Deathbed Conversion

An article at QCOnline about the dire financial straits RICo finds itself in after decades of spending like drunken sailors, quotes Dinosaur Don Jacobs squealing the county needs more $$$$ because:

1. Budget shortfall will be $1.7M

2. Reserves have been drained from $10.7M in ’07 to $lM this year

3. RICo maxed out their tax levy in 2002

4. Budget includes $250K for new administrator

RICo Clerk Karen Kinney finally got fiscal restraint religion after years of carefree spending by objecting to the hiring of a person who actually has some expertise in running a county government:

“I think [the county board] need to figure out where they’re going to get the money from [to hire an administrator]…You don’t go out and buy a new car without knowing how you’re going to pay for it. I think they need to reconsider.”

Too bad the county has been buying new cars for decades with no worries about how to pay for them—Kinney is about a decade too late with her hand-wringing over fiscal responsibility and accountability.

Kinney’s real problem, and the problem for all the Democrat Dinosaurs in county government is the fear that someone other than themselves will be in control of taxpayer $$$$.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

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