Sunlight Is The Best Disinfectant

Rock Island County Republican Chair Bill Bloom filed a lawsuit against the County Clerk.

“According to the lawsuit, Bloom is asking for the County Clerk to test the machines in front of the public before the election. If any machines are not in working order they will be removed from the precinct and re-calibrated.”

Lawfare, baby! Give it right back to the Dems—good and hard!


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

28 thoughts on “Sunlight Is The Best Disinfectant”

  1. Republican Party Boss Bloom hasn’t seen the ball since the kick-off! What a clown this guy has proven himself to be.

  2. Bill’s doing a great job. We should’ve been challenging this crap for decades.

    This is laying the groundwork for actual changes in policy in the future.

    It’s very difficult to get an emergency injunction which is what has been sought thus far. It’s much easier to get a permanent injunction controlling future conduct.

    Election law is clear and it’s clear that the democrats are violating it. We’re putting the kaibosh on that and the desperation of the leftists on here for “doing things the way we’ve always done them” is palpable.

    It’s called the long game, and for once, the RICO Dems are losing it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Agree 100% ER—I’ve been bitching about this for years, which is why I’m so thrilled Bloom has taken up the sword and is doing battle with the Corruptocrats, which previous RICo GOP chairs declined to do.

  4. I want to share love, but how is sliding a finger over one button and hitting another proof of anything other than poor eyesight? How can you claim “voting machines are not in working order or that they need to be removed from the precinct and re-calibratedโ€ without offering a shred of proof?

  5. This will cost the taxpayers of RI County dollars that should have been going to Hope Creek nursing homes.

    Just like Rauner Seniors have to take a back seat to the Republicans frivolous lawsuits.

    It has been decided in another Democraticly held meeting last night that Bloom will be admonishe at the taxpayers expense in court tomorrow morning for wasting the courts time and resources.

    If this is the kind of nonsense that Reyes thinks is good then I just don’t think that he will get the nod from Republicans for Congress next go around.

    Republicans will need to look for a more middle of the road candidate that is not so Extreme.

  6. Don’t worry Mary, I’m not worried about any nods. I’m just a proud TEA Partier telling it like it is.

    If you think it’s extreme to take steps to make elected officials follow the law, then I guess I’m extreme. Or, you could just be a typical leftist who believes laws are made only for those who don’t agree with you.

  7. It’s music to me ears to hear tomorrow’s lawsuit will be summarily dismissed.

    If ER really wants to be the “Republican poster boy for congress,” he better step his game. Durbin’s babysitter will have occupied the office for four years and be sitting atop millions in campaign cash. Cheri-pie will also have gone through grooming in prepare her to replace Senator Durbin, but be aware the transfer will not happen until 2020 at the end of Dick’s term. So from my learned perspective, Mr. Reyes is stuck “chasing ambulances” until 2020, and even then I am unsure if Eric is electable.

  8. When all is dismissed tomarrow as a waste of the courts time and rescouses and the court where Reyes makes his living says there is no wrong doing then I would hope Reyes and QCE will have to agree that the elected officials are following the law.

    Bloom and co are Extreme and out of touch!

  9. Don’t be so clueless Mary, this isn’t about winning or losing, this is lawfare, which a form of asymmetrical warfare. Dems have been using it for years. The latest examples are the John Doe lawsuits against Scott Walker and against my governor Perry.

    So what if the case is dismissed tomorrow? The seeds of doubt have been planted in the public’s mind about the corruption of the voting system and assuming the judge is a Democrat, which is highly likely, he/she will cast doubt on the Dem judicial establishment.

    Jeez Mary, you need to get out more. No RICO GOPer has challenged the corrupt Democrat establishment the way Bloom has and it is driving the RICO Dems batpoop crazy!

  10. I wonder if Republican taxpayers will find your tactics as amusing as you do QCe?

    So what if the case is dismissed tomorrow? Then taxpayers will not have to pay for anymore frivolous Republican lawsuits!

    Don’t be clueless QCe, the only establishment politician in the area convicted of political corruption is GOPer Mike Berstelsen.

    Wasn’t your governor Perry recently indicted for political corruption?

  11. Now you havi it QC I don’t live in Texas because I don’t agree with using the courts for political gain.

    I agree with not painting illegals penny’s to nanny my children and clean my house and cook my meals and cut my dessert grass. I agree that the right to work is a bad thing and that all men were created equal wether they black white or brown.

    I don’t care if you are gay or straight or Democrat or Republican.

    This playing with the courts and the people’s money is just plain wrong and Democrats and Republicans alike see it as plain as the Schilling Democrat paper Schilling put out last election.

  12. What a bunch of cry babies you Dems are—you were prefectly fine with the witch hunt the Dems and their union allies waged in the courts against Scott Walker and against Rick Perry for doing what governors have been doing forever, but let the tables be turned and it is the end of the world!

    McGehee gets paid the same whether the GOP files a lawsuit or not; judges are not paid on a per-case basis so they get paid the same.

    What’s costing the county $$$$ are the multiple whistler-blower suits now pending and those have absolutely nothing to do with the GOP and EVERYTHING to do with the Rock Island County Democrat Culture Of Corruption.

