Bobby Schilling…

looking back, not forward.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

8 thoughts on “Bobby Schilling…”

  1. Speaking of looking back, can you imagine if we had Bill Bloom as our chairman back in 2010?

    Harrison Wullace would be our County Clerk for sure. Then we wouldn’t have allowed all this voter fraud the last 4 years.

    One can dream I suppose. Although I know that Kim Lazenby will bring back justice to the County Clerk position.

    I’m thinking Lazenby 52.5 to Kinney’s 47.5. Book it!

    P.S. Anybody want to buy insurance? Gimmie a ring!

    Ed. Note: This is the Fleabagger in a new bag. 😀 Notice how he doesn’t mention what Schilling WILL do, which means he is reinforcing my point that Schilling is the past and not the future.

  2. I know that this isn’t the place but everyone should come and see Smiddy wipe the floor with The Woz at the Chamber of Commerce debate this Wed. I am not sure what time but I think Smiddy is primed and ready to show his Independent representative style.

  3. Well Mary, since I won’t be driving 1200 miles to see this, although I would like to, I hope you will check in here and give us the after action report.

  4. Rep. Mike Smiddy is not to be trifled with. Smiddy will use the forum with the WOZ to demonstrate his fierce INDEPENDENCE and record of success in Springfield.

  5. qconline reports the Republican candidates were a no show at the Chamber forum. Things that make you say hmmm.

  6. Sorry newbie, but Mary already scooped you over on the Sucking Sound thread.

    I don’t know the reason they didn’t show, but from here, it looks pathetic. If it would have been some union forum or NAACP thing, it would have at least been understandable, but CoC isn’t exactly a hotbed of leftwing radicalism.

  7. Maybe it was that the moderator was an Augustana College political science professor that was African American.

    Maybe he scared Anderson and The Woz.

    Augustana and the Chamber are way out there for Anderson and The Woz.

    What a joke!

  8. I looked at all the QCO photos and didn’t see any black people; the CoC person was an old white woman, so I’m not really buying your theory—not that I would anyway! 😀

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