Showing Up Is 80% Of Life

From a Mike Smiddy press release via Ben Head:

“This morning, candidate Jim Wozniak cancelled his scheduled appearance at the Quad City Chamber of Commerce Candidate Forum just minutes before the event was scheduled to begin…’What my opponent did this morning was disrespectful to the Quad City Chamber of Commerce and to the people of this district. It’s tough to be a leader if you don’t show up,’ said Smiddy”


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

25 thoughts on “Showing Up Is 80% Of Life”

  1. WOZ was foolish not to present his political credentials to the QC Chamber of Commerce. Not only is this organization quasi-Republican, but they generally oppose raising the minimum wage to $10.20 which Independent Rep. Mike Smiddy wholeheartedly supports.

    WOZ decision is one he will long regret, unless the QC Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors such as Doug Hultquist, QCR Holdings, Inc., Chair Kelli Grubbs,, Vice Chair, Pat Eikenberry, Missman, Inc., Secretary, David Nuernberger, Deloitte Tax LLP, Treasurer, Stephanie Acri, Evans Premium Manufacturing, Steven Bahls, Augustana College, Pryce T. Boeye, The Hungry Hobo, Douglas P. Cropper, Genesis Health System,John DeDoncker, Triumph Community Bank, Zach Edwards, Waddell & Reed’, Marc Engels, Mel Foster Insurance’Mo Hyder, Rhythm City Casino, Mary Junck, Lee Enterprises, Tony Knobbe, Wells Fargo, N.A. – Davenport, Kenneth R. Koupal, U.S. Bank, N.A. Dan Kueter, Provicare, LLC, Bob Lee, Palmer College of Chiropractic, Scott Lohman, Lohman Companies, Janet Masamoto, JTM Concepts, Inc.,Gary Mohr, Eastern Iowa Community College District, Daniel Portes, Management Resource Group, Caroline Ruhl, Ruhl & Ruhl REALTORS Inc., Pete Schlicksup, Knilan’s Furniture & Interiors, Mark Schwab, Arthur J. Gallagher & Co., Rick Seidler, UnityPoint Health – Trinity, Joe B. Slavens, Northwest Bank & Trust Company, Mara Sovey, Deere & Company,Bill Stoermer, Exelon Nuclear-Quad Cities Generating Station, Gerald J. Taylor, Moline Dispatch Publishing Company, Aaron Tennant, Tennant Truck Lines, Paul VanDuyne, KJWW Engineering Consultants, Michael C. Vondran, TAG Communications, Inc., C. Dana Waterman III, Lane & Waterman LLP, Rob Woodall, Alcoa, Inc., and Dale Zude, Courtesy Car City are secret members of Rock Island County Democrat Party?

    What a foolish, foolish move.

  2. I don’t get it either, but not knowing how things stand in the 71st I hesitate to judge.

    Or maybe not.

  3. Jim is better off knocking doors than wasting time “debating” policy with the guy second from the right on the evolutionary chart.

    James, a quasi-republican organization doesn’t need to be persuaded to support a Republican. Better off talking to voters at this point..

  4. WOZ had a chance to tell the business community exactly where he stand, but didn’t bother to show up? Really?

    While Neil Anderson flunked out of college, WOZ is a highly educated lawyer with real world experience. I can’t believe WOZ left the field to Smiddy. Really, really stupid WOZ!


  5. The Woz was called out for lying by the Chamber and Andersons dog ate his homework. No wonder he flunked out of Nebraska.

    These two realy made a huge mistake with their base.

  6. Mary, what the hell does this mean?

    “The Woz was called out for lying by the Chamber”

    Also, I don’t give a damn about Anderson.

  7. OK, since I last checked the QCO link there was a massive update last night.

    The Woz says the terms agreed to for the forum were changed at the last minute without notification; Coc denies it. Also claims of “partisan politics being played behind the scenes.” Who knows, but if true, who would be surprised?

    Anderson’s excuse for not showing up was that he had to work.

    Whatever. If you haven’t read the QCO link recently, please do so since there is a lot more info now than there was yesterday morning—-most of it being the he said/she said variety.

  8. Anderson sure hasn’t had to work a lot for any other campaign functions, odd how this one cut into his work schedule. Maybe he was studying how to invest in how Illinois can benefit as a right-to-work state if he would ever get elected.

  9. WOZ made a big mistake allowing Ben Head and his drinking pal Eric Timmons to turn a political opportunity into a serious public relations problem.

    I called the fire station and learned Anderson’s shift ended at 7:30 am on Wednesday. Given the debate didn’t begin until 7:45 am — Anderson could have easily attended the event.

  10. You’re such a sly dog James—delegitimize Timmons at the same time you do his work for him.

    Well played, sir!

  11. Well James, in his defense, he was probably dropping his kids off at school across the river in another state!

  12. Obviously for a better education.

    I had a friend who lived in rural Milan but drove her kids to Bettendorf High every day just because the quality of education was better there than at Rock Island.

