So Let Us Not Talk Falsely Now, The Hour Is Getting Late

According to former Madigan staffer Rich Miller, it appears the wheels are coming off the Flawless Express:

1. DCCC ad hammering the fact that Schilling voted “to protect tax breaks that ships jobs overseas”, and other fun “turned his back” stuff.

2. Amateur Hour move that caused a Schilling ad to miss the window for lower cost tv ads—Maggie DePoorter, is that you?

3. Bustos fundraising machine set a record for 17th CD with $683K for the quarter. But at least the “grassroots” have not abandoned Schilling.

4. Ask America/CapFax poll showing Schilling down 9 points, 50-41. Gentle readers, that is Phil Hare territory.

Time for The Flawless to call in the cavalry and hope it isn’t George Armstrong Custer answering the call!


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

21 thoughts on “So Let Us Not Talk Falsely Now, The Hour Is Getting Late”

  1. Forgot to mention that in Miller’s post he showed the front page of the Dispatch Sunday edition with a major story about this ad kerfuffle. I have yet to find it online. WTF QCO?

  2. As “wheels come off” Bobby Schilling’s bus, local Republican disciples such as WOZ, Lazenby and Anderson will likely be negatively impacted. From my perspective, the RICO Republicans should hurriedly jump on the Tea Party Express and try to ride it to victory.

    Rauner’s millions don’t seem to be helping anyone, but his opponent Illinois Governor Pat Quinn!

  3. Union Millions For Quinn!!!!

    Schilling pooped in his own RICO nest and alienated his base—this has nothing to do with Rauner, Lazenby, Woz or Anderson.

  4. If I were Schilling, I would have went massive diarrhea over the whole RICO after the “breakfast club” voted out a great chairman in Steffen because they “didn’t like him”.

    Hopefully this will teach fumbles that you need to focus on federal and high level state elections, because that is what BRINGS OUT THE VOTE.

    People aren’t going to vote for Bustos and Lazenby. The people who vote for Schilling are the ones who are going to vote R on the whole ticket.


  5. Can’t wait for this to be over and am down on my knees thanking the gods I don’t live in Illinois.

  6. As has been said here many a time Bob Schilling has no chance against Congressperson Bustos.

    It is obvious that this district is different than it was four years ago.

    Everybody complained about the gerrymandered district in 10 so in fourteen they fixed the district and made it where either Schock or Bustos would have to be cought with a dead boy or a live girl.

    I think I got that right.

    Once Schilling becomes a two time loser he will have to go back to making pizza.

    It will be good to get rid of the uneducated one.

  7. Here’s how I see it:

    IF Bobby is down by 9 in a 60+% democratic district with 5 weeks to go, that’s not TOO bad. Especially when Callahan-Bustos is currently about 11% shy of the democratic makeup of the district.

    There are 9% worth of votes up for grabs in a 50-41 race. Yes he needs to be flawless because Cheri is so clearly playing defense and protecting the ball, but it can be done.

    I REALLY wish he’d accept my invitation to help with debate preparation, but it doesn’t look like that’s gonna happen. I figured the fact that I’m a former democrat (and former democratic campaign staffer with experience in debate prep), and I debate for a living MIGHT have been helpful…

    There’s still two days. We’ll see.

  8. I’m thanking the gods right now that don’t you live in Illinois. Be careful of all that Ebola crossing into Texas!

  9. Hah. I enjoyed that snark.

    Polls only matter if the sample is right. IL-17 is weird and unpredictable. Don’t forget team schilling thought they had 2012 locked up on Election Night.

    I predict a recount and a big mess that lasts at least a couple weeks.

    Who would spike the football harder if Bustos wins? QCE or the dem trolls?

  10. Just because you are a lawyer doesn’t mean you can debate.

    Look at the Woz and Anderson who have now officially dropped out of two separate debates.

    I know Anderson is fun witted and flunked out of Nebraska but The Woz is a Lawyer and he is still frightened of independent Smiddy.

  11. ER, good points about the percentages and also about the help Schilling needs with the debate. I can’t remember where or what, but I saw a recent video of Schilling speaking and I was surprised that he hadn’t improved much as a speaker from when I first saw him in ’09 (or maybe ’10). Mrs. Schilling is a natural public speaker so maybe she’ll run in ’16 if Bobby goes down. 😀


    AH you are correct about polls and polling and how a bad poll is not necessarily fatal, but combined with other factors, this shows Schilling has more work to do on his Flawless and time’s a-wastin’.

    If you have been reading my blog for any length of time—-at least since August of last year, I have repeatedly stated that I don’t think there is a dime’s worth of difference between Bustos and Schilling, so I won’t be spiking the ball no matter who wins.


    Sorry Mary but you are wrong about lawyers and debate. The entire structure of law school is based on debate tactics and learning the ability to see various sides to any question.

    Obviously some lawyers are better than others at debating, and I don’t have any personal knowledge of his abilities, but ER has a long history of being both a prosecutor and a defendant’s lawyer.

    Just because you don’t like him doesn’t change the facts.

  12. QCE maybe you missed my post. I never question Reyes debating ability. I don’t think Reyes will ever have the opportunity to run for public office where I would see him debate.

    The point was that Anderson flunked out of the Nebraska and is to ignorant to debate.

    The Woz who is a Lawyer being to frightened to debate independent Represenative Mike Smiddy is troubling because The Woz is a Lawyer.

  13. I don’t know anything about Anderson’s college record, but I doubt he is “to [sic] ignorant to debate”. More likely is that his campaign is being managed by Maggie DePoorter.

    Also, you have misrepresented the second debate; Anderson and The Woz didn’t drop out as they did with the CoC forum, the Hispanic forum was cancelled.

  14. It was canceled because the Republicans wouldn’t debate.

    Republican Hispanic leader Bob Ontivaris was just covering for his brother Republicans.

    If you read the arrival it is obvious that the Republicans The Woz and Anderson were again afraid to share their views with the people.

  15. You’re probably right about that one point Mary. It’s too bad too. I think you would’ve really appreciated seeing me debate (kind of like how I appreciated watching future hall of famer Aaron Rodgers surgically dissect my Bears live a couple weeks ago. It’s not what you hope for, but you can’t hate on the game;)

    I consider debate to be similar to the argument portion of a motion hearing or closing argument of a trial. My ability in those arenas is almost without question the second most famous thing I’m known for when it comes to me and the courthouse… heh heh.

    If you can’t laugh at yourself, you’re doing life wrong. 😉

  16. Oh yeah. My skills as an orator are legendary. That’s probably how I’ve almost always managed to come out on top at the courthouse. 🙂

  17. QCCE,

    From your musical reference can I infer that at one point in your life you were a hippy?


    PS. Ontivares runs the Republican leaning Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and doesn’t know what’s going on in it’s organization? Really? Can anyone say, “Rich white guys covering for each others rears.”

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