The Senator From Jurassic

Sen. Mike “Fists O’ Fury” Jacobs displays his Old School thinking in an op-ed at QCOnline.

First up is this classic Obama-style Strawman Attack:

“The role of government isn’t to kick you when you’re down, or shrug and say tough luck to the elderly unable to care for themselves
or children with disabilities.”

Who says it is? Mr. Strawman!

But who’s talking about cutting Medicaid?

“When people start talking about cutting Medicaid…”

Mike Jacobs!

“Don’t get me wrong. We’ve cut parts of Medicaid. We’ve cut the waste, fraud and abuses.”

Gentle readers, you can’t make this stuff up!

But what about the wymyn?

Mike swears to “protect rights of women” by promoting and voting for the ballot question about “whether health care plans that offer prescription coverage should be required to include birth control.”

“I will be voting yes to protect women’s access to birth control.”

Gentle readers, I thought I would LOL myself to death because even I know this provision has been the law in Illinois for years and this was added to the ballot by Democrats as a ploy to increase voter turnout. So not only has Jacobs thrown up another strawman, it says a lot about how stupid he—and his fellow Democrats—think women are.

Mike Jacobs is a throwback to the Golden Age of RICo Dinosaur Democrats who rarely had to explain themselves and when the did, they knew they would get no push back from the press or the voters.

When you’re used to never being questioned, you can say stupid stuff because you know you’ll never be held accountable or called out on it; like when Phil Hare told a group of geezers that he had read the Obamacare bill THREE times.

I have no idea how Anderson will do in the election, but from Mike’s op-ed, I would say this is the cry of a dinosaur stuck in the tar pits.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

2 thoughts on “The Senator From Jurassic”

  1. “But who’s talking about cutting Medicaid?”
    – QCe

    That would be Neil Anderson.

    That’s right…Illinois Review quoted Neil Anderson saying, “Medicaid is the biggest area he would cut from the State Budget!”

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