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From Augustana College Professor Brittany Lewis after the NAACP forum last night featuring Mike “Fists O’ Fury” Jacobs, Neil Anderson and Mike Smiddy:

“I feel like I walked away wanting a third option, I’m feeling like they only gave us rehearsed answers to questions that we’ve heard many times before…”

Well, do tell.

It would help if term limits were the law of the land in Illinois because then there would be more turnover and real competition, especially on the Democrat side. As it is, the same old faces keep getting elected and doing the same stuff over and over giving elections the stench of staleness.

These forums also need to be revamped. I noticed Jacobs was doing his trite strawman routine again, which it seems is all he knows. Instead, each individual candidate should be questioned separately by a panel of experts in various fields, i.e. someone from the Farm Bureau, from Deere, Chamber of Commerce, Big Labor, etc. This would cut down on the Jacobs-style grandstanding and be more likely to get something more than stale talking points from the candidates.

The current electoral system isn’t working except for incumbents, their cronies and special interests. Someone needs to step up and demand the people be represented and their questions answered in an honest fashion.


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None of your damned business.

10 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day”

  1. Given the Illinois Farm Bureau, Deere & Company, the Illinois Chamber of Commerce and Big Labor have all endorsed Senator Mike Jacobs’ re-election campaign, do you really think they are the right experts to ask Anderson questions? Really?

  2. Jeez James, I was just throwing out examples of diversity on a forum panel. I could have included NRA, Right To Life, LULAC, etc.

    This goes back to my point about term limits—wouldn’t it be fun to see some Democrat competition for The Jacobs Family Senate Seat? I really think Mike is losing it with his constant strawmen and deceptions, but as things stand now, he will remain in office in order to save the Jacobs Family Senate Seat until Elliott is eligible to inherit it.


  3. Anderson stated Jacobs also had the NRA endorsement with an A+ rating.

    Anderson had a A and lost that endorsement as well

    Anderson wins pro life.

    The highlight of the night was when Anderson had to tell the crowd that he sends his kids to school in Iowa.

    He wants to be an Illinois Senator and doesn’t trust his kids to either Illinois public or private schools.

    He buys his gas in Iowa as well.

  4. Yes, I know about Jacobs NRA rating, but still some NRA guy could ask him why he continues to vote for Cullerton (and Jones before him) as Majority Leader when Cullerton is just another anti-gun Chicago wacko? The NRA could also ask Jacobs what he intends to do about the gun manufacturers in his district who continue to flee to Iowa to avoid the Chicago Gun Control Crowd. As far as i know at least two have left the district. Etc.

    You people are showing about as much originality as Jacobs And His Strawmen, which would be an excellent name for a band. 😀

    Jacobs never has to answer tough questions; all he ever does is say Look At What I Bought You With Your Own Money!!!!

  5. If you had the power to ask Illinois Senator Mike Jacobs a single question what would it be?

    Why should the QC be the largest metropolitan area in America without a public university? I am thrilled Mike Jacobs edged out Chicago and secured “our tax dollars” to build Western Illinois University on the Mississippi riverfront and to bring high-speed passenger rail to Moline. By the way, does Texas have new passenger rail service or have they built a brand new $92 million university in the past year?

  6. Jacobs has answered the call every time for the NRA QCE.

    Jacobs has answered their questions with his vote every time.

    Unlike Anderson whom changes his view whenever he needs to.

    A few other endorsements for Jacobs are Catapillar company John Deere Company firefighters local 851 “Anderson’s own Union” the Manufacturers Association the UAW the list goes on.

    Andersons kid going to a Iowa school is going to be a huge issue for him.

    Letter to editor today on this issue.

    Anderson has lost all the business organizations and labor.

  7. You could have knocked me over with an absentee ballot today when I got an Anderson robocall around 1:30 denouncing Jacobs as a scumbag. I have no idea how he got my home # in TX, but it is freakin’ me out.

    He must really be hard up for votes if he has to recruit illegal voters in TX.
    Hmmmmm. Is it too late to call Kinney for an absentee ballot? 😀

  8. Worst political phone call I ever received. Ever. Heard Jacobs said lets quit running all the negative ads and donate the money back to the community. Anderson, the guy who is always telling us how Christian he is, flat out said NO.

  9. I disagree—the most obnoxious thing about that robocall was the grating voice delivering the “message”. Is she a real person or spawned by some sort of computer-generated voice machine?

    Don’t know if what you say is true about Jacobs wanting to stop negative ads, but I probably don’t blame Anderson for rejecting it. Jacobs is so well known he needs no advertising while Anderson is still a relative unknown, even though he ran for 72nd last election. It’s along the lines of “there’s no such thing as bad publicity” for celebrities.

    The worst ad I’ve seen so far (and by choice, I haven’t seen many) is the latest from Schilling using Eric Turner as spokesperson. The ad is way too long—I lost interest after about the first minute of the three minute ad, and while I’m sure Turner is an upstanding individual, he is a terrible speaker who lurched and jerked through the entire ad—at the least the part I saw. 😀

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