I’ll See Your Male Offspring And Raise You A Wounded Warrior

The short 30 minute “debate” between Schilling and Bustos was hardly worth the time and effort. Most of it consisted of rehashing already trite and worn talking points, charges and counter charges.

If you didn’t see it last night and want to use up 30 minutes of your life that you’ll never get back, here’s a link to WQAD, which hosted the event.

The only thing I found remotely interesting was during the discussion about ISIS, when Schilling mentioned that one of his sons was in the military and Bustos, with no sons of her own ever in the service, tried to give herself some personal cred on the topic by mentioning that not only did she have a veteran on her staff, she also had what she called a “wounded warrior”.

I guess you’ll have to be the judge if 1 son = 1 vet + 1 wounded warrior on staff. Personally I thought it was was silly attempt at “me-tooism” on her part, but what else could she do?

This “debate” might have swayed the low information voters who bothered to tune in, but for those of us with even basic information about this race, it was a waste of time and opportunity—and this was the ONLY opportunity for the entire district to see these two head-to-head.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

24 thoughts on “I’ll See Your Male Offspring And Raise You A Wounded Warrior”

  1. Get real AH, what Schilling proposed was to hold a debate in every county in the 17th CD. There are 13 (I think) counties—did he really think that would fly?

    But still, I don’t blame either Bustos or Schilling for not wanting to do more debates. In my view, few pay attention to them unless there is some gaffe, then the press goes batpoop crazy on it and that is what LIV remember when (and if) they vote.

    I just think these televised “debates”, which began during the Eisenhower administration, have outlived their usefulness and ought to be replaced with something more informative or abolished.

  2. Schilling needed a home run to win.

    Schilling is down 10 points and there is nothing he can do but become a two time loser.

    Schillings last stand was a dud.

    Nothing he can do now but sell visas to illegal aliens.

  3. I wonder if Schilling’s boss Pat Hogan, who sells guns for a living, will keep Bobby on the payroll after he loses? If Hogan doesn’t employee Schilling to sell guns and VISAS to illegal aliens, Bobby might have to go back to work flipping pizzas.

    Maybe Schilling and Jacobs could start a lobbying firm after they are defeated. These influential local guys could make a fortune selling their influence to corporations and labor unions.

    When one dour closes another opens!

  4. Since Mike’s daddy is already an influence peddling lobbyist, it would be no problem for Daddy Jacobs to show sonny-boy the ropes.

    I doubt Schilling has the connections the Jacobs do to be successful at lobbying, but still, as you say “when one ‘dour’ closes another opens” so Schilling is not without resources.

    I don’t worry about any of them—even if defeated.

  5. Yes, Schilling may not have the contacts to become a powerful influence peddler like Daddy Jacobs, but Bobby does have a close personal relationship with all the rich foreigners seeking VISAs!

  6. I really hope this doesn’t happen, but if all Repubs get their tail kicked in RICO, will fumbles hold himself accountable?

    The pros know when to retire (Elway) but the fakes don’t (Favre). Lets hope Fumbles shows some integrity

  7. Fleabagger, you filled your quota of stupid six months ago—give it up.

    But still, you suggest an intriguing idea: if Schilling “gets his tail kicked” maybe he can induce Bloom to resign and take over the RICO GOP, which seems to have been his dream for at least the last four years.

  8. I just saw the new comercial where The Woz says that Independent Rep. Smiddy pocketed $75,000 which is a bribe from Chicago cronies.

    This is a disgrace from The Woz.

    Rep Smiddy should sue The Woz for slander.

    These Republicans will stop at nothing.


  9. I thought WOZ was a man of character? Unless WOZ can prove this allegation — he should withdraw the ad.

    Disappointing to say the least.

  10. Why do leftists keep saying Schilling is selling visas to illegal aliens? Are they under the impression that every person on earth who isn’t an American is an illegal alien? The people who apply for the EB-5 visa don’t live here. They live in their home nation and go through the legal process to immigrate here legally.

    Why are cheri supporters so opposed to legal immigration? Do they only approve of illegal immigration by people who will be a drain on society? More importantly, why are they so opposed to a program that is creating thousands of jobs in our district without costing taxpayers a dime? Is infrastructure investment only a good idea to leftists if it costs Americans money to do it? Then there’s the fact that every liberal knows you don’t call people “illegal”. A person can’t be illegal. Yet, here we have a gaggle of liblabs going around calling immigrants illegal and they’re referring to people who aren’t even doing anything illegal!

    I just can’t wrap my head around how these leftists can support an empty suit liar who’s accomplished absolutely nothing in two years (she didn’t even try) and who’s on record dropping racist comments to national magazines. It’s beyond belief.

  11. Hey Reyes, show us your papers! 😀


    But seriously folks, there is another EB-5 scandal brewing, this time in SD for the US Senate race. Former GOP South Dakota governor was supposed to be a slam-dunk for the win until reports starting surfacing about mismanagement in an EB-5 beef plant in that state.

    EB-5 looks to me to be just another federal program that has been horribly mismanaged, but the Dems and dem groups are pouring massive amounts of $$$$ into this race hoping for a win.

    As far as I know there is no scandal to the program Schilling was involved in, but who knows—this could be an October Surprise in the 17CD. It’s also unfortunate for Bustos that both she and the Dick Durbin co-sponsored and voted for a bill that would extend EB-5, but what do facts matter when there is an election to win?

  12. Out of the mouth of leftist…

    Sen. Charles Grassley has raised serious national security concerns about the EB-5 program. Grassley say the Chinese government and other foreign agents are using the program for espionage and other purposes.

    Sen. Charles Grassley, in a letter to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, said he has been concerned about abuse of the program by Iranian operatives.

