“A Professional Politician Is A Professionally Dishonorable Man”

John Flaherty, who describes himself as a retired teacher representing the 36,000-plus members on the Illinois Retired Teachers Association Legislative and PAC committees and is on the IRTA Board of Directors, is fed up with lying politicians.

In a letter to the editor of QCOnline he set out how Mike Jacobs asked for their endorsement promising “he would oppose any legislation that would diminish our pensions” and in part, on that basis the IRTA endorsed him in 2012.

Well, surprise, surprise!

“When SB1 was called Mr. Jacobs not only voted for it, but he even made a speech on the floor of the senate urging others to support it. Shame on you Mike Jacobs! You not only voted for bills that underfunded our pension system but now you want to reduce our pensions.”

The result of this betrayal and duplicity caused the IRTA to change its rules on endorsing incumbents only, and is now endorsing Neil Anderson, “a sincere young man”.

A few things here:

1. Mike Jacobs has no shame and has demonstrated that fact over and over since his selection in ’05.

2. This is the first time I can remember anyone mentioning the fact that Mike famously crowed that he had voted for stiffing the pensions at Blago’s behest as far back as ’05.

3. It is refreshing to see an organization actually endorse on the basis of the voting record of a candidate, rather than just march lockstep with the status quo, shrugging and saying “but that’s how it’s always been done”.

So bravo to IRTA for taking a stand and actually holding a politician accountable for his actions.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

14 thoughts on ““A Professional Politician Is A Professionally Dishonorable Man””

  1. Neil Anderson plans to raise my income tax and property taxes, so he can continue to pay 36,000 retired teachers a yearly 3% compounded COLA? Really?

    What follows is a list of the top highest pensions paid in Illinois for public school administrators and teachers:

    Rank Monthly Benefit Name Last Employer

    1 19,906.80 Murray, Laura L Homewood-Flossmoor CHSD 233
    2 19,766.27 Catalani, Gary T Community Unit SD 200
    3 19,566.90 Gmitro, Henry A Community CSD 93
    4 19,308.55 Hager, Maureen L North Shore SD 112
    5 19,210.94 Bangser, Henry S New Trier TWP HSD 203
    6 18,887.09 Curley, Mary M Hinsdale CCSD 181
    7 18,873.73 Weaver, Reginald L National Education Association
    8 18,123.48 Conyers, John G Palatine CCSD 15
    9 17,207.88 Burns, Kevin G Community HSD 218
    10 17,204.79 Wetzel, Norman R Community USD 300
    11 17,072.26 Baskin, Lawrence M Glen Ellyn CCSD 89
    12 16,926.05 Kelly, Dennis G Lyons TWP HSD 204
    13 16,787.03 Hintz, James S Adlai Stevenson HSD 125
    14 16,677.39 Patton, Ronald C Bloom TWP HSD 206
    15 16,623.01 Edwards, Marvin E School District U46
    16 16,608.24 Bultinck, Howard J Sunset Ridge SD 29
    17 16,382.95 Chapman, Gerald D Palatine TWP HSD 211
    18 16,203.72 Conti, Dennis R Woodland CCSD 50
    19 16,106.11 Johnson, Michael D IL Assoc of School Boards
    20 15,972.86 Kanold, Timothy D Adlai Stevenson HSD 125
    21 15,919.72 Weber, Donald E Naperville CUSD 203
    22 15,904.03 Gallagher, James J Evergreen Park CHSD 231
    23 15,874.36 Bridge, Susan J Oak Park-River Forest SD 200
    24 15,832.38 Hanson, Linda M Highland Park TWP HSD 113
    25 15,773.19 Palermo, Joseph A Berkeley SD 87
    26 15,655.19 Ward, Christopher J Lockport TWP HSD 205
    27 15,597.67 McGrew, Jean B Northfield TWP HSD 225
    28 15,541.33 Van Clay, Mark La Grange SD 102
    29 15,378.98 White, James W Queen Bee SD 16
    30 15,356.72 Howard, Robert T Community CSD 59
    31 15,343.24 McGee, Glenn W Wilmette SD 39
    32 15,325.43 Schoenholtz, Jack B Leyden CHSD 212
    33 15,292.50 Dufour, Richard P Adlai Stevenson HSD 125
    34 15,230.35 Miller, Roger K Hinsdale TWP HSD 86
    35 15,135.64 Smoot, Michael Wood Dale SD 7
    36 15,126.96 Mink, Jon L Aptakisic-Tripp CCSD 102
    37 14,793.19 Maier, Allan R Skokie SD 69
    38 14,670.83 Desmond, JoAnn North Shore SD 112
    39 14,598.55 Geppert, Edward J IL Federation Of Teachers
    40 14,527.78 Logan, Alf Fenton CHSD 100
    41 14,493.17 Lueck, J Peter Lisle CUSD 202
    42 14,445.68 Powell, Griff E Niles TWP CHSD 219
    43 14,431.01 Grimes, Elise S La Grange Highlands SD 106
    44 14,430.99 McMahon, Patrick A Consolidated HSD 230
    45 14,419.67 Berry, Stephen D Township HSD 214
    46 14,338.16 Randle, Kenneth L Lincolnwood SD 74
    47 14,245.00 Drzonek, Arnold L Kirby SD 140
    48 14,187.75 Mikaelian, Sam Wilmette SD 39
    49 14,169.94 Williams, Kathleen G East Maine SD 63
    50 14,160.45 Rossi, Harry P Northbrook-Glenview SD 30

