Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

Pat Quinn will be in the QCs tomorrow to announce WIU plans so secret they cannot be revealed before The Great Man arrives.

This is via QCOnline, so go there for more info, but wouldn’t it be better for all of these Santa Claus $$$$ to be done at least 6 months before an election?

Smart people see this for what it is—pandering and vote buying, but to Democrat low IQ voters, it’s the pony under the Christmas tree.

Sad and pathetic, but that’s Illinois politics.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

18 thoughts on “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town”

  1. It’s more like Senator Mike Jacobs, Rep. Pat Verschoore delivered $62 million to build the new Western Illinois University Campus on the Mississippi River, and Quinn coming back to sprinkle whip cream and chocolate on top.

  2. Anyone against Western Illinois University Riverfront campus is an idiot and that includes the Neil Anderson.

    Sen. Mike Jacobs and Rep Pat Verschoore deserve huge credit for this including Gov. Pat Quinn

  3. Santa Claus only brought the children a lousy $5M on a $35M project—but since RICo is hardcore Dem, Quinn knew they would be a cheap date.

  4. Don’t sweat it QCe, Senator Mike Jacobs and Representative Pat Verschoore got the $30 million covered. 😉

    And exactly when did a $5 million return on our tax dollars become “lousy”?
    I realize Texas is a Federal Welfare state and is highly subsidized by the the rest of us, but $5 million is $5 million.

  5. Two county Quinn is leading the race and has the momentum with Rauner being beat up at every turn.

    Rauner has over four hundred companies.

    How could he ever sign any legislation as he would have a conflict on everything.

  6. In 3 of the 4 most recent polls Rauner is leading. In two of those, (Chicago Tribune & Rasmussen) the lead shifted from Blago Jr. In the last sampling period to Rauner in this one (what were you saying about momentum?). The third is a new poll (SIU) and has Rauner in the lead. Only CBS/NYT has Blago: Part Deux leading right now, but then again, he’s a liberal and its a liberal poll with numbers far outside the range of three other contemporaneous polls.

    Point being, Rauner has the momentum, and the money to keep beating down the second coming of Blago at every turn.


  7. Not even close Eric.

    Rauner was up 23 points a month ago.

    Are you delusional or just not paying attention.

    If things keep at this pace Quinn will win by 10%.

  8. All that proves is that that like Obama, Quinn’s attack ads are working. Neither could run on their records, so sliming and demonizing their GOP opponent was a path to victory—and we’re seeing how an Obama “victory” in ’12 is working out for the USA.

  9. That lead evaporated long ago. Liberals rejoiced when baby Blago took the lead in all the polls. Did you forget doing that?

    No matter. He lost that lead anyway.

  10. From 9/3-10/8 Blago’s Shadow led in 4 of 5 polls. In the four polls since then his lead has evaporated as I already explained above.


  11. My facts are true also Reyes.

    Facts do matter.

    And I do think things have worked out well with a second Obama term.

    As a matter of fact so well that Bob Schilling has come out in favor of Obamacare and raising the minimum wage.

  12. Oh yeah, I love how my prediction that Schilling would be Bustos-lite is now reality. Bobby Bustos Lives!!11111!!!

    If you think “things have worked out well with a second Obama term” you must be one of those 1% because those are the only people ‘doing well” under the Obama regime.

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