If True, Our President Is Insane

According to The Daily Mail and other sources, “Up To 34 Million Blank ‘Green Cards’ And Work Permits To Be Ordered Ahead Of Obama Illegal Immigrant ‘Amnesty’.”

With high unemployment generally and black unemployment sky-high, stalled wages and increased automation, what will these millions of illegals be doing to provide for themselves and their families?

Oh, wait—entitlements!

But looking on the bright side, at least we will able to get one of these Amnesty Workers to cook and clean and get yard work done for a pittance,

Back to the 1850s—slave wages are the new prosperity!

Hey, this could really be a Win-Win—at least for some.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

2 thoughts on “If True, Our President Is Insane”

  1. Obama is a socialist at heart. He will not be satisfied until the middle class is eliminated and there are simply the ruling government class and peons scratching for a living.

  2. It just seems so self-destructive and will probably hurt his base and his party the most. This amnesty business is so unpopular and cuts across class/party lines if he goes through with it, it is like he is taunting the GOP to impeach him.

    He’s just awful—the worst POTUS in my lifetime—and that covers a lot of administrations! 😀

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