    It’s great to see Anderson fighting to make” the rich richer” with our limited tax dollars.

    Talk about being bought off by the public unions.

  2. For the record, Illinois taxpayers shelled out $78,355.02 last year alone to Neil Anderson’s supporter and retired teacher Mr. John Flaherty. Poor Mr. Flaherty, I wonder how could possibly make it next year without a cushy 3% compounded COLA?

  3. Wowser! Democrats attacking retired teachers—THAT’S certainly not something you see every day! 😀

  4. OK, pardon my ignorance, but who negotiates these juicy teacher contracts? Are they done school district by school district or are they set by the state—or what?

    I’m serious—I need to know who’s giving away the store to the teachers?

  5. Yep…..Mike is fighting for current teachers! Not the retired and overpensioned ones. They are former union teachers who already got theirs…..perfect for backing the right to work guy….because if he has his way then current teachers get less in the end and more for these folks with less to draw attention to their huge $

  6. That’s nice but you didn’t answer my question as to who was sitting on the other side of the negotiation table when these “overpensioned” contracts were created.

  7. John Flaherty makes $78,355 retired.

    I don’t know who sets the contracts.

    Jacobs and the senate made a vote to stop the compounded part of the pension not the COLA itself.

    What this means is that John Flaherty would make $125,368 after 20 years under the new plan.

    John Flaherty under the compounded COLA in those same 20 years would make $141,517.

    A difference of $16,149 for just that year.

    I understand they negotiated that contract but Neil Anderson wants current teachers to pay 3% more a year and then not even have a pension.

    Jacobs did the right thing in trying to fix the pension.

  8. I don’t mind paying more taxes, but not to pay Neil Anderson’s bloated public pension! Let’s put new revenue into K-12 and stop dedicating these overpaid retirees 3% compound COLAs!

    Local school boards negotiate salaries and benefit, and then stick statewide taxpayers with the bill! Sheeesh.

  9. Well this is getting juicy. According to QCOnline Anderson is charging Jacobs with a violation of the Illinois ethics law and will file a complaint against him for accepting a free membership to Short Hills Country Club in exchange for voting for a bill giving tax breaks to country clubs.

    Pay-for-Play! Say it ain’t so Mikey!

    Democrats giving tax breaks to the wealthy—who knew? 😀

  10. Guess there’s no ethics law about wearing a city uniform while you campaign or handing out business cards or asking for a vote while you are taking care of a patient?

  11. Mr. Anderson asked a friend of mine- while on duty if he could count on his vote. On city time. Wrong.

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