If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Spend More Time With Your Family

Phil Banaszek retires from Rock Island County Board.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

6 thoughts on “If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Spend More Time With Your Family”

  1. Victim Of The Day quote from the scandal-ridden Shelly Chapman as to why Banaszek decided to throw in the [crying] towel:

    “He’s tired of being picked at.”

    Poor baby!

    This has been the problem with RICo Dems for decades—they have been treated as a protected species and hot house plants by both the local press and by the RICo GOP. They were the Untouchables. They are so unaccustomed to being criticized, scrutinized and “picked at”, they have absolutely no mechanism for defending or explaining themselves to the electorate, and so they fold at the first salvo.

  2. As expected, QCOnline reports Moose Maranda was selected to act as chair in the interim.

    In a very well done article, the most eye-popping info was that even in disgrace, Banaszek will collect $130K a year the rest of his life courtesy of taxpayers. The jobs held be Banazek were low skill; a “stationary fireman” at EMCC and as county board member for 18 years where the main requirement for the job was to be a rubber-stamp for the Democrat Chair, which Phil eventually was. What a shock it must have been to him that the board wasn’t rubber stamping him like they had his predecessors!

    The article also includes some juicy quotes from the Dinosaur wing of the RICo Democrat Party. Don Jacobs blamed the press for Phil’s problems, saying the “local media had an ‘agenda’ against the chairman….I think you guys [in the press] did a pretty good job on him.”

    I don’t know Eric Timmons, but I imagine he had to suppress a smirk at that remark.

    And this also reinforces the point I made in my comment above—the RICo Democrats are so used to getting a pass from the local press, that when the press finally fired up and did its job—the Dinosaur Dems were flummoxed.

    So now is an appropriate time to shout hosannahs to QCOnline—-they have been a mother bear, both in news reporting and on the editorial side, in pushing the needed reforms for the broke and broken corrupt RICo government.


  3. Banaszek took office in late 2012.

    Just so I have this right what do you feel Banaszek had to resign for.

    What were his sins.

    I don’t know the whole story but it sure seems like Jacobs was right and Banaszek was the sacrificial lamb that the Democratics needed to get the county board issue away from the Republicans and you fell for it hook line and sinker.

    So please let me know the sins of Banaszek.

  4. The Dinosaur wing of the RICO Dem Party wants to know why people are being mean to Phil. 😀

    Hey, don’t ask me Mary, I don’t even live in Illinois. Ask Don Johnston or the RICO Dem Chair Doug House.


  5. My point exactly.

    You don’t know because he was used like a pawn in chess.

    He was ousted to get the county board off of the table as a campaign issue and that is why Republucan party boss Bill Bloom was so inragded with the Democrats stealing his issue.

    It was all done to help Congressperson Cheri Bustos to defeat Schilling.

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