane Evans.

    What is wrong with you?

  2. Dishonesty in the media bothers me—QCO could have just as well asked Lobbyist Denny Jacobs about Evans as they could former Sen.–which he hasn’t been for 10 years.
    Isn’t Denny Jacobs the same person whether he’s a former state senator or a current Big Energy lobbyist?

    I say he is—the press says not.

  3. No!

    Senator Denny Jacobs was not a lobbiest when Lane Evans was a Rep.

    Senator Jacobs worked as a legislator with Lane Evans.

    As you obviously don’t know Ince you are a Senator you are a Senator for Life.

    President Bush is still Predident Bush.

    I would think you could at least understand the respect for title and context here.

    As far as honesty goes with you well it realy doesn’t fly as we don’t even know who you are if you are male female or something in between.

    Not that there is anything wrong with that.

    You hide your identity and complain about honesty in reporting.


  4. QCOnline does a fair job of recapping Evans’ career—they didn’t gloss over his violation of campaign finance law or his hiding his Parkinson’s from the public for two election cycles–of course, they don’t dwell on it either, which is appropriate considering the circumstances. What they didn’t mention is the dirty back room deal that delivered Phil Hare as congressman to the hapless 17th. We’ll have to wait for the movie, I guess. 😀

    Much is made of his constituent services, but the sad truth is he never did much for the rest of the district, although he did “fight” for the Arsenal, even though he was virulently anti-war.

    Lane Evans was a leftwing extremist, but he got lucky because except for the first two years of Bill Clinton’s presidency, his party was either in the minority or there was a GOP POTUS, which allowed him to vote consistently with the leftwing of his party without anyone noticing much.

    Hare wasn’t as lucky.

  5. WQAD has an interesting compilation of Evans campaign ads from the ’80s.

    It’s hilarious how he vows to “fight” to bring back jobs to the QCs that were lost on his watch, but even though the QCs continued its downward spiral, he still got elected.

    It’s also entertaining that he branded Ken McMillan an “extremist” when Evans was just as extreme in the other direction. I can’t help but speculate on how well Evans would have done in the New Media environment. I seriously doubt he would have gotten away with as much as he did; the establishment press was firmly in his corner, cheerleading and protecting him from his own extremism and creating a Cult of Personality around him.

    At any rate, I certainly would not have given him the pass the establishment press did.

  6. Here’s the QCOnline account of Evans’ funeral eulogies and from those mentioned it would appear that Evans had no non-Democrat friends or non-political friends.

    Those Democrats who spoke were:

    Jan Schankowsky—didn’t her husband go to prison for bank fraud and tax evasion? I guess she can relate to Evans’ violation of campaign finance law, eh?

    David Bonior—who?

    Cheri Bustos—who said Evans was always accessible when she worked at the QCTimes because he knew she would never report anything negative about him. OK, I just made that last part up.

    Phil Hare who owed his seat in congress to Evans via a dirty backroom deal of which we have yet to discover the details.

    I guess Evans really wasn’t much of a bipartisan guy after all.

    But the kicker—and you have to be of a certain age to remember this, is when Bonior quoted the Shakespeare “and he shall make the face of heaven so fine” line that Bobby Kennedy used in tribute of his assassinated brother JFK.

    A bit much, IMO.

  7. Get a grip dimwit—I’m not bashing Evans, it’s his worshipers “I can’t stomach”. The Myths and Legends of Lane Evans will outlive both of us—lighten up already. Lane Evans = JFK is over the top.

    Lane Evans could not exist in today’s media environment—he just couldn’t, as his toady Phil Hare discovered.

    We will never see Evans’ like again because there are other sources of information out there that don’t suck up to power and the powerful.

    Deal with it.

    Lane Evans did some good things but he wasn’t a god; he was a politician who lied to his constituents and broke the law in order to retain his hold on power.

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