    Also, Woz doesn’t have any kids===as far as I know.

  13. When you say better school are you saying WHITER??

    Rock Island high has more merit scholars than any school in the area.

    They do have more minority’s though.

  14. I have no idea. Examiner Jr. went to Riverdale which isn’t exactly a hotbed of diversity.

    I can’t speak for my friend—it was her choice to pay to send her kids to Bettendorf—but this has been maybe 20 years ago so maybe Rocky has improved. It was HER opinion that Bettendorf was better, that’s all I know.

    As for why Anderson sends his kids to Iowa—has anybody bothered to ask him?

  15. Anderson sends his kids to school in Iowa? Really? Anderson wants to be our Illinois Senator but doesn’t think Illinois public school teachers are bright enough for him? I thought Anderson said he was broke and couldn’t afford cable? Now he’s shipping his kids off to some private, exclusive school in Iowa? Amazing!

    If Dispatch ace-reporter Eric Timmons can unlodge his nose from Ben Head’s rear long enough to do his job, who knows he might be interested in getting to the bottom of this issue.

  16. It’s finally coming back to me. This is the key quote from the CoC spox in the QCO article:

    “We did not change the terms of the candidates’ forum…We did open all forums to the public and removed the admittance fee, in order to encourage attendance.”

    Back in ’10 I attended a CCC forum in Rock Island with Schilling, Hare, Ahern, Lioen, Morthland and Verschoore. It was packed with union members—I know this because I was stuck in the midst of them. They treated the forum like some sort of union rally and cheering, stomping, applauding whenever some Dem parroted a talking point. The moderator asked them to stop. but nobody stops union thugs. Besides, the moderator was Steve Trainor who is a self-described “community organizer”, so there’s that.

    Then later when Schilling and Hare were trying to hammer out debate details, Hare absolutely refused to have a live audience claiming it would turn into a TEA Party rally—which was pretty rich considering the CCC thing became a union rally. Ultimately they debated in a tv studio with no audience.

    According to the QCO article there was some sort of kerfuffle with the Augie political science moderator at an Hispanic forum that the GOPers participating felt he was playing favorites with the Dems. Yeah, a leftwing political science professor—THAT never happens! Anyway this was in ’12 so I have no personal knowledge of that event, but it seems there is a history of playing partisan politics at these events that are open to the public.

    So when it was discovered that the event was open to the public, logical assumption would be that there would be a mob of union goons holding a big union rally.

    Considering all this history, I don’t find it surprising now that Woz would cancel at the last minute when he discovered this little “change”.

  17. I guess if they can’t hack a room of interest groups, how can anyone be expected to handle the criticism of elected office? As for Mr. Anderson, he amazingly came up with a youtube video with his 6 union friends touting his campaign and being “union firemen supporters.” He can’t even secure the backing of his own local, has never been active in his union, and it has been pointed out by the past president on a Jacobs ad. To be honest, I know them both and all of the information presented about him is true.

    All of a sudden, Neil is wearing union shirts and using not only his status as a fireman, but trying to use the union name. Odd for a guy who supports right to work!

    Either way, I can’t say that I think he has a shot, he is pretty snide for a guy who hasn’t held office yet in the most recent video. Maybe he should run for school board and change education in his own district so that his tax dollars are actually working for him instead of shipping the kiddos off to Iowa!

  18. James I noticed your post on Eric Timmons and I have noticed his lack of any journalistic thought.

    In an article on Andersons ever changing Union stance it said that Anderson signed a pledge against the right to strike and for the right to work.
    It said that Anderson had changed his mind on this but was never asked what his new flip flop views were.

    Very bad reporting from Eric Timmons.

    I can not imagine not asking what are your new views.

    Eric Timmons is a truly pathetic reporter.

  19. Pick a lane Mary; either Timmons is so far up Smiddy’s keester he can see daylight or he is a tool of the GOP.

    Both can’t be true.

    But still, if Anderson really promoted right-to-work in Illinois while working as a unionized Moline firefighter, I’d say that would take hypocrisy to a ‘hole ‘nother level!

    Who is managing Anderson’s campaign—Maggie Depoorter?

  20. I think you are confusing me with James QCE.

    This is my first reference to Eric Timmons and obviously James and Isee things very differently when it comes to that clown Eric Timmons.

    But yes, Jacobs even sent out a mail piece that I recieved that had Niel Andersons signature and where he was against the right to strike and for the right to work.


  21. Government employees shouldn’t have the right to strike. They’re not even legitimate collective bargaining units. They can’t bargain with their boss, the taxpayers.

    Not to mention essential services are called that for a reason. Cops, firemen, prosecutors, etc CAN’T strike. Or, if they do, they should be allowed to be replaced permanently without worrying about the NLRB.

    Feel free to screenshot this. I ain’t skerred. 😉

  22. Eric loses yet more votes! Yep…..let the city you live in be protected by lesser trained non union volunteers……and watch an entiren lock burn next time.

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