WTF Woz?


“Republican legislative candidate Jim Wozniak has withdrawn from Thursday’s Rock Island County NAACP candidate debate and also said he won’t appear at a Rock Island County Medical Society forum on Oct. 23”

There was no explanation from The Woz himself, but his campaign manager said it was his call for The Woz not to participate in debates, not The Woz’s. His reasoning is the same as before: door knocking is more important.

Naturally Smiddy went batpoop crazy on him calling him a coward and casting The Woz as a mere puppet of his campaign manager who he characterized as an “out-of-town political operative”.

But his best shots against The Woz were contained in an email from my new BFF Ben Head:

“My opponent is hiding behind the $750,000 he’s received from special interest groups and Chicago billionaires. He has no problem spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on blatantly false negative ads, but he’s afraid to stand up and debate in front of voters in his district because he knows his lies will be exposed.”

Well, alrighty then.

I know nothing about campaign strategy, but from this non-professional’s POV, it looks bad that:

1. The Woz won’t speak out to defend himself, and

2. While I’m sure door knocking is important, I find it hard to believe that he could not manage to attend at least one of these forums. It is also damaging that he always pulls out at the last minute—a sort of debatus interruptus.

I hope The Woz wins, but all this just doesn’t look right to me.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

9 thoughts on “WTF Woz?”

  1. It might be smart Franderson to skip the event also my understanding Jacobs has something on Anderson that will realy curl his socks.

    My understanding is that Anderson asked for State money to investigate paranormal activity.

    What a hoot this simple man has turned out to be.

  2. Pardon my skepticism, but on what authority would Anderson be able to ask the state for $$$$ for ANYTHING?

  3. Neil Andersen’s request to spend local tax dollars on a “Paranormal Investigation Squad” is extremely bizarre.

  4. So disappointed in Woz. I thought he was a great debater
    Smiddy uses his wife and cancer as a reason to vote for him. Cancer cant be used in politics. Tacky. I dont like it.

  5. As bad as Anderson is at debate “he flunked out of Nebraska” The Woz must be just terrible

    The Eoz is toast against the independent Smiddy.

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