As The RICo Turns


Health Board Says RI County ‘Ramming’ $365K Lease Down Its Throat

Gee, why would the county government suddenly and secretly decide to charge rent on the building the health department has occupied for years with no charge?

It’s all about Robin Hood government, baby!

“Currently, the health department property tax levy is about 50 percent of its cap. In contrast, the county’s general fund levy is at its maximum rate. Because the county can’t raise that rate, imposing a lease on the health department would help the county plug budget holes.”

Evidently there is some controversy as to who actually owns the building the health department occupies. Hootalicious quote from the now departed Phil Banaszek:

“I guess we need to find out who owns the building.”

Gentle readers, you can’t make this stuff up!


Coffee, Tea Or Me?

“A food service contract employee for the Rock Island County Jail has been charged with allegedly having sex with an inmate who worked in the kitchen.”

Proving RICo Democrats are waging a War On Women ™, the female contract employee was fired on the spot but “no disciplinary action was taken” against the inmate.

Boys will be boys and all that.


Understatement Of The Year:

Days Of Drama Not Over For Rock Island County


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

One thought on “As The RICo Turns”

  1. Why doesn’t the County Health Department increase it’s own tax and pay it’s own bills? Why should RICO Board pay for the health departments bloated salaries, rent and frivolous regulations if they (the health department) have the ability to raise their own tax rates?????

    If people want government service they are going to have to pay for it. If you don’t want government, I suggest you plow your own street, dispose of your own garbage and go to the well to get your own water.

    More and more Americans wants something for nothing! Life just doesn’t work that way folks.

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