    RICO Dems aren’t used to playing hardball because they have had no real opposition for decades—but that is changing.

  13. Getting lawsuits constantly is hardball I would like to see softballs.

    This Osaka layup with the decisions being made ahead of time.

    Now that is hardball.

    We Dems have rigged the machines and there is nothing Repubs can do about it but look like babies.

  14. Well it don’t look to good for Republican Party Boss Bill Bloom as he was sentenced to two days in jail for contempt of court just minutes ago in RI County court.

  15. Fun Fact: Frivolous lawsuits are dismissed at the pleading stage. That means the respondent files a motion to dismiss and the court grants it because there is no possibility of the petitioner succeeding on the merits.

    In the case from last week, the County didn’t even bother filing a motion to dismiss because he knew it wasn’t a frivolous suit. Then after the petitioner rested his case, the County moved for a directed verdict. That asks the court to decide right then that even if everything the petitioner said was true, they still couldn’t win. That motion was denied and the court decided whether to grant the emergency injunction on the merits. It was SUCH a difficult decision for the court that a recess of three days was taken to come to a decision.

    You can call that decision right or wrong, but you CAN’T call the petition frivolous, unless you have absolutely no respect for the english language (which I’ve actually found to be quite common among liberals, so I wouldn’t be surprised by the continued use of the word by our resident liberal guinea pigs).

    As for the current lawsuit, your crystal ball is apparently somewhat cloudy, because you said the case would be dismissed this morning… That prediction was…


    This time the county DID file a motion to dismiss and our lawbreaking clerk was apparently so convinced that the machine would do her bidding that she didn’t show up to court to see her victory. She didn’t miss anything because that motion was DENIED.

    Once again, there will be a full hearing on the merits later today (in about an hour, actually) and it will be decided at that time whether the relief requested will be granted. Once again, this is SO last second and the county has done SUCH a good job of stalling that at this point it’s almost impossible to actually comply with the relief sought by the RICO GOP, but I can guarantee you there will be a lot more people asking for paper ballots tomorrow because the integrity of the vote has DEFINITELY been called into question by this.

    In the future we are much more likely to see changes in ballot counting. That is virtually guaranteed if this exposure of Democratic Machine Clerk Karen Kinney’s flouting of the law makes her vulnerable enough for an upset. We would all be better of with a clerk that actually cared what the law said about ballots and counting votes, and we don’t have that right now. This shouldn’t even be a partisan issue. Every fair-minded democrat and Republican should vote for Kim Lazenby to send the message that willful lawbreaking will not be tolerated by the electorate.

  16. Well, Republican Party Boss Bill Bloom lost their Frivilous wasteful case.

    It looks like Bloom has done it again.

    Hurting any credibility Republucans had with their constant looking under the bed.

    Now that Bloom is tucked in bed and he has been told their is no boogey man in the closet or under the bed.

    Bloom messed up on the early vote where Reuibs got killed and Bloom wanted his mistakes thrown out.

    Now Bloom is going to have to try and sleep and let the votes come in without any more grandstanding.

    Republicans beware, here comes the Democrats.

  17. The crystal ball is clear — sliding your finger over one name and then hitting another is not proof of voter fraud. Boss Bloom just lost in court again. I can’t believe Boss Bloom keeps pushing one frivolous taxpayer funded lawsuits after another. If Republicans are playing “lawfare” the GAME IS OVER! You lose, the People and Democrats win!!!!

  18. Gee Mary, pick a lane—earlier you said the Dems rigged the voting machines, now you’re crowing “their (sic} is no boogey man?

    Another Dem judge?

    Oh wait—the McNeals have been Democrat operatives for generations!
    No bias there, no sir, not even a smidgen! ๐Ÿ˜€

  19. Are you trying to say that rigging voting machines and being paranoid are the same thing?

    Well I disagree.

    Durbin and the Dems rigged the machines for the Dems but trying to say that these votes shouldn’t count and that these tactics is wrong in a court of law is just plain wasteful and disruptive.

  20. I liked Bloom’s attitude in saying he “didn’t have a serious issue” with McNeal’s ruling. Bloom knows that you can’t win if you don’t play the game—which previous RICO GOP chairs declined to do for whatever reason.

    Bloom’s looking at the long game—this is just a temporary setback.

    Maybe do some judge shopping next time so as to avoid those who have been entrenched Democrats since the 1800s. ๐Ÿ˜€

  21. LOL!

    These liblabs still think these are taxpayer funded lawsuits.

    Well… I guess they sorta are.

    The cost was zero. Thank you taxpayers. [patting myself on the back for the funding]

  22. QCE and Reyes can try and rationalize another loss for Bloom but the reality is they lost and looked bad in doing it.

  23. I just got done voting in Rock Island and I am heading to Moline and then East Moline to vote.

    If anyone knows any other locations I should go to let me know.

  24. Interesting info from The Hill about how states are ditching electronic voting machines because they have failed to maintain them because of budget shortfalls and the electronic equipment wears out quickly—an “impending crisis”, which is causing more states to go to low-tech paper ballots.

  25. Compared to the computer ballots I find the paper ballots easier to manipulate, so The Hill’s report is music to the ears of Democrats!

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