“I Can’t Spare This Man, He Fights”

The Greater Quad Cities Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has cancelled its planned candidate forum “due to circumstances beyond our control”.

In typical knee-jerk fashion, the Democrats blamed the GOP for this turn of events, but it was entirely predictable. Even though the GOP had previously objected to the proposed moderator based on his performance from a ’12 event, the sponsors pushed ahead with him anyway. The idea that an academic from one of the social sciences would be capable of overcoming his inherent bias and prejudices is beyond logic, yet it still happened simply because the Democrat power structure in the QCs is not used to being challenged, they are used to the GOP bending over and grabbing its collective ankles for them.

It is good that the GOP is finally learning the hard lessons from the ’12 presidential debates when George Stephanopoulous blindsided the candidates with a question out of the blue about birth control, which absolutely NO ONE was talking about—until immediately after when the Dems launched their inane War On Women campaign. Of course, former Clinton operative Stephanopoulous denied coordinating with the Dems. No one was convinced.

So good for Bill Bloom for being such a tough negotiator that the Dems and Hispanic CoC were forced to fold rather than be The Imperial Deciders on the forum rules.

With luck, the NRC will be following his example during the next presidential campaign.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

14 thoughts on ““I Can’t Spare This Man, He Fights””

  1. Local Republicans can try to hide their views, but fortunately, God invented television and Democrats are free to run ads telling unsuspecting voters the truth about their opponent’s (Schilling, Woz, Lazaby and Anderesen) extreme views!

    Schilling, WOZ and Anderson oppose abortion in the case of rape and incest. All three men want to cut Social Security and ship our jobs overseas. While Schilling is a former union man. WOZ and Anderson support anti-workers laws!

  2. Unfortuately for you James, my readers know you are lying, but you might try peddling this stuff down at the union halls where they are sure to swallow it hook, line and sinker!

  3. Do Schilling, WOZ and Anderson support abortion in the case of rape or incest?

    Are Schilling, WOZ and Anderson for more, not less, Social Security checks?

    Are Schilling, WOZ and Anderson “Buy American” Democrats or are they shopping at Walmart?

    Schilling, WOZ and Anderson swirling in the deep drain together!

  4. OK, let me get this straight; Illinois has 6.7 unemployment rate, $5+ billion in unpaid bills, $100+ billion in pension debt, one of the highest rates of people and business fleeing the state, in other words Illinois is swirling down the drain and your issues are:

    1. abortion
    2. social security, and
    3. walMart vs. Whole Foods


  5. And Texas’ issues are Ebola, Foreign Nationals crossing the Rio Grand, polluted drinking water, lack of dental care and low education levels? Enjoy the tumble weed and poor wages QCe.

  6. Nice rant, but misses the point, which I didn’t elaborate on in the interest of being short and snappy, which is: how in hell do you purely “Buy American” in a global economy?

    Even iconic American brands like Chevrolet are no longer built top to bottom in America. Whole Foods was the only company I could think of off the top of my head that might actually be purely American made. This might not even be true.

    PS: I don’t have a “bias” against liberals, I just think they are misguided and wrong. But still, I’m sure they mean well and their intentions are good. 😀

  7. Let me chime in! Lol! Illinois has s pension crisis, but the guys now Anderson is against it and people like him, Jacobs voted for SB 1 and that was bad? Abortion shouldn’t be a political issue, people have the right to their own business, and this nation sllows any form if religion, like praying to the Sun….so let it die. Unemployment. ….half of the unemployed DON’T WANT A JOB! They live off of our taxes and eat for free while talking on their free cell phones.

    I AM a union member, and I don’t hook, line, and sinker anything. I have a formal education, make an honest dollar, live in a modest home, and have been involved in elections on both sides. Democrats in this area have the means to bring jobs and projects to the QC. I didn’t grow up here and i see it. If you want the area ignored and little progress in your district, vote the elephant…..

  8. Democrats have controlled RICO for 40+ years—isn’t that enough time to “bring jobs and projects to the QC”?

  9. Western Illinois University….900 jobs and $63 MILLION ……Jacobs and Verschoore. Thompson Prison sale, Jacobs and Bustos….looks like things keep coming, doesn’t it?

  10. Notice what these projects have in common? They were all “bought” with taxpayer $$$$. So essentially Jacobs, Verschoore Bustos took your money, recycled it and repackaged it and then crowed: LOOK WHAT I BOUGHT YOU…with your own money!!!!

    Get back to me when the private sector starts investing big-time in RICo.

  11. Oops……there’s quite the investment going on at an Illinois hospital too. Despite your tax money issue, such projects will happen in the state. We benefit from the new housing going up for students, motor fuel taxes from travelers coming to see events and working on long projects, pillow taxes at hotels, sales tax on food and beverage, and much more. Would you rather see these projects in the city state of Chicago? Then prison bought up the road a bit is income, creating jobs, and boosting a community. Next the county might even make a huge financial benefit happen by unloading the nursing home….oh the bad Democrats!

  12. You know, you’re right; Illinois is at the bottom of so many lists, including job creation, I will share in your joy at these few crumbs the local politicos have managed to scrape up for you.

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