RICo Taxpayers Forced To Pay Blackmail For Kinney

From a QCOnline regarding an editorial board meeting with RICo Clerk Karen Kinney:

“[Karen Kinney’s] comments were particularly startling after she outlined for us how she had saved the county money by granting pay raises and promotions to a number of her employees to forestall grievances and lawsuits because workers were being made to do jobs outside of their classifications. She may well be right, but the expense will remain for many years.”

Bonus quote from a Kinney article by Eric Timmons:

“[Kinney] purged the voter rolls and says now she has a system in place to regularly take people off the rolls when they die or move away.”

That is a lie. Earlier this year I called her office to see if I was still on the voter rolls after being in Texas for three years, and they informed that I was. When I asked what needed to be done in order to remove my name from the rolls, I was told I would have to write a letter requesting it. They would not accept phone calls, emails or any other form than a written letter.

I only knew about this because of my interest in RICo politics—but what about the normal people who move away and just assume their names have been deleted?

The RICo Clerk DOES NOT have “a system in place to regularly take people off the rolls when they die or move away”—it’s the RICO Democrat Culture Of Culture, baby!

They can lie because they know they can get away with it since the local press will not check their claims.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

9 thoughts on “RICo Taxpayers Forced To Pay Blackmail For Kinney”

  1. Did you ask if you have voted the last three years?

    Maybe they use your vote after hours, when they know how many extra votes they need to make up the margin. Not only do the dead vote, but those phantoms and illegals that got signed up by ACORN, as well as some no shows. heh

  2. Yes, I did ask if they had a record of me voting after August ’11 and the lady I talked to hemmed and hawed and wouldn’t say.

    Strange stuff indeed going on in RICo!

    But not surprisingly strange. ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Boss Kinney has done an excellent job counting votes and ensuring Democrats win. I can’t wait for Boss KInney to kick old Bill Bloom and his young lady friend Kim down the road. Karen has prepared the votes and stands ready to tally them. Democrats rule and RICO Republicans drool!

  4. Boss Kinney has done her job just as instructed.

    The machinery has started and Republican Party Boss Bill Bloom has continued to embarrass the Republicans and waste taxpayer money on lawsuits that he can never win.

    Bloom missed the early voting wave and the Democrats have so many early votes that they can never make them up so Bloom in his usual fumbling manner is wasting we the people’s money to try and have these votes thrown out.

    But this will never happen and it is set up for the judge to admonish Bloom Monday morning for wasting the people’s money and the courts time.

    Big win for Democrats.

    Maybe Bob Schilling could get a man of the cloth to tape record Bustos in the confessional and hurt the Republicans even more.

    What a joke.

  5. The lady at the clerk’s office said she had my voting information in front of her on her computer but declined to share that secret information with me. ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Yes, nothing says Happy Valentines Day honey like a pillow smashed into her face.


    Hmmmm, hey didn’t James Earl Ray used to live in Quincy? What’s in the water down—er, I mean up there? ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. yeah looks like he did for a year, but after he’d already done time. But “Michael Swango was valedictorian of his 1972 Quincy Catholic Boys High School class. During high school he played clarinet and was a member of the Quincy Notre Dame band. It is estimated that Swango has been involved in as many as 60 fatal poisonings of patients and colleagues, though he only admitted to causing four deaths.”

    I don’t know this Lovelace guy from Adam, but he strikes me as one of the gang of jackals that screwed me on everything, while covering each others crimes. That was going on the same year. I commented on a blog a few years ago how one lawyer said “well at least no one got killed”. I was like, wtf kind of standard is that? Makes me think now others knew. They don’t call this “Little Chicago” for nothing, it would seem.

    On the other hand, we had that tea party rally here … and a Quincy guy after Breitbart died, that my tea party blogs thought was very prominent for the tea party, died a little later. I guess he was more a behind the scenes guy … can’t find his name.

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