Havesting Votes

Neil Anderson is accusing Mike “Fists O’ Fury” Jacobs of using state resources to campaign in nursing homes, which is probably true since this is where most RICo Dems do campaigning. You’ll recall that Phil Hare was making a campaign appearance at a local nursing home when he dropped the bombshell that he had read the Obamacare bill three times. So this seems to be SOP for local Dems.

Whether it is illegal or unethical, I have no opinion, but I suspect the real reason Democrats like to visit nursing homes during campaign season is so they can harvest signatures on absentee ballots from the dementia patients then immediately turn them in to Kinney so she can shove them into her Super-De-Duper Hyper Secure Vote Tabulator Storage thingee.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

9 thoughts on “Havesting Votes”

  1. Look under the bed the boogeyman might be there.

    State Senator Mike Fists of Fury Jacobs can go to nursing homes if he likes.

    I have never heard of such a paranoid rambling in all of my days.

    The dimentia patients signatures are as good as anyones.

    They deserve to be heard.

  2. Are you anti dimentia patient?

    What kind of person thinks dimentia patiens don’t have rights.

    You sound like Bustos racist ex-staffer.

  3. Some people do believe the mentally incapacitated should not be allowed to vote, but not Democrats.

    Several years ago I remember getting a mailer from the Jerry Lack campaign featuring Lane Evans shouting hosannahs to his former toady. The upshot was Evans vowed he would be voting for Lack. Unfortunatley at the time it was known that Evans was suffering from dementia associated with his Parkinson’s, but nobody breathed a word that Evans might not be mentally able to cast a vote.

    I’m sure either Phil Hare or Jerry Lack accompanied Evans into the voting booth to “help” him with his ballot.

  4. Awsome story.

    Any other old timers stories you could share?

    Enjoy your government pension down there in Texas.

  5. Anderson has not presented a single idea other than to slash Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security. What a twit.

  6. 😆 And the Walking Dead wonder why so many wannabes, like Bloom, worry about voter fraud and so many entrenched toadies, like Kinney, just want to run those early voting cards through unobstructed and without prying eyes. 😆 Entrenched toadies of the Two-Party system tend to play games whenever and wherever they can. The most fair option any voter or candidate could have is if the system wer forced to not allow the D (Democrat) or R (Republican) symbols on ballots. Every candidate should be forced to run off their own merit and not party affiliations.

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