Independent Smiddy

From the QCOnline editorial endorsing Mike Smiddy:

“Two years ago, we endorsed Mr. Smiddy’s opponent in large part because we worried that the former Lane Evans aide was too liberal for the district and too closely tied to unions. But in the past two years, he has demonstrated a welcome pragmatism by putting the needs of the district first.”


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

3 thoughts on “Independent Smiddy”

  1. Independant rep Smiddy is a great man that deserves your endorsement.

    I am glad that you have finally come on board

    The Woz is toast.

  2. Independent state Representative Smiddy not only deserves your endorsement, but earned it. What other Democrat could have thrown the “yoke of Lane Evans off” and become independent so quickly?

    WOZ hasn’t offered a clue as to what should be done to fix Illinois. At least Anderson offered to, “Cut Medicaid and Medicare!”

    Now that Independent Rep. Smiddy has won the most important endorsement of the campaign, he can get back to helping his wife recover from Cancer. Why WOZ thought voters would get upset over the fact that Smiddy used his “own funds” to “save his wife” is hard to understand. If WOZ and Anderson hadn’t allowed these “outside consultants” to take over their campaigns perhaps they would have done better.

    I guess when a political challenger pockets hundreds of thousands of dollars they are obligated to dance to the influence peddler’s jig. Imagine if WOZ highlighted his education, personality and good nature rather than attacking Mike Smiddy’s ailing wife?


  3. Unfortunately, I mostly agree with you James.

    Although Smiddy isn’t a slam-dunk winner as of today, I hope the RICO GOP will learn something from this debacle.

    But agreement is not the same as endorsement. 😀

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