The Myth Of Voter Fraud

Democrat operative caught on tape stuffing ballot box with hundreds of ballots.


Thousands of illegals are on North Carolina voter rolls.


According to Illinois Review, Jim Moynihan, a GOP candidate for state representative was shocked when he tried to cast a vote for himself in Schaumburg and the voting machine cast it for his opponent instead. “You could imagine my surprise as the same happened with a number of races when I tried to vote for a Republican and the machine registered a vote for a Democrat.”

In order to be “shocked” by this, Jim must be new to Cook County voting practices.

UPDATE: GOP candidate for AG, Paul Schimpf has called upon Lisa Madigan to investigate early voting problems.


According to The Tatler, the main reasons Democrats oppose voter ID is because they use it as a base-mobilization tool, they believe minorities are too stupid to remember to bring an ID when voting and they use their opposition to voter ID as a fundraising tool.

Seems legit.


In St. Clair County [Illinois] jail employees held voter registration drives at the county jail, provided absentee applications to jail inmates, then physically took them to the county clerk’s office.


Ballot fraud ensnares groups tied to a Democrat Super PAC.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

25 thoughts on “The Myth Of Voter Fraud”

  1. They need to arrest the box stuffer, and get his phone and see which poll worker needs to serve 5-10 years in prison with him.

    One story I hear is “they” wait till the end of the day, then send in people to vote for any on the rolls that haven’t voted. Of course if the ACORN guys (same turkeys, now working under different group names) have a list of imaginary voters, they can just have a guy like box stuffer arse show up and stuff the ballot box.

    But really, that guy on video has to go to jail, surely. It’s bad enough the minorities largely block vote Democrat, but now they get 95-110% turnout since box-o-ballots guy just votes for them.

  2. Of course if the machine only lets you vote Democrat, they don’t need box stuffers.

    “While early voting at the Schaumburg Public Library today, I tried to cast a vote for myself and instead it cast the vote for my opponent,” said Moynihan. “You could imagine my surprise as the same thing happened with a number of races when I tried to vote for a Republican and the machine registered a vote for a Democrat.”

  3. Why this is exactly the point when Democrat or Republican opperatives try and cheat they get cought and go to jail.

    Old people try not to be so paranoid.

    Really it is OK and voter fraud is very low.

    Enjoy your retirement and your beautiful lives and try and not be so crabby.

    I have never seen so many angry paranoids in my life.

  4. They made me show my ID to vote last year. I didn’t mind but it is illegal. If anyone asks me again rhey are breaking the law and the authorities will be called.

  5. The Democrat controlled government in Colorado rammed through all-mail voting without a single GOP vote. Now there are “campaign workers” roaming the streets, knocking on doors and offering to take people’s ballots to the mailbox so that the voters don’t have to do it themselves.

    What could possibly go wrong?

  6. If they can figure out if that voter is Dem or Repub, they can throw out the Republican votes. Or they can figure out how much to pay for the vote, and verify that the ballot is “properly” marked before they take it to the mailbox. I bet a case of beer would buy a vote for the majority.

    That’s more difficult to do if people have to show up and vote in a booth, and show an ID. But there is indeed a lot of the fraud in absentee voting, as I hear it. People should be willing to put a little effort into going to vote, or they probably shouldn’t be voting anyway.

  7. Sending in a bunch of ballots one finds in the trash?

    “That’s awesome, it’s putting those votes to good use … giggle giggle”

    Voter fraud is perfectly acceptable to these liberal arses. Forging 100’s of votes is just so awesome.

  8. Great minds think alike!

    I was just getting ready to update my comment about Colorado mail-only voting with a mention of the O’Keefe video, but by embedding the actual video, you did the work for me that I’m too tech-challenged to do!


    PS: My link was to Twitchy

  9. I just pasted the you tube link, it embedded on its own. 🙂

    All these dweebs in their 20’s think they are so effin smart, that we need them to change our country through fraud.

    Malkin was on with Megyn Kelly and had copies of some of the planning those billionaires were doing, part of which was to win the “idiot voters”, by which they meant mostly minorities. And indeed the Ferguson thing is about convincing blacks that cops will start shooting black kids in the streets if they don’t go out and vote. Starting race riots is perfectly fine with these junior commies.

