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In the process of cleaning out my closet, I found some scraps of paper I had saved for some purpose, but now don’t know why or even the source. So my apologies to the authors of these gems:

“Remember back in the 80s, when reporters started asking people how they felt about something rather than what they thought about it? That’s when politicians started saying “well, I feel this way about the Space Program/Taxation/Infrastructure/Etc”. People started stating their feelings about things that require actual thought, because feelings can’t be argued or tested. It’s a way of shutting down both cognition and accountability, as feelings can’t be invalidated, and somewhere along the line emotional reactions became considered a higher value than reason.”


“The truth is that no matter who wins an election, the results only matter to the participants in the race, and the people that own a piece of their influence. If you don’t control a politician, there’s no reason to vote for one. (Caveat: There is a good reason to vote against a candidate, however, should it become clear that said candidate might drive us all straight to Hell. Check their record for evidence of that.)”


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

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