Lane Evans: God Or Merely Demi-God?

Devin Hansen has been working on a novel about Lane Evans since at least ’08 and is now soliciting $$$$ in order to complete the project. Those with too much money on their hands should go here to toss your moolah into the abyss.

For $35 you can get a copy of this project, but don’t expect an honest assessment of Evans’ life, times and accomplishments because by Hansen’s own words:

“[At age 9 I] quickly became a life-long admirer of his politics, his intelligence, his humility, and his guts. He truly was one of the last honest men in congress, and now in retirement he continues to be a symbol of perseverance and strength.”

Whatever, just don’t expect truth-telling and a hard-hitting expose of how Evans won an election by violating election law or other nasty stuff. You’ve been warned!

Go to the link for a video of Evans highlights, including a shot of him with Phil Hare. I don’t know about you, but for me, Evans’ legacy is personified in Hare—a dirty back room deal that forced a totally inappropriate congressman upon the 17th CD.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

3 thoughts on “Lane Evans: God Or Merely Demi-God?”

  1. I liked Lane when I was in college. I appreciated his foresight on NAFTA. He agreed with Perot and Perot was right. Nobody could hear their maytag washers and dryers over the giant sucking sound of maytag jobs moving to Mexico.

    He even told us that he’d been told he’d pay a political price for opposing Clinton on it. Of course, with a gerrymandered democrat district, how could that matter… I mean, unless he came down with a debilitating disease, appointed an uneducated sycophant to replace him and said sycophant went on record saying he didn’t worry about the Constitution when it came to Obamacare and followed that by saying that the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution were the “same difference”.

    Oh wait… That happened? Better gerrymander the district to 60+% democrat and install the Dick Durbin’s former babysitter as a placeholder till she can be appointed to his seat in the Senate.

    Sorry. Got off track. Bottom line. Lane was actually a really nice guy that I think really wanted to help people, but like all honest liberals, he was misguided (if they’re not misguided, they’re not honest. There are no other options). I remember the applause that erupted at Augustana back in my day when the moderator said something to the effect that “I’ll take Lane Evans in a wheelchair over Ronald Reagan on a horse ANY DAY!” I was one of the misguided applauding…

    It kills me knowing how instrumental the student vote was for Lane and how much I helped with that. If only I’d seen the light sooner.

    But, then again, if I had, the mouthpiece wouldn’t have had such a clear target to hate & defame, and what fun would that have been?

  2. I never fault people for being liberals during their college days since I was one myself back in the day, and after all, Ronald Reagan and Rick Perry both started out as Dems.

    But to continue as a liberal into adulthood is not only beyond the beyond, but also beyond reason.

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