The Myth Of Voter Fraud RICo Style

Rock Island County Republican Voters claim voting machine ‘changed their vote”.


Via Illinois Review, since the initial reports, more than 20 voters have come forward with complaints about a vote for a GOPer being automatically switched to the Dem.

Rather than face establishment media, Karen Kinney took to facebook to denounce these claims as “lies & more lies” and questioning the motives of those making the claims by saying they are “making false allegations to suppress the vote.”


From the AP via QCOnline regarding the lawsuit filed by RICo GOP to stop opening early voting ballots, Democrat RICO SA McGehee had this to say about the controversy:

“Everyone is just on pins and needles and on edge on everything and everything as it relates to this election…We think it’s very unusual.”

Well, yes it is since previously the RICO GOP never questioned their Democrat betters and overlords who have been running county government for 47 years and they finally have a leader who will fight the corruption rather than turn a blind eye.

It’s also possible that all this agitation has to do with the last minute change in election law enacted along straight party Democrat lines which is applicable just for this election to help Democrats. What else could you call a rule where you can show up on election day, register and vote with no ID required? I call it an invitation to voter fraud but Democrats spin it as promoting more voter “rights” and “access”.

Also a bonus quote from Democrat RICo Clerk Karen Kinney whining that if she can’t break the law about opening and pre-processing ballots early, which is how its always been done, then “If we don’t do it that way, we’ll be here until Thursday or Friday.”

Since elections are the primary and arguably the most important function of the Clerk’s office, it is unseemly for Kinney crying and whining that she and her patronage crew might have to work a few days longer than they want and god forbid they should have to earn their salaries, perks and juicy pensions.

This is the attitude of a party that has been in power for too long; they are not in office to serve the public or obey the laws, the public is there to serve the government by providing the $$$$ for their entitlements.



Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

22 thoughts on “The Myth Of Voter Fraud RICo Style”

  1. The Court has agreed with Kinney and Republican Party Boss Bill Bloom was wrong again.

    Blooms trying to cover the fact that he forgot to get a coordinated Republican early voter program going was another undoing.

    Bloom and his Republican henchman should pay for this waste of We The People’s tax dollars.

    Republican Party Boss Bill Bloom should pay for his waste fly spending.

  2. Meant to mention this while discussing RICo early voting, but I did the early voting thing last Tuesday, which was packed. Mostly voted GOP but was tempted to vote for Emily “SpicyBrown” Sanchez for US Senate, but instead decided to stick with the boring Cornyn.

    Also, something I’ve noticed here in my part of TX is that the Democrat brand is so damaged that in campaign ads and on yard signs, Democrats identify as “Moderate” rather than Democrat.

    Yeah, no matter that Democrat activist groups have poured massive amounts of $$$$ and organization into Turning Texas Blue, it ain’t gonna happen anytime soon. 😀

  3. I pray RICO Democrats quickly adopt “Loser Pays for Frivolous Lawsuits,” which simply means “if a court determines that a lawsuit is groundless or a jury determines a suit is frivolous, then the plaintiff should be required to pay the defendant’s attorney’s fees.” Republican Party Boss Bill Bloom is guilty of misusing the court system in a desperate attempt to alter the outcome of a fair election. Republicans should be forced to unearth their tin box and fully reimburse RICO taxpayers for bringing such a frivolous case.

    Now Bloom and the Republicans want to give one of their buddies a $150,000 a year contract to run the county. Where do these Republicans think the money is coming from? Taxpayers already know Mr. Bloom!

  4. Be careful what you wish for since Democrats are more guilty of this than the GOP—haven’t you been following the Democrat/union led “John Doe” hack-a-thon in Wisconsin?

    It’s called “lawfare” and the Dems have been the champs at it for years. I’m just happy that the RICo GOP is finally fighting back and giving the Dems a taste of their own nasty medicine.

  5. Judge Lori Lefstein said at a hearing at the county courthouse Monday that it was clear that no votes from absentee ballots were being counted, as Mr. Bloom had argued.

    “There’s no evidence the machines have ever been tampered with or the integrity of the vote compromised,” Judge Lefstein said.

