Punch Back Twice As Hard

From the twitters @ericjtimmons:

“GOP chair Bill Bloom says he’s appealing Electoral Board’s decision to overrule his obj to Gerry Bustos candidacy for Sheriff”

Even if Bloom loses—again, this will keep the meme of Rock Island County Democrats Culture of Corruption alive until the election.

Sometimes even when you lose, you win.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

6 thoughts on “Punch Back Twice As Hard”

  1. There we go! Fumbles style…keep banging your head against the wall and expect a different result. Glad Fumbles is back!

  2. Yes, all this could have been avoided if Stumbles Steffen had fielded a candidate for sheriff when he had the chance.

  3. Great job Bill Bloom! There’s no doubt… when it comes to the media, he’s been kicking tail.

  4. I’m not an insider, but from what I’ve heard, Schilling is going to need a whole lot more help than either Mouthpiece of Bloom can give him.

    Like maybe Bustos getting caught with a live boy or a dead girl—or maybe having an affair with John Boehner! 😀

  5. Here’s the QCOnline account.

    Juicy quote from the link:

    “Mr. Bloom said it was problematic for [RICO Clerk Karen] Kinney to sit on the [electoral] board ‘judging her own action’ and that was one reason he was appealing [for an administrative review].”

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