October Surprise

When I first heard about the latest kerfuffle in the 17th CD race, I was mostly unimpressed and it just reinforced my opinion that this contest was An Election About Nothing.

I figured some Bustos college intern had made these unfortunate and racist remarks to the unknown caller, and Bustos would just make excuses and stonewall like she did with the 10% thing.

But no—on all counts!

1. It appears it was her district director who made these comments, not some lowly ignorant intern

2. Rather than stonewall and spin, the district director resigned immediately—whether voluntarily or forced, who knows?

3. As it turns out, the indefatigable Eric Reyes uncovered instances of Bustos making racist statements as far back as her reporter days.

Small wonder she wanted this little incident over and done ASAP!


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

16 thoughts on “October Surprise”

  1. Congressperson Bustos did the right thing in having the racist resign. There is no place for that kind of behavior.

    This will not even make the news as it is all over now.

    This will not even make a dent in Congresswoman Bustos 15% lead that she has on the one time small pizza owner turned six figure visa to foreign nationals salesman.

    I wish I could have a six figure visas to foreign nationals sales position.


  2. I agree with you that this little incident will have little effect. At one of the links she announced she would meet with the “community” and smooth things over. You are also correct that she did the right thing by putting this down pronto before it festered like the 10% cut promise.

    Don’t know anything about the 15% poll, but I don’t see this moving the needle much.

    But I’ve been wrong before! 😀

  3. Doug House is getting hundreds of early voters and absentee ballots completed a day, while Fumbles is posting on Facebook about which shirt should he wear. Rauner or Lazenby?

    Answer: Rauner today!

  4. The Dems have been the entrenched power in the county for 47 years, have the structure, $$$$ and muscle of Big Labor yet you expect Bloom to match that in 7 months?

    You really are a dimwit.

    Or a Dimocrat. 😀

  5. Seminary student. Paid by Schilling campaign in 2009. Gave tape to Schilling MONTHS ago. Interesting. See the QC TIMES. Argus-Dispatch/qconline has nothing on it.

  6. Yeah, I saw that. With a little help from Cheri’s QCTimes pal Barb Ickes, she and the fired DD are keeping this story alive!

    I thought Bustos handled this kerfuffle exactly right. I figured there would maybe a one day story in the local (17th CD) press (I also saw something from the Rockford political writer) and that would be the end of it—which is what Bustos intended, I’m sure.

    But no.

    Schultz and Ickes are gonna ride this dead horse all the way to victory November 4th!!!!

    With friends like Ickes and Schultz, Bustos doesn’t need enemies. 😀

  7. This is a story Congressperson Bustos wants alive.
    It makes Schilling look like the slime ball he is.

    Paying someone to represent themselves as a person of God and wearing a wire for his employer is greasy

    Another nail in the coffin of the once pizza boy to high priced visas to foreign nationals salesman.

    They say this man will lose his ability to be a priest.

  8. I thought clergy were supposed to keep silent about conversation they have with others? Do all men of cloth bug people? This is rather odd behavior for a man that represents God.

  9. Just asking, but does anyone honestly believe this kerfuffle will move the needle much one way or the other?

    I don’t.

    As you may have noticed, posting has been light—I expect to be back by Monday at the latest.

  10. Reyes I find it hilarious that Visa boy will lose by a landslide and next we will have an option to see if you can do any better as the next in line.

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