Parting Shots

Comments from various local QC politicians; some sore losers and some—sore winners.

Soon to be former Sen. Mike “Fists O’ Fury” Jacobs “believes the attack ads made a negative impact: ‘I think the negative ads in this campaign were wrong’.”

Well do tell, Mike—do you include your own “wrong” negative ads about Anderson and his position on abortion?

Also, is this the first time “negative ads” were used against Jacobs? If so—-amazing!

“Independent” Rep. Mike Smiddy couldn’t just be happy and satisfied with his victory—oh, no. He had to take one more cheap shot at The Woz:

“Rep. Smiddy said he wished he and [The Woz] could have ‘debated the issues more, but that just wasn’t in the cards’.”


Sore winner Karen Kinney also couldn’t let it go and went into full whine mode even in victory:

“[Kinney] criticized what she termed underhanded tactics by Republicans against her in the two lawsuits.”

Better get used to it Karen baby because this is the new normal in RICO politics.


Bobby “Pizza Guy With 10 Kids” Schilling whined about the NRCC not backing him financially blaming early polling in the race [that] showed Mr. Schilling down by 9 points.”

That poll was taken September 29—THAT’s considered “early” polling?

Of course his defeat is more complex than that. Schilling was not able to get much $$$$ from his fundraising efforts, which I’m sure also spooked the NRCC and indicated he didn’t have much support from grassroots or conservative PACs.
He also wasn’t able to do much to contrast himself from Bustos—the Bobby Bustos thing hurt him, since with not much difference between the two, there was little incentive to vote for change. It also didn’t help that both campaigns made this An Election About Nothing (i.e. selling visas to foreigners, secret tapings, 10% “promise”, etc.)

It also wasn’t very useful for Schilling to blow up his base with all that Wallace nonsense. Pathetic.

Schilling lost by 6 points last time—this time it was by 11 points. Time to move on, Bobby.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

14 thoughts on “Parting Shots”

  1. But he doesn’t have a party to run for POTUS? He’s already tried Dem, Rep, and Independent.

    I guess he could go Green Party?

  2. Libertarian—duuuuhhhhh! But my guess is he’ll stay in the GOP—if he can survive The Purge. 😀

  3. Despite all the Big Top Circus barking about how the State and Local Dems had prostituted themselves out to the QC bringing in WIU, high speed rail, new Silvis school etc… the two biggest braggarts in the bunch -Jacobs and Quinn- took it on the chin in Rock Island Co. Even Smiddy lost locally but pulled his fat out of the fire in the surrounding RICO villages. Yet durbin & bustos easily won their challenges in RICO. I am not sorry to see the Mighty Quinn and Fists of Fury Jacobs gone – but it was a strange election.

    QUINN/VALLAS 20476 45.54%
    RAUNER/SANGUINETTI 22663 50.40%
    GRIMM/CUMMINGS 1757 3.91%

    MIKE JACOBS 20302 45.49%
    NEIL ANDERSON 24325 54.51%

  4. Amazing! Until your comment, I didn’t realize Ol’ F of F lost by 10 points—holy-freakin’-cow!

    Also happy about Rauner; the only three races I wanted wins for were The Woz, Shrimpf (a long shot, I know) and Rauner. Usually if 25% of my candidates win, I’m happy—I guess this makes 33% for me! 😀

  5. Yah, imagine Jacobs bragging about bringing WIU riverfront campus, Rail from Chicago and the flight that Will keep the biggest employer in the district the Arsenal here for years to come.

    Is it bad that Jacobs brought those things Home is that the issue.

    As for ads from Personal Pac and Andersons stance was not endorsed by Jacobs and was clearly from Personal Pac.

    The paid for even says not authorized by any candidate or party.

    As for content Anderson is against abortion in the case of incest or rape.

    It didn’t beat Anderson this time but after Anderson has to actually make votes for the people that gave him Millions of dollars Anderson will be toast like Schilling.

  6. I admit I don’t really get it either—Jacobs certainly served up the pork for his district, but for whatever reason, which I’m still trying to figure out, that just wasn’t enough this time.

  7. The Negativity Jacobs mentioned was a commercial that had a man being led away in handcuffs and it being implied as Jacobs.

    If that isn’t negative

  8. My personal belief goes back to my original analogy. Look at Bustos’ reelection and the dismal decades that was Lane Evans representation of this district. Bustos hasn’t really accomplished anything. Lane Evans spent forever proving himself to be a Congressman that was as worthless as teats on a boar. Odds are , unless Bustos has some huge Philobluster Hare segment of Foot in Mouth disease, she could rival Evans in getting reelected. Evans spent his political life being the Great Pretender. But he was like the ever adored spouse you can’t leave despite the individual being a waste of their daddy’s sperm and mommy’s egg. On the other hand you have Jacobs and Quinn who hustled their a$$es on the political highways and byways bringing home the bacon to the Quad Cities. But both were the streetwalker humping the streets for their pimps because they wanted the voters to know they were willing to whore themselves out in order to be loved. The thing is whores don’t get respect. They get used, abused and sent packing when they are all used up or present a risk to their pimps and Johns. For whatever reason Quinn and Jacobs were no longer considered worthy of the risk/rewards of the streetwalker hobbyists.

  9. LOL.

    Y’all crack me up.

    Don’t worry, I’m a die-hard Rand Paul Republican and I’ll be working my ass off to get him elected in two years. With that, my thriving law firm, three little kids and their gorgeous mother to take care of (not to mention the wedding planning that’s finally begun), who knows if I’ll have time for much else?

    We’re in this together, amateur flea troll. 😉

  10. I guess I’m an amateur. I just choose not to use my real trolls here on QCE. Maybe when you announce your run I’ll troll in the “pro league”.

    Can’t bury them. 😉

  11. C’mon flea. That was a combo of your and amateur hour’s names. I wasn’t calling you amateur. I leave that to y’all.

    I love the GOT reference too. Definitely can’t bury them. Gotta burn those bad boys or you end up with a whole nightmarish combination of Disney’s Frozen and The Walking Dead.

    I’m curious, do ya think Khaleesi is gonna come to the rescue with her dragons and make that frozen army imagine how cool they’ll be in summer?

    I haven’t read the books, so no spoilers please.

  12. Anderson ran the most derogatory ads I have seen in politics. Horrible whisper campaign about Jacobs deserve a lawsuit if you could prove it. I still think the one television ad is deserving of a lawsuit against Anderson.

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