    On Oct. 21, Ms. Madigan clarified her opinion to say the votes could be put in the machines and election judges in Rock Island County resumed doing so.

    In any case, Judge Lefstein said a 1997 statute allowed absentee ballots to be stored in tabulating machines.

    Mr. Blooms’ attorney Ray Choudhry said during a hearing Friday that any absentee ballots that had been placed in the tabulating machines so far should be removed and destroyed and new ballots sent out.

    Judge Lefstein said destroying the ballots would be “inappropriate” and would run contrary to public policy in Illinois that forbids the disenfranchising any voters.

  6. [facepalm]

    Not only is Mary on the wrong thread, but she’s quoting already discussed numbers. If she’ll look back at my comments in the appropriate thread, she’ll see that I said Rauner was winning in 3 of 4 current polls. I also said that the single liberal outlier poll was the NYT poll.

    Keep up.

  7. The attorney general was correct in her October 15 official opinion on the matter. It’s simple logic. When the absentee ballot is placed in the optical scanner it is read and the information is stored. When the “tabulate” button is pressed a total vote count is immediately produced. No counting takes place at that time. No ballots are used at that time. The total is simply displayed. How can that be??? Unless… They were already counted.

    I know leftists don’t like to take the time to read things that make sense, but this is a mere six pages.

  8. Some of my favorite quotes from the official AG opinion:

    “The act of running absentee voters’ ballots and early voters’ ballots through tabulator equipment which computes and totals the number of absentee ballot and early ballot votes received by each candidate clearly constitutes ‘counting’ as that term is normally understood.”

    “However, the initial computation of absentee and early votes is still ‘counting’.”

    “Accordingly, pursuant to the plain language of … The Election Code, it is my opinion that a local election authority may not run absentee voters’ ballots or early voters’ ballots through a tabulator before 7:00pm on election day.”

    Then there’s a whole section about how it’s good public policy to follow the explicit instructions of the law as well.

    From what I gathered of the testimony at the hearing, the “letter” of October 21st (NOT an official opinion and therefore not available online) distinguished between absentee and early voter ballots and stated that the latter could be entered in the tabulator. That exception to the plain statutory language was not made for absentee ballots.

    In other words…


  9. It appears “fumbles” just can’t get into the endzone. First Bustos for Sheriff, now voter fraud, and soon to be the election results.

    What is next? Broom for President of Ronald Reagan Supper Club?

  10. But then how will Democrats know how many extra ballots they need to stuff?

    With our current technology, we COULD have clean elections. Democrats love all the mail in stuff, because there are no polling officials or watchers. But that guy stuffing a box of ballots was obviously not deterred, and I hear some precincts have just kicked out the watchers.

    Pretty disgusting really, that so many Democrats cheat with such zeal … like Lois Lerner and ten thousand “institutionalized” moles that care most about their cushy early retirement.

  11. OK Fleabagger, we get your antipathy toward Bloom, but in my view, at least he gave a shot across the bow to the Dems that there is a new Sheriff at RICo GOP that will not be turning a blind eye to all the shenanigans they are perpetrating on the public.

    ER gave a good account of the proceedings and documents and even though the ruling went against the GOP, he is correct about #shenanigans.

  12. MR the Dems are so wedded to the myth that voter fraud doesn’t exist, no amount of evidence will sway them—facts don’t matter!

    That the RICo Clerk is so whiney and defensive about all this, insisting “there’s nothing wrong in this office”, just shows how unaccustomed the local Dems are to being questioned or criticized.

    Didn’t hear about the watchers getting kicked out of some places, but I can’t say I’m surprised.

  13. A Pennsylvania judge also issued an order Tuesday to reinstate Republican election officials across Philadelphia who allegedly were ejected or refused entry by on-site Democratic voting chief judges.

    One Republican official claimed that “just under 70” Republican election officials were blocked from Philadelphia polling sites Tuesday morning by Democrats on site. One of them, the official claimed, “was shoved out of the polling place.”
    How long does it take to stuff a ballot box with few thousand extra ballots?

    It’s linked to just over half way down in this link, just under the picture of a polling place with an Obama mural.

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