The Flawless Falls Short

In December 2013, Bobby Schilling said this to The Galesburg Register-Mail:

“Schilling said his fundraising goal for the campaign is at $2 million dollars. Most of that, he said, comes from local supporters…’The bulk of our contributions will come from the district, which they have in the past…It’s the people you represent who you hope you’ll get the bulk of your campaign funds from’.”

Schilling also said: “We’re going to have to run really a flawless campaign.”

From Friday’s QCOnline:

“Rep. Bustos has now raised $2.7 million in the 2014 election cycle, far ahead of the roughly $1 million raised by her Republican challenger.”.

It also seems that outside money has been reduced considerably from what is was in ’12; $1.5 this cycle vs. $9.2 million in 2012. Most of the $1.5 million has been spent by anti-Schilling groups.

I was out of state by then, but it must have been scary to turn on your tv or radio in 2012!


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

8 thoughts on “The Flawless Falls Short”

  1. The Republicans have given up on Schilling as he is a lost cause.

    If it weren’t for Rauner Anderson and The Woz would be out of money as well.

    Rauner is desperate and hemorrhaging money to any Repub that can get a vote.

    Who thought Rouner and his Billions would be behind at this stage of the game.

  2. You might be right about Schilling—at least in polls and $$$$ he is behind, but on the other hand, in ’12 he was supposed to be a slam-dunk winner but he lost anyway, so we’ll see. Redistricting probably did him in, and there ain’t nothin’ the GOP can do about that except win more elections in Illinois.

    Rauner is not “behind”, polls show he and Quinn are neck in neck, which is surprising since Quinn has many built in advantages:

    1. Democrat in a Blue State

    2. Big Labor $$$$ and muscle

    3. Bogus amendments on the ballots to drive Dem turnout

    4. New voting rules so that Big Labor can ship members in from Wisconsin to register and vote on the same day and—no ID required! They could also ship in a bunch of illegals or just use the ones Obama has already shipped to Illinois.

    5. Quinn’s allies in the press ready, willing and able to deliver that all-important “October Surprise” against Rauner.

    It amazes me that this race is till competitive, but if Quinn doesn’t win in a landslide, it will be nobody’s fault but his own since all the breaks are going his way.

  3. A brand new poll shows that Rauner is not only behind, but losing ground in DuPage and in Downstate Illinois. It looks like money cannot defeat WE THE PEOPLE!

    Rauner can give Anderson and WOZ another million dollars, but he can;t BUY THE VICTORY!

    It’s time to get on the winners train and RIDE CLEAN WITH DEMOCRATS!

  4. Show your work James. Show us the poll and who commissioned it—AFSCME?

    But if true, Pat Quinn: The Best Governor Big Labor Can Buy!

  5. According to the latest I have read Quinn has a 1% lead among all and Rauner has a 1% lead among those most likely to vote. It could be interesting on election day. Quinn is such a putz but as proven before by Blagojevitch – you can be a scum bag and still get elected in Illinois.

  6. That’s what I’ve been thinking too. If IL goes for status quo again like it did in ’10, I’m not sure it can overcome another 4 years of one party rule with Madigan in the driver’s seat.

    I’m just glad I don’t have to pay for this Springfield idiocy anymore!

  7. The trouble with Rauner is that he would not be able to sign anything because his businesses are so far reaching that everything would be a conflict.

    I imagine that I’d the reason he is running so that he can make his pile of money bigger by making everyday common folks pile smaller.

    With Billionaires it is always the answer.

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