Cheri Jumps The Shark

Just when you thought you had seen the bottom of the fetid, disgusting, rotten campaign ad dreck and dross, Cheri Bustos and the Illinois Democrat Party take dreck to a whole ‘nother level with a mailer shrieking RAPE IS RAPE *EXCEPT TO BOBBY SCHILLING!!!11111!!!

Aside from acknowledging the disgusting level the Illinois Democrat Party and Cheri Bustos have fallen, a few comments:

1. What is the point of this? Bustos is supposed to be 9 points ahead with a $1.5+ fundraising advantage over Schilling. Why the overkill since this sort of over-the-top stuff is usually pulled by the underdog?
Wendy Davis is a classic case of this “throw sh*t at the wall and hope it sticks, since I know I can’t win I might as well damage the victor the best I can” desperation tactic. Pathetic. Is this a woman thing?

2. Do Bustos and the IL Dem Party have such a low opinion of women they actually believe they will be swayed by this? A candidate for high office is pro-rape? Oops! Forgot about Bill Clinton!

Maybe accusations of rape make sense to Democrat women after all!


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

13 thoughts on “Cheri Jumps The Shark”

  1. you ever notice how the progressive left that is always screaming about a conservative war on women are the very same people who circle the wagons when a progressive leftist like Billy Bob Clinton gets caught in sexual based misconduct.

  2. Actually, to say so is true.

    * From March of 2011…

    Last month, House Republicans proposed the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act that would redefine rape so that women on Medicaid could only have abortion services covered if the rape was “forcible.” It would also deny abortion coverage to victims of incest who are 18 years of ago or older. Not surprisingly, people were outraged at the proposal and for weeks talk of the redefinition provision dominated discussions of the new Republicans’ anti-abortion agenda in the political blogs and the social media universe.

    That was one bizarre DC fight over some creepy far-right conspiracy theories about women faking rape reports in order to get Medicaid coverage. The kooky language was eventually withdrawn, but it did, indeed, attempt to “redefine rape.”

    – Posted by Rich Miller

  3. I wonder if Schilling will hold onto his job selling Visas, or if the rich guy he works for will dump him figuring Bobby has no clout?

  4. Silver lining: at least if Durbin’s babysitter gets to keep her seat warm till she’s appointed to his Senate seat we’ll still have someone from this race creating jobs in our district, cause God knows Callahan-Bustos’s Magic triangle and photo ops aren’t creating any!

  5. Putting aside the fact that I had more than double the signatures necessary to run as a democrat in 2011 but the thought of doing so made me throw up in my mouth a little (it’s more than a little now;), and that I had hundreds more signatures than necessary to be on the republican ballot in 2013 but chose to put forth a united front for the greater good of the district (since a hot potato would be better for our district than Durbin’s former babysitter) rather than waste months of time and thousands of my dollars battling in court…

    The reality is, I don’t think Cheri will be running for reelection to the house in 2016. If she manages to beat her far superior challenger due to gerrymandering, then she only has to wait a few months, maybe a year before her godfather “suddenly” decides to retire and has her appointed to his seat.

    That’s why she ends her commercials with “Because Illinois is worth fighting for.” Shes begun her statewide reelection campaign already.

    Surely you liberals were aware of this.

    Furthermore, I rather enjoy being able to say things like the thought of running for office as a democrat make me throw up in my mouth a little. Such vivid imagery/honesty is generally frowned upon for people seeking office. Then there’s the online smackdowns. Ohhhh how I love seeing a liberal twist and turn and try everything they can to avoid the logic that is putting their ignorance and/or deception on display. If any of y’all haven’t seen it, you should come check out Cheri’s Facebook page. A few other patriots and I lay the smack down there on a daily basis. (Not all of us, obviously. Afterall, we all have to work to pay for all those democrat paychecks.)

    I’ve become so fond of it I even decided to start a political commentary page at just so I can stop clogging up my real life friends’ newsfeeds with political stuff. Heck, I might even start a blog. Although, QCE has set the bar pretty damn high. With running my office and raising a family and whatnot, I wouldn’t want to neglect it and end up with a shoddy product like Daily Kos. 😉

  6. I don’t know how you do it ER, but you have the amazing ability to render some people flat-out batpoop crazy—and it’s bipartisan!

    After I published your comments from last night I had 4 comments; two were immediately sent to Spam Hell and the other two were published with some editing.

    The smarter ones know to not even go there—the dumb ones continue to bash their heads against the wall expecting a different outcome. 😀

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