    The Iowa Republican and FBI have pressed for information on the visa program.

    In his letter, Grassley makes reference to “concerns that this particular visa program (EB-5) is being abused by Iranian operatives to infiltrate the United States.”

    The Homeland Security Investigations unit initiated a probe after it found strong ties between an EB-5 program applicant and the Iranian military unit that the United States accuses of terrorist activity around the world.

    Two operatives affiliated with the Iranian military allegedly “facilitate terrorism and are involved in an illegal procurement network that exports items to Iran for use by ‘secret’ Iranian government agencies,” the memo cited by Grassley said.

    Citing the HSI memo, Grassley pointed out the operatives had ties to an affiliate of the Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

  13. And this is news…how? It seems every day there is a breaking story about how some federal agency is corrupt, scandal-ridden and riddled with fraud, waste and abuse—but Bustos and Durbin wanted EB-5 continued anyway.

    This is a stain on Bustos and Durbin, not Schilling.

  14. QCe & ER,

    Once these new ads about Schilling selling visas to Iranian operatives begins running on television do you think Bustos’ 9-point lead in the We Ask America poll will widen or narrow? Just asking…

  15. Why is that bizarre?

    Schilling is making his living off of selling visas to Iranian operatives.

    Schilling is down nine and he is toast.

    He can not recover from the selling of visas.

  16. Well, I was writing a nice snarky comment but my browser crashed so here’s the cliffnotes version:

    Sen. Grassley expressed no concern about Chinese investors at all. The concern was 100% about Iranians.

    We know about the Iranians because the system worked and the less than a handful of people suspected of CORPORATE espionage were identified and stopped. As a result of the follow up investigation recommendations were made regarding updates in information gathered during an EB-5 visa application process.

    This all happened a year ago. Grassley’s letter was December 2013 and it was in response to an ICE memo from earlier that year.

    In 2012 President Obama signed an extension of the program despite similar concerns and without any changes having been made. Democrats supported Obama’s decision. Especially Senators Durbin and Leahy.

    In May 2014 Senator Leahy introduced a bill to make the EB-5 program permanent. Senator Grassley, having had his concerns addressed, co-sponsored the bill.

    “May 31, 2012

    On Thursday, May 24, 2012, Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) introduced legislation seeking to give permanent status to the EB-5 Regional Center Program, among other job-creating endeavors. Established by Congress in 1990, the EB-5 Regional Center Program has successfully facilitated immigrant investments toward economy-boosting and community development campaigns across the country. As the program was scheduled for review in September 2012, the current bill introduced by Senator Leahy will ensure permanence for this positive program.

    According to Senator Leahy, months of negotiation led to the final draft that was introduced for Congressional approval. The legislation seeks to grant a permanent authorization to the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Regional Center program, as well as extend the voluntary E-Verify program and two other visa programs for religious workers known as “Conrad 30.” The bill is co-sponsored by the Senate Judiciary Committee’s Ranking Member Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa).

    Leahy explains via press release:

    Vermont has been a model for the success of the EB-5 Regional Center Program, and I want to see that great success continues for Vermonters, and those who wish to pursue business opportunities in our great state…I am grateful that Senator Grassley has worked with me to craft this legislation, and I am optimistic its introduction marks the beginning of a strong bipartisan effort to make these long-standing programs permanent.”

    And guess what happened then? You guessed it! Cheri Bustos supported that bill!

    So, once again, we see Bustos supporters attacking a republican for creating jobs in the private sector through a bill that Bustos supports and doing everything they can to mischaracterize the program itself and the people who support it (mostly democrats, since it was started in 90).

    They’re even going so far as to blatantly lie and say Bobby is selling visas to Iranian operatives, when there’s absolutely zero evidence of that, but just in case that doesn’t stick, they also added the lie that there were concerns about Chinese investors when there weren’t.

    I swear, if democrats couldn’t lie and duck questions, we’d never hear from them. 😉

    Maybe if their candidate wasn’t an empty suit with no record of accomplishment whose only qualification for Congress was having babysat a U.S. Senator’s kids (kinda like how democrats think being married to a President makes someone qualified to be President, lol) they’d have something positive to say instead of constantly engaging in attacks based on lies.

  17. P.S. Loved the reference to the racist Bustos supporter that asked to see my papers QCE. 🙂

    This was a few weeks after he called me “a traitor to [my] race” for being a republican.

    I’d say I’m surprised, but having been around democrats my entire life, it’s impossible to be surprised by blatant racism. I mean, c’mon the party explicitly advocates special treatment for minorities because it doesn’t think we’re good enough to make it on our own.

    I’m sure we’ve all heard LBJ’s famous quote about The New Deal and what it’ll do for the Democratic Party by subjugating minorities in perpetuity.

    Like I always say, show me a crime ridden impoverished ghetto in America, and I’ll show you an area run by democrats.

  18. Whether you’re a skilled technology worker or a poor laborer, it’s getting harder to become a U.S. citizen. But for those with $500,000 to buy their way in and have connection to former U.S. Congressman Bobby Schilling it’s a different matter. Bobby has a “hook-up” for the right price.

  19. Actually, it’s for those with $500K (soon to be $1M or $2M) to invest in tangible job creation here at home with no cost to the taxpayers there’s a faster path to residency.

    Any moron can be a citizen by virtue of dropping out of the right womb at the right time. Yet for some reason Bustos and her supporters (but not her colleagues, because her party almost unanimously supports this program) have a problem with people who apparently are willing to put their money where their mouth is that they want to be patriotic Americans.

    Oh wait… It’s not “some reason”. The reason is clear. It’s because Bobby has created more jobs in our district through this program than Bustos has even tried to create through legislation she’s drafted.

    James is an example of the worst consequence of blind partisanship.

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