Cheri Bustos Voting Early And Often

From the Cheri Bustos campaign twitters:

“Looking forward to kicking off early voting today in Illinois w/@UAW President Dennis Williams in Rockford, Rock Island & East Peoria”


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

6 thoughts on “Cheri Bustos Voting Early And Often”

  1. Bustos and the Democratic machine are getting thousands of early voting ballots and getting them filled out democraticly.

    Thousands of votes they would never have had the opertunity to get in past elections.

  2. Bustos won because Bobby Schilling ran a poor campaign. Bob stuttered around like he was KING OF THE WORLD and not the humble Moline pizza boy he use to be. At least Bobby was able to stick Anderson and make him pay all that rent money to share campaign headquarters. Hopefully, Bobby will pocket enough dough to keep his pizza joint open. I wonder if that “rich gun peddler” will continue to pay Bobby to sell VISAs to Foreign Nationals after he loses again?

  3. It appears “the local supporters” Schilling was counting on to finance him didn’t open their wallets wide enough, and nationally it appears the RNC has ceded the 17th CD to the Dems.

    Money isn’t everything in politics, as Schilling demonstrated in ’10, but money follows message and Schilling just never presented himself as anything other than Bobby Bustos, which would drive NO ONE to vote for Schilling.

    If you’re a status quo candidate, it’s tough to get people to vote against the status quo. 😀

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