The Sadder But Wiser Girl

Heidi Schultz, former district director for Cheri Bustos:

“I will definitely stay away from the world of politics. It’s just really not a nice business..”


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

7 thoughts on “The Sadder But Wiser Girl”

  1. Seems they took your tagline advice and recorded and agitated. 🙂

    I’m sure this Bustos gal thought the nasty business of politics was just fine when they were calling tea partiers racist haters, for no good reason.

    Nationwide it seems many on the left are being exposed for fooling the minorities they really despise. In Colorado the four leftist billionaires were conspiring to “educate the idiots”, by which they meant mostly minorities.

    As President Johnson said when he finally surrendered to the civil rights movement, “I’ll have those (fill in any minority here)’ers voting Democrat for 200 years.” The divisive ads coming out to incite race riots is disgusting, but that’s the stock in trade for Team Obama.

  2. This is what happens when politicians appoint their friends to major political posts. There is nothing in Schultz’ background that could have prepared her for the hardball of national politics—she was in the National Guard for a time (and good for her!) then worked in some sort of employment agency. Her husband (whom I know) ran for judge as a Democrat, so I’m sure there was some insider stuff there, but she had no way of knowing what havoc a casual off-the-cuff remark could produce.

    But then Schilling did the same dumb thing naming his school chum as district director. Back in July, ’11 Adrian Madunic had some emails leaked where he called the Carlinville public works director an “idiot” among other things.

    Schilling was lucky she wasn’t black! 😀

  3. If Schilling’s plant hadn’t been dressed up as a man of the cloth perhaps Heidie wouldn’t have been talking about people not attending church. As a Catholic, I am sure that Schultz trusted the priest to keep their conversation private. I think it odd a supposed man of the cloth would so betray a lay persons trust. I for one, think Schiling’s dinner partner creep should be kicked out of the priesthood, or not be allowed to counsel anyone ever again.

    Bobby Schilling is as guilty as the guy who posed as a priest and should release the full tape before nailing Schultz to the cross. I wonder what this taper said before Schultz said what she said?

  4. I sorta agree James—this kerfuffle has covered all parties—Bustos, Schultz, Schilling, Schweppe and Quick with doo-doo.

    I don’t care if Quick was wearing a “collar” or not. What I do care about is that this is Schilling’s third rodeo, yet he stupidly believed that Cheri’s media pals—Ickes and Minor, wouldn’t move heaven and earth in order to uncover the identity of the “recorder”, who stupidly thought Facebook was some sort of private thing, and then dig until they could get the dirt on him in order to discredit both him and Schilling.


    On the other hand, Bustos elevated her pal Schultz beyond her Peter Principle. Schultz said she just wanted to “help” people—politics is the absolutely WRONG venue for that.

    EVERYBODY looks bad here.

    No winners, only losers, but my opinion is that it won’t make much difference this late in the game.

    We shall see on Tuesday.

  5. Democrats look down on minorities and view us as tools for gaining/maintaining power and generally as gullible enough to believe we need special treatment to get ahead in the world.

    I can’t stop laughing at the fact that supporters of Durbin’s babysitter keep harping on the circumstances surrounding the recording instead of the content of the recording itself.

    I guess if my candidate had been revealed as a racist (she hired this _____ as her second in command, you draw the conclusion… Also, add in the blatantly racist direct Callahan-Bustos quotes about how rape-murder is generally a young black male pastime) I’d be a bit desperate too.

    Although… I’d never support a blatant racist.

    Yeah. I went there.

  6. Cheri has this sewn up.

    Durbin has set the stage by rigging machines to vote Democrat when Republican is picked.

    How much more can he do.

    Oh yah he can bring in the fFirst Lady of the United States of America to get the vote out for Cheri.

    The district is so Democratic that Cheri would have to be caught with a dead animal for Bobs for selling visas foreign nationals to stand a chance.

  7. I have stated often that I have many friends and family that are among the hardcore Democrat Voting bloc and almost as many among the Republican blocs. And many of them talk the talk of tolerance. But out of sight when they think they are safe from prying eyes and ears the words like Nigger, Spic, Towel Head etc… roll off of the tongues of hardcore Democrat leaning fellowship, as everyday used personal pronouns. It also happens among some of the Republicans I know – just nowhere near as often.

    I can’t say I am a Schilling fan, but Social Conservatives are stuck with him in this election. But his “flawless campaign” was similar to Bustos in that they rivaled each other in limiting their foot and mouth disease to a minimum by avoiding the exposure. I can olny assume that was the “flawless” part of his campaign – keep your mouth shut as often as possible. Didn’t work as far as I can see. And I don’t think that is a good strategy in the 17th district for Republicans or Independents. It only works if you already have a majority of voters seeking to put you in office. His best work actually came way too late and probably didn’t have the reach to do him any good. . Last week they sent out a well designed eye-catching flyer in the newspapers (I assume them all,could be wrong, mine came in the Dispatch). It looked similar to the Metro East insert the Dispatch distributes, except it was a well organized Schilling Advertisement. Of course a lot of the stuff in the ad could not have been included any earlier – like the endorsements. But there is no reason they could not have been putting similar stuff out all along. It had to have been cheaper than all those expensive television and radio advertisements. And if you don’t want to pay the ridiculous cost of newspaper advertising – the the post office can distribute them as mail for a financial song and a dance.

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