Playing The Cancer Card In The 71st District

QCOnline has been publishing op-eds by the various candidates for office, offering what they consider rational discourse rather than shrieking, screaming, lying tv ads. So far they have already published 3 out of 5 of these from the Bustos/Schilling race and are now including focus on state elections.

Incumbent Mike Smiddy mostly touts his past accomplishments and awards while offering little in the way of new specific ideas to deal with the problems he identifies. But the most interesting part to me of his op-ed was he took time out to refute (rebut?) criticisms against him. This is what he said about the $75,000 he “pocketed”:

“…I never ‘pocketed’ any money from my campaign. My wife is a cancer survivor…When she was going through treatment, I took out a loan to help pay for medical care. There was nothing illegal or unethical about it…”

Obviously cancer is a terrible thing, but what I don’t get is this:

1. Both Smiddy and his wife are public employees, so I’m surprised their insurance didn’t cover all or most of her treatment.

2. I had to read between the lines here, and while he didn’t just come right out and say it, I surmised that what he did was take out a loan from his campaign—or maybe used it as collateral? I can’t tell what really happened from what he chose to disclose.

Either way, I’m happy Mrs. Smiddy survived this awful disease.


The Woz was a disappointment. From his past press releases and other writings, I know him to be a gifted writer, which many lawyers are, but this op-ed was mostly just trite talking points and bromides with no specifics as to address the problems he set out.

Maybe he’s just distracted, his energy is ebbing or it’s just too late in the campaign for any thoughtful, reasoned examination of what to do about Illinois.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

8 thoughts on “Playing The Cancer Card In The 71st District”

  1. Only Independent Rep Smiddy has a wife with cancer.

    Representative Smiddy Had quit his job to run for office when his wife was diagnosed with no insurance and no income reps that he needed to dip into his massive warchest for$75,000 loan.

    If The Wozs wife had cancer now that he has quit his job and has no insurance I would recommend to the Woz to take $75,000 to fight his wife’s cancer.

    How mean-spirited of you and The Woz to not understand cancer is bigger than the 71st district.

  2. OK, let me get this straight; Smiddy’s op-ed says his wife IS a teacher, his bio states she is with East Moline Public Schools. Are you telling me the teachers at EM schools have NO taxpayer funded health insurance?

    As for Smiddy, his bio says before he ran for office, he was a supervisor at Illinois Department of Corrections. Are you telling me he quit a good job with taxpayer funded insurance to run for office—AFTER his wife was diagnosed with cancer?

    I stand by what I wrote—both have/had taxpayer funded health insurance, I’m glad Mrs. Smiddy is doing well, but your spin won’t fly.

  3. WOZ flew all over the country on the taxpayer dime as an Iowa Alderman and you didn’t say a word. Additionally, Smiddy worked for his money creating “a fundraising list” and “taking down his campaign signs.”

    All WOZ has ever done is fall asleep at a public hearing, Even with everything on his mind, and with the WOZ falsely claiming Smiddy took a bribe, Independent Rep. Mike Smiddy goodness shows..

    TV is a powerfull media and voters are reacting favorably to Mike’s wife talking about her Cancer on tv. Take that WOZ!

  4. If what you say is true about a tv ad with Mrs. Smiddy talking about surviving cancer, it ain’t lookin’ good for The Woz.

  5. I remember wondering how a GOP candidate from the last election could pay thousands to himself for office supplies quite a while after the election was over. He also paid his wife and best friend thousands for salary into December. I guess you can do what you want as far as campaign contributions. Thats why Smiddy could give himself a loan. Even with insurance there is plenty that people pay for.

  6. I think it requires to question the character of Mr. Smiddy, to charge from his ads that he challenges Wozniak for a small indiscretion and then take $75,000 as a “loan” from his Campaign fund? Perhaps not illegal, but definitely unethical (of him). If he claims he nor his wife had Health Insurance and needed $75,000 to pay medical bills. I would question his wisdom to allow his family to be without Insurance. We all can understand how devastating cancer can be. Not a campaign issue when you try to cover up a $75,000 loan, when you can’t disprove that you didn’t have health insurance. If he isn’t smart enough to keep Health Insurance when he already obviously had it; I question his ability to intelligently, responsibly represent our district?

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