In The 19th Century…

newspapers and reporters were honest about their political leanings:

September 30, 1864

The [Rock Island] ARGUS Boys are very anxious to attend the great Democratic mass meeting tomorrow and we shall therefore, print no paper on the day.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

2 thoughts on “In The 19th Century…”

  1. You must be new around here Mary because otherwise you would know that until 1986 the Dispatch and Argus were two separate newspapers owned by two different families (Potter/Small).

    Also, during the Civil War, Rock Island was a well known hot bed for Copperheads who sympathized with the Confederacy and many residents aided and abetted the southern prisoners at the Arsenal.

    Whatever. In my view, most media outlets don’t represent the GOP or Dems, but the Establishment Party.

    At least back in the olden days, the press was upfront about its political inclinations, which isn’t the case so much now.

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