The Passing Parade

One of the interesting things about living in a completely different environment is observing the cultural differences.

Living in Illinois for 35 years I had been to my fair share of parades but stopped going when Examiner Jr. grew out of the candy-grabbing stage. Here in my part of Texas the county fair is a big freakin’ deal. Schools and most businesses are closed for the Friday parade—and there is no candy. This year the parade had 115 entries and lasted well over 2 hours, which isn’t bad for a county with a population of around 118,000.

Here’s part of what I saw in Texas that I never did in Illinois parades:

***A float by Chik-fil-A wasn’t booed or yelled BIGOT! A float by The Sons Of Confederate Veterans featuring the Stars & Bars didn’t get boos or angry shouts of RACIST! We’re all about tolerance here in Texas.

***Speaking of tolerance, Equine-Americans are not discriminated against and sent to the back of the bus. They are featured throughout the parade with the appropriate “clean up crews” following behind.

***There is also political tolerance. Unlike the RICo Labor Day parade where the GOP was sent to the back of the line, the Democrat float was ahead of the GOP/Tea Party floats, proving that in Texas, we pity the fools who are Democrats and are willing to give them an advantage.

***There was a massive contingent of farm tractors in the parade—easily over 60, with all but a few being Deere and Farmall. Thank you Democrat unions for killing jobs and your Farmall cash cow—they are now mucho collectible.

***Lots of church floats—some extremely elaborate and expensive. Also homeschool floats, something you’ll never see in Illinois because just like Farmall—UNIONS!

***In what I considered a brilliant stroke of organization, a German-American float blaring beer hall music was followed by a LULAC float blaring Mexican music. It was the Battle of Cultures and the Mexicans won! At least when judged by volume. There was a lot of diversity in float music—county, rap, Lady Gaga, stuff I couldn’t identify, which was probably new. We’re all about diversity in Texas.

***Befitting a state with no income tax and a climate where you can golf all year, there was a Geezer Precision Lawn Chair Team. Go Geezers!

***All the county schools were well represented with floats, bands, twirlers (who knew?), precision white wooden rifle teams, service groups, etc. With many military bases in the area, unsurprisingly there were also many school military youth organizations, because after all, it is their family business. Something you’ll NEVER see in any RICo parade.

So as you can imagine, I’m feeling more at home in Texas after three years than I ever did in 35 years in Illinois.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

2 thoughts on “The Passing Parade”

  1. Glad you are at home there … sure seems like those ideals should be more at home in the heartland than they are currently. RICO and east central Iowa seem to be a little more leftist than other areas, for some reason.

    I bought a couple used Zetor tractors, in solidarity with the Czech Republic I guess … ha. But pound for pound they give a lot more tractor for the dollar. Farmers will note that you pay a lot of extra to get the red or green paint. I do have an old Farmall M out there though.

    86 here today … but leaves are changing.

  2. Still summer here—temps are in upper 80s-lower 90s range but leaves won’t begin to turn until late November/early December.

    And speaking of vehicles, I remembered something I intended to include in the post but forgot—or maybe I decided it was already long enough.

    The first time we went to this parade in ’11 we were astonished to see so many military style vehicles leading the parade. At first we thought they WERE military until it became clear that these were part of the local police department. Since we had done the research and found very little crime to be in this area, we chalked it up to just being Texas. But then—-Ferguson! Wisely, this year the police kept the heavy-duty assault machinery in the garage and just had a couple of squad cars and an SUV heading the parade. 😀

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