Quote Of The Day

From Glenn Reynolds:

“If a problem can’t be solved by blaming Republicans, Obama can’t solve it.”

Bonus quote by Paul Rahe from the link at the link:

“What a country we have become! We have journalists who prostitute themselves for a political party. We have civil servants who will gaily break the law for partisan purposes. We have cabinet members who do not believe in the policies they are called upon to implement, but who do not resign. We have an Attorney General who thinks that the obstruction of justice is his job. And we have a Congress unwilling to call anyone to account.

I fear for my country.”


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

5 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day”

  1. “We have journalists who prostitute themselves for a political party.”
    – Paul Rahe

    How do they know you so well?

  2. Look at my posts—i bash Schilling and Bustos; Anderson and Jacobs; Smiddy and Woz—so ya got me—I’m a proud member of the Pox On Both Their Houses Party. 😀

  3. It must be terrible to be so afraid all the time.

    I guess it is just a function of old age.

    Or being a Republican.

  4. Yeah, ya gotta love that YOLO attitude of Obama and the Dems—so what if ISIS and Ebola are streaming across our borders and landing in airports of our major cities—it’s just not hip to get excited about terrorists and deadly viruses. Remember: Keep Calm And Vote Democrat 😀

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