I’ve Been Away Too Long

According to former Madigan staffer Rich Miller, the race for Illinois Senate 36th District has become the most expensive legislative election in state history.

How? Why?

What happened during the last three years that has made the Jacobs Legacy Senate Seat competitive?

This makes no sense to me—information, please.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

6 thoughts on “I’ve Been Away Too Long”

  1. Jacobs won just two years ago by 11%. The republicans had jacobs down ten five days before the election.

    This go around is about Rauner paying for senate and rep seats to help Rauners chances and Rauner has gazillions of dollars.

    Senate Minority leader Radogno has to win one seat or she will be lose her position and the 36th district is the most balanced district up for election this cycle.

    It is all for not as Jacobs has pulled ahead in recent polls as Schilling loses his voters in droves.

    Nobody likes a loser and Radogno Rauner Schilling and Anderson will be left looking in from the outside.

  2. Republicans fear Jacobs will run against ailing US Senator Mark Kirk, and believe it better to defeat Senator Mike now rather than later.

  3. Get real. Jacobs couldn’t even mount an effective campaign to run for governor against the corrupt Blago.

    Jacobs knows he ain’t going anywhere his daddy doesn’t have influence. Which is why he is hoping to win one more time so his son will be able to inherit the Jacobs Family Senate Seat.

  4. I agree Mary—I’ll be surprised if Jacobs loses with all his built-in advantages—especially the “gazillion” $$$$ Big Labor pours into Democrat campaign coffers.

  5. Rauner through Radigno had but over six hundred thousand in Anderson’s coffer in the month of October. That is 6 followed by 5 zeros..

  6. The wild card factor will probably be the Rauner/Quinn turnout numbers; How many QC voters interested in ousting Quinn will show up to vote. Unlike Quinn, whom will have the dormant and walking dead votes from Chicago to protect him from Rauner, if the regions voters come out in enough numbers seeking to oust Quinn it could cost Jacobs his job.

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