  10. Well Reyes maybe with your law skills you and Republican Party Boss Bil Bloom can ferret out all of the voter fraud this election cycle in RICO.

  11. Bill Bloom is already on the case! According to WQAD Bloom has filed for an injunction against Kinney after a poll watcher saw her minions opening absentee ballots before the election, which is illegal.

    Hearing to be at 9:00 today.

  12. Yes we the people are paying for Republican Pork and grandstanding.

    Why are the Repubs wasting our tax dollars on these boogey man public displays.

    Bill looking under the bed one last time on our dime is wasteful spending.

    Bloom couldn’t come up with a Sheriff candidate because he is such a good guy.

    Bloom wasted our money on another losing crusade to oust him.

    Talk about doing your job Sheesh!

  13. I happened to see Bill at the courthouse while I was there defending The Constitution (as I do on a daily basis), he said the hearing was continued to tomorrow.

    Why am I not surprised that a liberal thinks it’s political grandstanding and a waste of money to stop an elected official from violating her oath of office and breaking the law.

    When the hell did the Democratic Party decide that it was morally acceptable to cheat at elections?

    Nevermind. I know. It was probably sometime around when they founded the KKK, right?

  14. I can’t shout enough hosannahs to Bill Bloom. Can anyone imagine Carpentier or any of her successors taking on the RICO corruptocrats they way Bloom has?

    i’m convinced Stockholm Syndrome has been in play here with the RICo GOP—until now.

    Have no idea how this will play out considering McGehee and other corruptocrats are in charge, but if the RICo GOP doesn’t fight/play, they can’t win.


  15. I was living in Texas when this happened … first I heard of it was today.

    “In 1986, for example, memories were still fresh of the notorious 1982 Illinois governor’s race (decided by 0.14 points after the Republican candidate had led by 15 points in the polls), in which a federal investigation that resulted in 63 convictions found that at least 100,000 fraudulent votes had been cast in Chicago alone, some 10 percent of the city’s entire vote.

  16. The beauty is that Republucan Party Boss got caught with his pants down once again.

    First with sherrif Boyd having such a great character and being such a great guy that the Repubs didn’t run anyone against him.

    Now with the Democrats getting so many absentee ballots that Bloom didn’t think to do that he has to waste We The Peoples money on court costs because he got did again.

    Bill bloom is an embarrassment.

  17. You’re wrong about Bloom; he’s not an “embarrassment”, he’s a RICo Goper who fights—something the RICO Dems are total unaccustomed to dealing with.

  18. Via Illinois Review, a GOP judicial candidate was surprised to find the signature on file at the Cook County Board of Elections didn’t look like his at all.

    No explanation was given by election officials as to how this happened, but after signing an affidavit, the candidate was allowed to vote.

    Gotta wonder how many other fake signatures are out there in voting files.

  19. Washington Post has a provocative article titled Could Non-Citizens Decide The November Election? based on a study done showing around 14% of non-citizens have voted and that in ’08 Obma won more than 80% of the non-citizen votes.

    Since these non-citizens vote overwhelmingly for Democrats, this certainly could explain why Obama suddenly opened the borders in January for the Gold Rush O’ Children, especially since some states like Illinois have a No ID-Same Day-Register-Vote policy.

    If Democrats can’t cheat, they can’t win.

  20. Speaking of Obama, in a rare burst of honesty, he told his new BFF Al Sharpton that voter ID laws weren’t the “poll tax” his corrupt AG claimed they were, that instead “…keep in mind that most of these law are not preventing the overwhelming majority of folks who don’t vote from voting.”

  21. ha … that’s why they like to keep Obama on the teleprompter leash.

    Voter ID laws don’t make non-voters not vote, but they might stop others from voting for them. As I hear it, some precincts used to hold off till late so they could supply the necessary extra votes by filling in ballots for the no shows.

    Franken allegedly won when some car pulled up and had a couple extra boxes of ballots in the trunk. The story was supposedly debunked, but as we know with Obama, every bold faced lie, when exposed, is covered with another bold lie. You can keep your doctor and plan PERIOD … well, as long as your plan has no changes, which all plans do.

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