If You Have Two X Chromosomes And Are A Moron, Vote For Mike Jacobs

I haven’t seen this ad, but according to a Letter to the Editor of QCOnline, Mike “Fists O’ Fury” has an anti-Anderson campaign ad out stating that Anderson “wants to pass a law in Illinois to make abortion illegal with criminal penalties for woman who has an illegal abortion…Soon, Illinois will be voting on a law to make [abortion] illegal here…”

Really? In Illinois? With the Chicago leftwing wackos in control of all levers of power? What “law” is that Mike? Proof?

It is obvious that Jacobs is running on the ’12 Democrat War On Women
Playbook, which is pathetic since the nation, including Illinois has moved on.

Why doesn’t Jacobs tout his record of buying stuff with taxpayer $$$$?

Why is he trying to scare women? Hmmmmm. Has anyone asked his ex-wife why she dumped him?

Jacobs could have run on his record of Free Stuff With Your Money but instead decided to get down and dirty with Culture War wedge issues.

Pathetic—or telling.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

23 thoughts on “If You Have Two X Chromosomes And Are A Moron, Vote For Mike Jacobs”

  1. Too little.
    Too late.
    and ridiculous.
    why not follow Texas politics if you hate Illinois so much. Us 5 commenters won’t miss you.

  2. Why? There is no drama in TX politics—in IL—lots! šŸ˜€

    I don’t “hate” Illinois, I just think the time has passed for meaningful reform.

    The status quo works for some—especially those getting a taxpayer funded paycheck, but for others—it’s time to get the hell out of Dodge before you get stuck with the bill!

  3. State Senator Mike Jacobs did run on his ability to bring our money back home rather than have Chicago take it all.

    WIU riverfront campus, Rail to Chicago, I74 bridge and so much construction work the unions had to put ads in the paper to get more members.

    Yes If Anderson were elected we would not get anything because the big boys in Chicageo would take it all.

    Good point.

    As for a women’s right to choose.

    Well I am proud to vote for a man that is on the choice side of the argument. The fact that Personal PAC endorsed Jacobs along with the UAW and the chamber of commerce and the NRA.

    Well I would say that Andersons extreme positions are why these organizations support Jacobs.

    As for Jacobs ex wife she is a supporter of Jacobs and has a son with him.

    What the hell is wrong with you.

    Many people are divorced and I hope it never happens to Jr. or it seems that you would disown him.


  4. How do I know that the ex-mrs. jacobs supports him? i’ve never seen anything from her—the GOP Wendt girl.

    But still, it’s nice they have a son set up to inherit The Jacobs Family Illinois Senate Seat.

    Don’t you agree?

  5. Here you go again with the crush thing on Senator Jacobs.

    Your post is way to personal to not be a crush of some sort.

    I know Jacobs is not remarried so you have a real chance. Maybe you should contact Jacobs and try and get something going.

    Being mean to the boy you crush for is so second grade.

  6. Unfortunately Mr, Examiner won’t let me hook up with the hunky Mike “Fists O’ Fury” Jacobs—otherwise we could be a thing,

    although a long distance thing. šŸ˜€

    In another universe.

  7. Soooo…

    All but 7 precincts were reported hours ago.

    Now the magical numbers came in and gave Smiddy, Kinney, and Thompson wins.

    Even though they were up by hundreds to thousands before this.

    I wonder if these reported votes were the “totally secure” early votes that we all saw not properly tabulated…

  8. Reyes there is a new development and it looks like the only one you got was a State Senate

    Kim lost and so did eagle.

    Sorry I guess you spoke to soon.

  9. That was an election blindside. Can’t imagine many saw all those Dem defeats, especially locally. Bye, Bye Quinn. Bye, Bye Jacobs. Even Smiddy bit the dust. Who knows what might have happened if the Republicans had actually fielded someone other than the Sacrificial Zinga-Lamb in Schilling for Congress.

  10. Well lets take a look at Fumbles scorecard.

    Anderson (It appears anybody would have won this race)
    Rauner (He didn’t do too well in RICO)

    Verschoore’s Non Opponent
    2 Lawsuits

    It appeared on the news the RICO repubs definitely counted their chickens before they hatched. They also looked like whiners the last two lawsuits as well.

    But hey….Broom DID win those County Board seats just like he promised. I guess Westphal and Mr. Buick will lead us to the promised land.

    I’m sure Broom will wake up and have his eggs over easy at City Limits this morning and all will be A-OK

    Did you guys see Reyes in the background last night? He better hit the gym before he runs in 2016. (Steffen has lost all the weight Examiner complained about too it appears)

  11. Mr. Flea-bag has it right. Where the race was lost for Republican Party Boss Bill Bloom was in the absentees.

    Repubs went to sleep thinking they had won and then upon the counting of the absentees it was shown the exact time and place that Bloom fumbled.

    Early vote was so strongly Democratic that Bloom and Reyes wee shown to have spit the bit.

  12. Sorry but we were incredibly close in races that should’ve been slam dunks for the Dems. We won the races that were winnable. Those two lawsuits were definitely wins in the long run as well. Not a single lawyer has looked at those cases and thought the outcomes were anything but predetermined.

    Haters gon’ hate, and Flea is most definitely a hater.

    You’re right about one thing though, I should definitely hit the gym. God knows I’m not gonna stop drinkin beer and eatin pizza anytime soon, lol. šŸ˜‰

  13. Glad to see Mr.Anderson beat Mr.Jacobs. Too bad you didn’t win the primary Mr.Reyes. I think you would’ve beat Ms.Bustos and got NRCC funding. You were the better candidate.

    Also glad to see that Mr.Schilling lost. He plays dirty and lies. I guess the voters and the NRCC noticed.

  14. Agree 100% Paula—for me the Anderson victory was a shocker! I still don’t understand how or why he won—what changed from ’12 and Albracht? Anyway, I didn’t give Anderson much thought, much credit or much of a chance to win—another failed QCE prediction!

    I also would have preferred Reyes since I think his brand of constitutional libertarianism (or whatever it is!) is the wave of the future GOP.

  15. Baby steps. But the gains could be short lived if the elected don’t prove their worth to the masses. This is still a very blue state top to bottom. Although unless the southern extremities of the state have changed considerably the Democrats south of Springfield were more like Southern Democrats of the far South.

    (God knows Iā€™m not gonna stop drinkin beer and eatin pizza anytime soon..) Drink lots of vinegar though the neighborhood dogs may begin to think you are carrying around a jar of pickled pigs feet. šŸ˜‰

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