Bobby Whiner

Wednesday I saw a short story at QCOnline that Bobby Schilling was holding a press conference that morning to “rebut a political advertisement” by Bustos, although it was really done by the DCCC, but whatever.

There was no other information in the article and after searching for a while, I still uncovered nothing about this “press conference” so had no idea which ad was such a burr under Schilling’s saddle. At the time I was thinking that it was a good move for Schilling to handle this himself rather than handing it off to one of his minions.

Finally on Friday, former Madigan staffer Rich Miller was on the case with the info lacking at QCOnline. It was the classic “turned his back” gotcha video at Freeport. At Peoria and Moline Schilling made the case that this ad was completely bogus hinging on the literal interpretation of “turned his back”.

Lame, to say the least.

All I can figure is that this ad must really be hurting Schilling. This is his third rodeo and he knows very well what happens during a political campaign, which is why all his whining is so disingenuous.

Schilling got a big boost in ’10 when that Sharp Elbows guy caught Hare on tape saying he didn’t worry about the Constitution. So why would he be sniveling about the Dems repaying the favor? Also the DCCC ad looks a lot like the “Phil Hare Was Here” ad that was so successful for Schilling.

This whining and playing the victim is unseemly for a three-time candidate, and this Schilling comment on the ad was particularly disgusting:

“I believe it is unAmerican and it’s the bad part of politics for anyone to do that…”

Aside from the hypocrisy displayed here, playing the “unAmerican” card is the last refuge of a scoundrel.

Who’s running Schilling’s campaign? The ghost of Lee Atwater?


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

6 thoughts on “Bobby Whiner”

  1. So Bob Schilling, the x-congressman who twisted every word that’s come out his politcal opponent’s mouth, is now crying foul? Bobby the victim? How far this once promising leader has fallen. If Bobby hadn’t been so afraid of the Tea Party he would still be our Congressman. Now that Bobby’s out, he wants to be back on the taxpayers dime! What happened to Bobby’s dream of term limits? Please.

  2. Schilling is a real hack.

    He throws mud and then complains that his house is getting mud thrown on it.

    Schilling never got one bill passed his entire career.

    Not one, even with a republican controlled congress.

    If you think Booby is crying now wait till they see the new ad with him saying those people.

    It is very inflammatory very well done and will just shatter Schillings choir boy persona that he tries to sell.

  3. Schilling’s anti-Hispanic remarks are fair game as he made them. Bravo to Congresswomen Bustos for having the courage to go there. It’s funny to see Cheri-Pie use Schilling’s own words to destroy his coveted political comeback! So long Bobby. Peoria and Rockford are too much to overcome. Cheri-pie wins.

  4. See, I was right—if the GOP had nominated Eric Reyes like I wanted them to, this would not be an issue. 😀

    I was going to criticize Bustos for dragging out something that happened in September ’12 before the last election, but then I remembered Schilling did the same thing with the 10% quote.

    It’s the Battle Of The Oldies!

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