The Woz Strikes Back!

Via Illinois Review in a story titled Illinois Lawmaker Looks To Curb Pocketing Of Campaign Cash, Illinois state Rep. Tom Demmer from Dixon is teaming up with The Woz to write legislation that would close the loophole that allowed “Independent” Mike Smiddy to turn campaign cash into income to the tune of $41,000 in a four month period after the last election.

As The Woz sez:

“No matter the circumstances campaign funds exist to support campaign finances, not personal expenses.”


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

12 thoughts on “The Woz Strikes Back!”

  1. Independent Rep Smiddy has and is actively going through Cancer with his wife and for The Woz and the Repubs attacking him for trying to do the right thing for his wife is just fascinating.

    The Wiz will stop at nothing to win.

    The Woz didn’t even show up to debate last night.

  2. QCOnline’s account of this includes this reax from Smiddy:

    “(Mr.) Wozniak is once again attacking me for taking 100 percent legal, 100 percent ethical steps to make sure my wife had the treatment she needed to overcome her illness.”

    What to say?

    1. Just because something is legal doesn’t make it ethical. How many people who donated $$$ to Smiddy’s campaign did so with the expectation he would spend it on non-campaign stuff? How many think it is okey-dokey?

    2. The figures keep changing; was it $41K or $75K he “loaned” himself?

    3. What would Smiddy have done if he had not had all this campaign moolah just sitting around? Rob a bank? He had alternatives, but the temptation was just too great, so he did the quick and easy—and in my view, unethical thing.

    4. Using his wife’s illness to justify this is frankly sickening. Enough, already!

  3. 1. Republicans are unable wrap their mind around the notion that once they give something to someone it no longer belongs to them. Republicans carrying on about THEIR TAX MONEY, but as Democrats know. once you pay tax the money it is no longer belongs to you and and instead belongs to the government. The same holds true for campaign funds. First and foremost, campaign funds are not public money, but private funds. Once a private citizen willingly gives a candidate money the giver has no control over how it is expended. As long as the candidate doesn’t use the money for prohibited purposes it can be used for any purpose a candidate sees fit.

    2. Rep. Smiddy paid himself during the three months Gov. Quinn illegally withheld his paycheck. During the time he and his wife were fighting Cancer and trying to keep pace with mounting insurance bills.

    3. If Rep. Smiddy didn’t have access to this money, I would have given him the cash, but unfortunately I didn’t know about his circumstances until recently. While you claim Mike Smiddy performing work on his own campaign is unethical, it is clearly not illegal. If WOZ wants to do the right thing he should quit attacking Independent Rep. Smiddy for doing the right thing. Independent Rep. Smiddy should be commended, not criticized, for “saving the family farm from being confiscated by greedy insurance exes” demanding immediate payment.

    4. If using the truth to counter false accusations is sickening then what do you call WOZ’s running false ads about Independent Rep. Mike Smiddy? Hopefully, Illinois Speaker Mike Madigan can save Smiddy from defeat!

  4. At least we agree that Quinn is a moron, but what the hell is this about “saving the family farm”? You mean the Topperts? Why didn’t they kick in some $$$ to help pay for their daughter’s treatments?

    All this just isn’t believable.

  5. I believe the point the WOZ is trying to make is that it does not matter what you use the money for once you have it. It’s that Smiddy used the money to pay himself for services that exceeded “fair market value”…

    You can’t pay yourself $12,000 for yard signs. Volunteers put up yard signs for free. Interns put up yard signs for $9 an hour. Candidates put signs up as part of their JOB!!! No one in the history of campaigning has paid themselves those prices for services much less anything at all.

    Plus, what about the person struggling to pay for school or the couple who needs to by food to feed their family, or the senior who cannot afford to pay for their prescriptions? Those people don’t have the luxury of taking money from a campaign fund that is supposed to be used for campaign expenses.

    Shame on Smiddy for taking advantage of the system even though it’s deemed legal. A lot of things in Illinois are legal that shouldn’t be, but that does not make it right.

    I guess I should run for office so I can pay myself ridiculous amounts of money to pay my credit cards off. Smiddy is nothing more than a swindling thieve who is hiding behind cancer because he knows what he did was extremely wrong.

    Did a little research…Here is the link to the expenditure statue for campaigns:

    “I’m Cam Brady and I approve this message.”

  6. It is clear that Independent Rep Smiddy is correct here and that The Woz is clearly grasping at straws.

    Rep Smiddy can do anything with his money.

    He was given the money voluntarily and and it is not governments money or the people’s miney.

    Get over it, Rep Smiddy needed to take care of his wife and the Cancer that has taken its toll on many Americans.

  7. How embarrassing for Neil Anderson and The Woz.

    The Dispatch/Argus editorial talked about the ineptitude of Andeeson and the fact that The Woz was so arrogant as to skip all three of the debates and Anderson skipping two of the three and getting whipped in the third.

    Neil Anderson and The Woz are to extreme to even talk about their plan.

  8. The strong endorsement for Independent Rep. Smiddy should be enough to push Mike over the top. The DA endorsement shut down the WOZ’s misleading bribery attack against Mike Smiddy. What a buffoon WOZ turned out to be. Rather than allowing some outside consultant to run him, WOZ should have maned-up and run his own race. Letting some fool tell a trained trial attorney like WOZ that he wasn’t smart enough to debate IRS (Independent Rep. Smiddy) is ridiculous. I don’t think Smiddy went to college let alone graduated. At least Anderson spent a year at college before he dropped out and got a certificate to work at a local fire department.

    WOZ should be embarrassed not being able to out wit his lightly educated opponent. Sheeeesh.

    Who is controlling WOZ and Anderson? What are the millionaires and billionaires funding their negative attack campaigns so afraid of?

  9. I sort of agree with you about the harm done by outside consultants running the Woz campaign, and QCOnline also made a point of it.

    I noticed something was amiss a while back and urged to the Woz to be Woz. It may be he will still win, but it has been disappointing to me that someone I considered savvy and intellectually gifted—at least compared to Smiddy, has not advanced any even quasi-specific ideas on how to solve the massive problems the Democrats have created in Illinois.

  10. A candidate fills out a form saying what he will do with any residual campaign funds — this money was taken after the last election, right? so it was residual, although, obviously, he could keep it for the next election. What did he put on that form? Generally, candidates say they will give residual funds to their party or charity. I don’t think I have ever read about one saying they would pocket it. I WAS going to vote for Smiddy — but this is a deal breaker (a very small amount of my money was in his pot). This was NOT a loan, which I could have dealt with. I have a family member who fought breast cancer for 15 yrs before it took her, — insurance through UFCW — which I do not think is as good as teacher’s insurance or AFSCME. No way did she have 40,000 grand of deductibles — I consider the insurance gambit to be something dreamed up in Springfield, and explains the never ending weeping wife commercials. She’s a Toppert? Really? That whole “independent” thing IS tongue in cheek, right? I can’t vote for Wozniak either — candidates who want your vote do NOT blow off debates. I never miss an election, but I will sit out this race — DISGUSTING!!!

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